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15 minutes to do it ?

15 minutes .

Or a half hour .

We're we're You're gonna beat beat Oh , beat the record .

Okay .

Oh , yeah .

We have to beat Oh , that's a whole We have to Okay .

Now That's a whole another intro .

Okay .

Yeah .

Baa baa baa baa baa baa baa baa baa baa baa baa baa baa .

Today , we're at Hare on the Green in Brampton , England .

I'm so excited because this was only a couple of miles from our hotel .

Now the owner's name is Chris Hare , and it's right across from this green .

Hence , Hare on the green .

There's Brandon standing right in front of the green .

This is a nice cozy restaurant with tons of seating on the inside , outside , and a pub on the other half .

There's a little something here for everyone , but I'm here for their eating challenges .

They have a leaderboard on the wall .

Now let me list 2 of the challenges .

It doesn't have the challenge we're attempting today , their pizza challenge , but these are all the past winners .

And you know it is a serious challenge when they have a defibrillator right outside .

Looking forward to this .

This is a team challenge , which is very rare in England .

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But not only is it a team challenge , this food looks incredibly delicious .

What do you think , Brandon ?

I think yours looks like mine .

It looks really good .

It's 2 of each .

So we have we have a pizza that is just topped with tons of meat , an order of chips .

But what makes this challenge different than a lot of challenges , this is you have to beat the record .

So if we're able to beat the current record of 10 minutes and 15 seconds , then you get the meal for free .

Otherwise , you pay .

I'll put the price in here .

You think we can do it ?

I'm ready .

Alright .

Let's go .

I think Brandon's gonna focus on fries .

He's got his patented fry ball technique , and I'm gonna start with the pizza , and we'll see how it goes .

Are we gonna just use this timer ?

Yeah .

Yeah .

Okay .

Yeah .

Oh , they trust us here too .

I like English .

They don't trust us in the states .

We jokingly threw out a 5 minute time prediction just for laughs , and here's what one of the people said .

Gonna do it ?

But 5 5 minutes doesn't give snow .

321 .

Let's go .

That start ?

Yeah .

Alright .

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We are off , and this food is actually every bit as good as it looks .

This pizza is loaded .

Here's a list of everything in the pizza .

Of course , it's got the tomato and cheese .

It's got brisket , roast chicken , sausage , pepperoni , bacon , and extra cheese .

The pizzas are not very large in diameter , so they don't seem like they weigh that much , but they actually weigh £2.6 each .

So it's very deceptive just looking at at these pizzas .

They are much heavier than they look .

This is a beat the record challenge and since the 10 minute and 15 second time was set , no one has been able to touch this .

I'm not sure we're gonna be able to today .

It was a fast time .

One of the members of that is happens to be the owner of Heron the Green , but he is no slouch to eating .

He has the burger eating time here .

You can see in the board , he's the fastest by far .

So he can eat .

Alright .

There's a lot of new .

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Step 2 up .

Yep .

Excited because that was her first opportunity to see a fry ball in person .

Now it's not something I would do on my channel , but Brandon is known for doing this .

So he smashes up these fries and throws them down .

Each of these bowls of fries is 1 pound .

So there's £2 total in this challenge of fries .

I shook the napkin just to show that there was no food inside of it .

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We were told in the past people have come to try to finish these challenges and they do so by spinning the food in napkin after napkin after napkin just to try to get their name on the board .

This pizza is absolutely delicious .

I would order it if I ever came back here again .

It is so good .

There's so much meat on here , but a lot of it is big chunks of meat .

So that makes a little bit slower than I thought it would be , as well as a very chewy crust .

So it's not going as quick as I would like , but Brandon's doing a pretty good job with the French fries over there .

He still has some left to finish up , but I think we're looking good to break the record of 10 minutes and 15 seconds .

We'll have to see .

Brandon smashed those fries or chips as they call them in England .

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Now we're tag teaming the second pizza .

I get a lot of requests to play my videos in real speed , but sometimes it just takes too long .

I wanna I like a nice tight video , but this one , I think we're gonna be able to finish quick enough just to play out at real speed .

It's a little bit closer look at how big some of these meat toppings were on this pizza .

Since this is a team challenge , the timer is gonna keep running until we both finish whatever food we have in our mouths .

So I calculated quickly that I might be a little bit ahead of Brandon as far as when I was gonna finish , so I grabbed one of his toppings off his that last slice so we could try to finish quicker overall .

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What do we get ?

Oh , I got 409 .

49 .

That was a Guys , that was a really good pizza .

But to start off with the fries , I'm not a big well , chips , the chips were actually delicious .

The the the the texture of them wasn't the normal texture that I'm used to .

So I was not very upset to eat both of those , and they got to see a fry ball .

So Now there is a of course , I didn't have any chips because Brandon ate them all .

You ready ?

But the pizza was and that was heavy meat .

Yeah .

Usually in the states , we just get , like , a couple of pepperonis or something .

That was , like , thick chunks of meat .

So that was enjoyable to eat .

I really Oh , so they roast or something , Yeah .

That was good .

That was that was good .

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I'm glad we're able so did we do we sneak under the I think we got right under the radar .

I think we just barely got the record at 4:09 .

409 .

We get to go up in the leaderboard , and we get to eat the meal free .

Okay .

I wanna thank here in the green for this delicious food and all these people coming out here in the song .

Thank you so much .

Thank you very much .

And Brandon .

Thank you everyone that supported the , the trip here that made this possible of us getting a rental car , getting the rooms , a roof overhead so we're not sleeping with bushes , and , really enjoyed it .

I really appreciate everyone for coming .

I think we're gonna try some more food here and do another challenge because it's so good .

Wanna get dessert ?

You know what ?

That's the proper thing to do around here .

Alright .

I heard they have a burger challenge .

Yeah .

Let's try it out .

Let's dessert .

The burgers burger for dessert ?

Yes .

Let's do that .

Sounds good to me .

Alright .

Alright .

Thanks for coming to another video .

Make sure you check out Brandon .

I'll see you guys next

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