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2024-02-05 23:19:51

أفضل علاج لتجاعيد وجفاف بشرة الوجه

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Let's talk about the ultimate face remedy for both wrinkly and dry skin .

The skin is the largest organ in the body and anything that you put on the skin gets absorbed inside into the body eventually to the liver .

And it's amazing what types of things people put on their skin .

I mean , just all sorts of chemical lotions and makeup , you name it , they scrub the skin , they sterilize it .

You have friendly bacteria on your skin , right ?

And uh if you sterilize it , the skin becomes red , it dries out or sometimes it becomes too oily .

So it's very important to understand not to put anything on your skin that could be toxic compound that with pollution .

If someone , you know , smoke second hand smoke or let's say you smoke and all that goes into the body .

I mean , you have fluoride and chloride in your shower with it , you know , hitting your skin , you have the sun's UV radiation that damages the skin .

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And then on top of that , you have all the stuff that you eat , you know , and drink like alcohol or consumption of trans fats , all that goes into the body and it can greatly affect the skin .

I think one of the worst things for the skin is going on a low fat diet because skin is mainly protein and fat .

And I remember in practice , when I would see people come in that are low fat diet , even on the keto diet .

And they're on low fat as in the ideal protein where they're using this low carb and extremely low fat diet .

And of course , the ingredients are very poor .

Like I think they use soy protein isolates as a protein .

I notice very quickly the person starts looking older , not just their skin but their hair .

They just age .

The more junk food that we eat , the faster the aging of our skin .

What is alter processed food ?

Well , now they synthesize corn to turn that into corn sugar or high fructose corn syrup .

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So you have this synthesized synthetic sugars .

You have these synthetic starches , right ?

Corn starches and then you have something probably even more deadly , which is the oils , the seed oils highly industrialized , highly refined , very unstable oil that tends to create a lot of oxidation in the body .

I mean , it creates inflammation in the inside of the arteries and the organs and the different tissues .

And what about on the skin ?

Right ?

The thing about these oils is it gets lodged into our membranes and our skin and it stays in there for 2.5 to 3 years .

And so when you have too much of these seed oils , right ?

That's omega six .

Ok .

And not enough of the Omega three oils that's like fish oils or cod liver oil .

You start developing flaky dry red skin because they both compete with each other .

And I'm talking about like soy oil , corn oil , canola , cotton seed oil .

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S aflower oil , sunflower oil .

These are all highly processed oils with the use solvents like hexane , they deodorize it , decolorize it .

I mean , a lot of these omega six oils like like sunflower oil , for example , are in creams , facial creams , it's gonna dry out your skin , it's going to make your skin older .

So you also want to make sure there's no alcohol in your skin creams .

So in the last 100 years , uh we basically have been increasing the seed oils in our diet to a factor of 1600% more .

And even in the last 20 years , we've doubled the amount of seed oils .

Highly inflammatory oxidizes the skin .

In fact , I'm thinking about doing like a a 30 day uh seed oil detox .

I'm going to call it an oil change , right ?

Just to see how many health benefits would happen , not just with your skin , but the whole body by just avoiding these oils for a short period of time .

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What would be the thing to put on the skin ?

Well , are you sitting down for this grass fed talo that's actually bee fat .

Now , before you click off .

Just hear me out .

It might sound disgusting .

But the chemistry of Tao is very similar to the chemistry of part of your skin .

In fact , the Latin word for Tao means see them .

That's like the oil that your body produces .

The skin oil .

Tao will not oxidize the skin , it will not cause inflammation .

It has vitamin AD EK .

It also has something called CL A which tends to retain moisture in the skin .

And tao is not like a coconut oil which will make your skin really greasy and oily .

It gives your skin a very nice softness , a healthy glow and a lot of the nutrients in this talo can also help some of the dark spots as well in the skin and help wrinkles .

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You should just try it for a week and just see what happens .

Now as far as the type of fat that's in here , you have about 50% of its actual saturated fats .

You also have Oleic acid , ok , which is a really good moisturizer .

You have palmitic acid which softens the skin .

You also have stric acid which repairs the skin and then you have little Laic acid that's at Omega six , but it's only like 2% .

So it's , it's very , very small numbers .

So I'm not recommending a certain brand of Talo .

But um you can just look at the reviews and , and just read what people are reporting , but you start using Talo on your skin instead of regular chemical moisturizers with Omega six oils .

And you're going to see a huge , huge change and there's no chemicals in it and it's kind of a forgotten secret because we used to use this long ago .

But then we replaced it because someone came up with this idea that , oh , saturated fat is bad for us .

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No , unsaturated fats in the quantities that we're consuming them .

And then the type of these unsaturated fats that we're using is just so unhealthy .

So if you did the combination of two things , just get rid of the , these Omega six seed oils out of your diet .

And you start using tail on your skin and you start consuming uh fish oils or cod liver oil for the Omega three within a matter of weeks .

I think you're going to see a huge shift in your skin .

So go ahead and try this and then comment down below and if you have not seen my video on how to address dry wrinkly hands , I put that video right up here .

Check it out .

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