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2024-06-17 09:47:40

5 Real Websites That Pay Money Everyday! (Easy Work From Home For Beginners)...

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Hey , what's going on ?

It's Aaron .

And in today's video , we're gonna talk about the 5 different real websites that actually pay out every single day .

You can get started if you're an absolute beginner .

And we're gonna start from the really basic .

We're gonna start to move to slightly more advanced websites that pay a little bit more .

Alright ?

So I'm gonna jump on my screen right now , and the first website right here is called hideouttv .

Okay ?

Now , if you come to , literally you can come here sign up for free .

You can sign up from anywhere in the world and you can just start watching videos .

Okay ?

So this one right here , for example , is a 52 second video .

This is a 17 second video .

And the way it works is every single one of these videos will show you ads .

Right ?

So the way that hideout TV makes money is they display ads to you on their videos and the more ads that you watch , the longer the videos that you watch , the more money that you're gonna make .

It's actually very very simple .

Now , there are a lot of other websites like this out there that are not legitimate but hideout tv has been around in the marketplace for a very very long time and they really do pay out to your PayPal account .

Alright ?

So you must have a PayPal account if you wanna get paid out .

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And basically how this works is roughly , if you watch about 10 videos , you will make about 1¢ .

Okay ?

So it's not a lot of money .

Alright ?

But it is a real website and they definitely do pay out .

So it is one of those things where it is a little bit time consuming .

You're going to have to spend time watching the videos .

Right ?

But they do really do pay out and it is a very lazy and easy way to just kind of come here , log in for free , watch the videos and slowly over time , you're gonna build up some income , right ?

So at least it's legitimate and you can really start making money this way .

They don't pay out that much .

Right ?

So , you know , it's just one of the options , but let's move on to the next one .

Okay ?

So watching videos is one strategy , Hideout , TV . .

Right ?

The next one is filling out surveys .

Now there are a lot of different survey websites out there .

Generally speaking , survey websites will pay out anywhere from , you know , 1¢ , 5¢ , 10¢ , all the way up to $2 per survey that you fill out .

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Now this website right here is called survey time , and the the domain is survey time dot io .

Right ?

The nice thing about survey time is that they pay you $1 for every survey that you fill out which is nice .

Okay ?

So it pays a lot higher than a lot of other websites out there and , you can , you know , get access to this from anywhere in the world .

You can just sign up with Google or Facebook right here .

Again , they pay out via many different payout methods , but one of the main ones is PayPal .

So again , it'll be nice if you have a PayPal account to get paid out .

And it's very simple .

You literally just log on here and they would display different , surveys for you when they become available .

Right ?

And you take the surveys and for every survey you fill out , you make a dollar , which is pretty cool .

Alright ?

So this is a nice way to generate some income just filling out surveys from anywhere in the world .

Again , it's it's not a huge way of getting paid , but it's legit .

It's real .

Alright ?

And anyone can get started .

You can become a you can be a beginner .

You can get started right here .

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So survey time is a cool way to start making some , you know , real money online without really having any skill sets .

Right ?

The next one is a GPT website .

Get paid to do something .

Right ?

So there are a lot of these websites out there .

I've reviewed a lot of them .

And some of them are really good .

Some of them are just kinda so so , right ?

So free cash is one of the better ones , okay ?

Free and again , the cool thing about this website is that you can sign up from anywhere in the world .

So you just click , you know , sign up right here .

Alright ?

Give them your details .

You can even sign up with Google , right ?

Can sign up with Steam or just your regular username and password .

And the way that this kind of website works is there are a few different ways that you can earn money .

Right ?

The first way is something called offers .

Alright ?

Now offers , basically , you can if I go to the all offers right here , they work with different very , very large offer vaults .

Alright ?

And each offer vault allows you to do different things .

Like for example , you can download a game .

Okay ?

And you can see how much you can get paid here , right ?

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So you can see here $8 , here's $19 , here's only 4¢ , here's 90 , you know 94¢ , right ?

You can , you know , different amounts , $3.61 and there's different types of offers .

Some of them are games .

