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2024-04-14 18:08:34

G7 leaders condemn Iran’s unprecedented attack on Israel

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President Biden , meeting with g 7 leaders .

We are starting to get in more information from that gathering .

Our Jay O'Brien , has been following it as well as our senior national policy reporter , Anne Flaherty , for more .

We were able to , touch base with Mary Alice Parks there at the White House .

And , what more do you know about Biden , and how he's called this meeting to try and coordinate , a diplomatic response ?

And it looks like , right now , according to the results of what has happened so far , g 7 leaders , pretty much working side by side with Biden on the thought that they do not want anything to escalate , any further .

This is good news , Kara , because what it means is that diplomacy is moving forward .

We know that , when military generals start talking , that's when diplomacy has failed .

Right now , they are leaving it up to these g 7 leaders to try to get some sort of international response .

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And that's a good sign because then that means that Israel might be considering holding back , some sort of military response in favor of sort of a multilateral , alliance with other countries to say , you know , this is what we want from Iran .

We want Iran to stand down .

So , certainly , that's gonna be favorable to any kind of military response that would escalate , the tensions in the region .

We know that 34100 US troops are stationed in Iraq and Syria , and that's what US officials are most concerned about .

Are those soldiers , airmen , the sailors getting caught in those crosshairs , they really wanna try to protect those US service members .

They do not wanna see an escalation of this , Kira .

Jay , what kind of response are we getting from the hill ?

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I mean , last night , throughout the night , we have heard by from senators , members of Congress , all very concerned about what Iran could do next , but , joining forces very much so knowing that I don't think anyone there up on the hill wants to see this go any deeper .

Yeah .

From Republicans and Democrats alike , the sentiment has been strong support for Israel in this moment .

We've even heard house Republicans say that they wanna move an aid package for Israel onto the house floor for a vote early this coming week .

That was something that was not scheduled to happen .

The calendar of the house has been changed , Steve Scalise , the majority leader there , says in order to make that happen .

Exactly what that aid package looks like at this hour , we do not know .

The senate passed a $95,000,000,000 foreign aid package that has aid for Ukraine and for Israel that has languished in the house .

Speaker Mike Johnson has not brought it up for a vote .

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So does this package have aid for Ukraine potentially to make it more attractive to Democrats ?

That's something we're chasing down today .

Some Republicans believe that it might .

Or is it just a stand alone package that includes military assistance for Israel ?

In which case , what would its chances be in the senate where Democrats have said , look .

They believe this is a dire moment , not just for Israel , but for US allies across the globe , which includes Ukraine .

So , Anne , Iran's envoy to the UN already warning that this is a conflict between Iran and Israel and making it very clear , America should stay far away from this .

Yeah .

And , Kara , we're waiting to hear get an update from the White House on You had Jordanians helping you knock down these , drones and these missiles .

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You had US and UK fighters in the air , intercepting the these missiles .

And , you know , you've got everybody on your side .

Let's not change that .

So keep in mind , 2 weeks ago , we were talking about whether or not Biden would condition military aid .

This is exactly why he was reluctant to .

He wanted Israel to be able to defend himself .

Kiara .

Jay , Anne , thank you so much .

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