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2024-06-25 10:47:09

This Is WHY You Are Really Deficient in Magnesium

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Wanna point out something very important related to magnesium .

It's actually not as easy as you think to get it from your diet .

And sometimes when you ask people , like , what foods are high in magnesium , they don't really know .

They might say bananas or something like that , but you'd have to consume 11 cups of bananas to get your daily amount of magnesium .

And you have to consume even more bananas to get your potassium .

So I wanna tell you the type and the quantity of certain foods that you need to achieve this , magnesium requirement .

Now for men , it's about 420 milligrams per day .

For women , it's about 320 milligrams per day .

I'm primarily going to focus more on the requirements for men .

And so when I cover this , just realize that it's gonna be a little less for women .

But you know how important magnesium is since 40% of the entire population is deficient in magnesium .

Magnesium is essential for generating energy .

Okay .

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It's essential for reducing the risk of cramps and helping reduce stress and cortisol and helping you sleep , not to mention reducing inflammation and helping with your blood sugars .

And on top of all that , if you don't have enough magnesium , vitamin d won't work that well in your body .

And on top of everything else , there are certain things that will bind up or lock up or deplete your magnesium , like sugars , refined carbohydrates and grains , certain medications , phytates , which are in all the grains , whole grains .

Okay ?

And oxalates too , which bind up magnesium and calcium as well .

So let's go through the list .

Almonds .

Okay .

Almonds are high in magnesium .

All you would have to consume per day is like 5 ounces of almonds to get your required amounts .

But the problem with almonds is that they are high in oxalates .

Alright .

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The second food that has a good amount of magnesium , because it also has a lot of chlorophyll , is spinach .

The darker the green , the more the chlorophyll , the more the magnesium , and all you would need is , if you had spinach , is like 2 and a half cups of spinach to get your magnesium requirement .

But the problem with spinach , it's also high in oxalates .

Alright .

The next food is chocolate , dark chocolate .

All you have to consume is a little bit more than about 6 ounces of dark chocolate to get all your magnesium .

The problem with chocolate , it's also high in oxalates .

What about avocados ?

Well , you'd have to have 7 cups of avocado .

You know , you cut it up and put it in cups , to get your daily amounts , and that's that's quite significant .

What about fish ?

Well , you'd have to consume like 14.8 ounces of fish .

That's quite a bit .

What about beef ?

Well , you need about 4 pounds of beef .

Bok choy .

You would have to consume 20 2 cups of bok choy every day to get your magnesium .

What about zucchini ?

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You'd have to have 19 cups of zucchini .

What about eggs ?

You'd have to have about 67 eggs to get your magnesium , unfortunately .

Eggs are really good for other things , but not necessarily very very high in magnesium .

What about like iceberg lettuce ?

You would have to consume 57 cups of iceberg lettuce to get your magnesium .

What about romaine lettuce ?

You would have to consume 30 cups of romaine lettuce to get your magnesium .

What about other dark leafy green lettuce type , vegetables like Swiss chard or kale ?

Those 2 are good sources .

You'd have to consume 3 to 5 cups per day to get your magnesium .

Now there's a little secret or a little hack that you can do to consume almonds , and definitely spinach .

Okay .

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And other leafy greens that are high in oxalates , if you consume your spinach with a little feta cheese or other types of cheese in your lettuce , like I do every day , you can bind up oxalates with the calcium that's in the cheese allowing the magnesium not to be bound up .

Anyway , I wanted to bring this point up because a lot of people think , oh , yeah .

I'm getting enough magnesium for my diet when in fact they're really not .

And this is why some people use supplements to enhance their diet because it's a bit difficult , especially if they don't have the right knowledge .

Now because of the censoring and the suppressing of the algorithms on YouTube , it's becoming more difficult to find my content .

And there's a lot of content that I cannot put on YouTube , unfortunately .

So to make sure you have full access of all my information , go to and subscribe to my newsletter by clicking the link down below in the description .

I will see you on the other side .

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Now that you know that , if you have not seen my other very important video on magnesium , I put it up right here .

Check it out .

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