Some of them are applications .

Some of them are casino offers , right .

And what you have to do basically is you have to complete the actual offer exactly the way that they say it .

So for example , with magnet miner , right , potentially you can make $28.85 from this offer , right , but you're going to have to need to complete the offer exactly the way that they say .

Okay .

So sometimes , you have to , you know , play the game until level 10 or you have to achieve certain mile stones within the game , maybe level 50 .

So sometimes these offers can take as quickly as a day .

Sometimes it might take you a few days or maybe even a week or 2 in order for you to complete that actual offer .

Right ?

But it's free and it's legit and they really do pay out .

So if you wanna check this out , this is one of the ways that you can earn coming into the offer wall .

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Right ?

Another way that you can earn on , you know , websites like free cash is you can take surveys .

So very similar to survey .

Io right here , right ?

Freecash actually works with many , many different survey companies .

Okay ?

So Bitlabs , CPX Research , Pollfish , Inbrain , you know , Tap Research .

These are some very big survey companies , right ?

So what Freecash is doing right now is they're basically aggregating the surveys .

Okay ?

So what you could do is you could come in , you could sign up for all of these large survey companies , right ?

And instead of just filling out one survey from , for example , survey time is a specific survey website .

What you're doing is you're working with large survey companies and for all of the surveys that , you know , you can fill out or , you know , you qualify for , they will serve them to you and you can quickly go and , you know , fill them out .

So you can start generating a little bit more income .

Now , unfortunately , not all of them pay as high as survey time because so survey time pays a dollar survey , right ?

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These guys will pay , you know , between 10¢ $2 per survey .

It just depends , right ?

Now each survey has a different amount of time .

Some are , you know , 1 or 2 minutes to fill out .

Some are 30 minutes long .

So it just depends on what survey that you get .

But the more you fill out here , the more money you can make right there .

Okay ?

And then what you can do is you can actually cash out , right ?

So you can cash out here with free cash .

They they cash out with many , many different ways .

You can cash out through PayPal , Bitcoin , you know , Ethereum , Litecoin , Doge , right ?

Bank transfer , AirTM , depending on where you live in the world , right ?

There are many many different ways for you to withdraw .

Okay ?

So free cash is a one of the better , I would say , GPT websites .

Look , you know , you're not gonna make 100 of dollars here , right , but if you really focus some time on this , you could probably make a few dollars every single day and that will sort of build up over time .

If you fill out the offers , right , and you're really diligent with filling out the offers , then you can potentially generate a little bit more money because some of these offers pay a little bit more .

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But also understand that some of these offers do take a little bit more time than just , you know , a day for example .

Some of them might take a few days for you to actually achieve some of these offers .

I mean , if you look at this one , a $175 but you're probably going to have to reach quite a high level in Rise of Kings in order to get that particular offer or bonus , if that makes sense .

Okay ?

So that's a GPT website .

Another great website that's real and legit and really does pay out is a user testing platform like .

Okay ?

So right here .

And what this does is usertesting is a research , and UX , AI basically platform .

So they work with a lot of different websites , lot of different apps , a lot of different companies that wanna test out their website and find out if the flow , if the UX is good and if they have any bugs .

Okay ?

So what you can do here is you can click on get paid to test and you can sign up with them .

Alright ?

And , you can do this from anywhere in the world and you can read all the instructions right here .

Alright ?

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You can apply , you can browse , you can test .

And essentially what you're doing is you are testing different companies , products and services to make sure that they are of high quality .

That's all .

If you find bugs , if you don't like the product , that kind of thing .

And a lot of the time , you'll have to record your screen , right ?

You'll have to go through the product and basically give them feedback on the product .

That's all you're doing .

Okay ?

Now , you can make between $10.60 for every test that you do which is not bad .

Alright ?

The only thing about user testing is unfortunately , you're not gonna get , you know , 10 different tests a day .

It's more like whenever they've got a product that meets your background , your profile , they're gonna be able to send you that test and then you actually test it .

