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2024-03-11 15:43:53

Small Things That Can Tell You A Lot About A Person

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Small things that can tell you a lot about a person , one their body language from posture to facial expressions , to hand gestures .

Researchers believe that our body language and non verbal cues make up to over 65% of all communication .

Two their social media accounts and their social media presence shows how connected they want to be while their privacy setting shows how much they're comfortable sharing with people .

The pictures they post or share .

Tell you a lot about what they like , whether it's going out with friends , eating good food or watching movies and the things they tweet about can give you a lot of insight into their likes , dislikes and opinions as well .

Three the way they dress , those who dress casually are often laid back and easy going .

People who value comfort over style and don't care much for impressing others .

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