And if you do a successful test , depending on whether the test is a short test or a long test , because it can be as short as filling out a simple survey , or it can be as long as doing a one on one interview with one of their panel , testers , if that makes sense , right , the panel interviewers .

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So between $10.60 for every single test and , you know , that's , one of the ways that you can actually start making money .

Again , it's beginner friendly , it's 100% free and you can do this from anywhere in the world .

Okay ?

So this is a pretty cool website for you to test out .

Definitely one of the better user testing platforms out there .

The last way , the last website that's real and legitimate , right , is basically becoming a freelancer .

Okay .

Now , there are a lot of freelance websites out there .

Fiverr is one of the , you know , OG's , okay .

600 pound gorilla here and literally you can offer services in all sorts of different areas .

So , you know , I started from very easy , you know , hideout TV , no skill set at all , you just kinda watch videos here but you don't get paid as much money but it's real and legit and it can build up over time .

Right ?

Then you got surveys .

Again , you don't need any skill set here .

$1 per survey .

GPT website , you can do a few different things like download offers , play games , fill out surveys .

Right ?

Again , no skill set really needed here .

User testing pays a little bit more .

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Right ?

But again , unfortunately , you don't get offers , you know , or testing every single day .

But when you do fill them out between $10.60 which is really good .

And then freelance services , this requires a lot more effort , but it is a real website .

It's legit .

And you can build up your portfolio here .

So for example , there's things like , you know , offering graphic design services .

Right ?

Look at this .

I mean , if you have skills in any of these areas , logo design , brand style guides , app design , website design , image editing , presentation design , background removal , you know , simple things like that .

Right ?

And you can learn these skills very , very easily too , right ?

On , you know , in this day and age .

You could go on YouTube and learn any one of these skills and learn to become a freelancer on Fiverr .

Program and tech , this is a little more technical , obviously , right ?

Digital marketing though .

Look at this , SEO , e commerce , SEO , email marketing , web analytics , music promotion , podcast marketing , I mean , crowdfunding , a lot of different ways to do it .

Right ?

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Video and animation , writing and translation .

Anyone can learn how to do writing and translation .

Right ?

Music and audio , business , consulting , data , AI services .

Right ?

So , you can even become a virtual assistant and start offering services here on Fiverr .

Right ?

Now people charge anything from $5 all the way up to 100 of dollars for their services .

So you could actually start to get really , really good at this .

I'll just go into the writing and translation because this is , you know , a little bit more easy for a lot of people to offer , right ?

So let's just say resume writing or cover letters for example .

Anyone can learn to start writing a good cover letter and offering these services .

Let's take a look at some of them , alright ?

So $30 here for a cover letter , $40 here for a cover letter , right ?

Cover letter for $45 , $55 So people actually offer all different types of prices .

15 , 10 , $15 there , right ?

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$40 , a $125 , okay , for Lucas' W's recommendation expert opinion letter , okay , depending on what you wanna do .

So this is a cool way to start generating a little bit more income .

100% legit .

Okay .

Fiverr is one of the best freelance websites out there .

Alright .

So here you go .

This is your list right here of 5 different real websites that will actually pay out .

Alright ?

And you can get paid out pretty quickly depending on how much effort that you put in , alright ?

So I hope you enjoyed this list , alright ?

Now if you're here looking to make money online , now these are some great ways to make money online , right ?

Especially as a beginner .

You can start , some of them don't pay as much , but you can start with something small , slowly build up to some , you know , more advanced websites .

You know , obviously , offering freelance services is much more advanced , but some of the top freelancers in the world make between 3 and $5,000 , okay , offering their services .

So it's it is very very possible to do that , right ?

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Now , out of all of these strategies , there is one of the ways that that I like to do it , and I think a beginner has the best chance of going from 0 to earning more than that , 5 to 10 dollars,000 and much , much more .

If you would like to check out that strategy , I actually go into it in a lot of detail on the link below .

Okay ?

So these are some great ways right here .

But if you would like to find out my favorite way , just click on the link below , and I'll share that strategy with you .

Hope you enjoyed this video today .

See you on another video very , very soon .

Take care .

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