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2023-11-24 02:15:23

Whistleblower David Grusch on Early UFO Recoveries

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The Joe Rogan experience , the stuff is landing or crashing around the world and unexpected countries have had this happen .

And that's why I picked that because I thought that was a interesting case .

And then of course , the , you know , Pope Py the 12th and the Vatican were involved back channeling it through the Os S which became the CIA later to FDR .

And that's how the US knew something weird happened in Italy during , well , right before World War two .

But so this is 33 was the first like documented .

Uh That is the earliest one I can talk about .

Yeah , there's something that predates that you could infer that you could infer that .

So this 33 1 you said was in Italy .

Yeah , Magenta .

So it's uh I'm bad at geography .

I think that's like a Lombardy region .

It's like northern Northwest Italy .

And what's the story behind it ?

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So , um basically , it , it , it looked like it crashed , right ?

The original shape most likely was like a lenticular disk , like crafts , you know , with like a two dinner plates .

L mean , so like two dinner plates , you know , SMS together , right ?

The hump and there's like a , you know , like a bubble on top class class , like , like that like that , but it looks like when it hits the edges broke off .

So it became this like bell or acorn shaped thing .

Um And there was nothing in it .

It was like just an artifact , you know , there was no biological remnants if you will .

Um So it's so funny because the Italians were so confused .

They actually called up the Germans and they were like , is this one of yunde affe like , what the hell just crashed in Northern Italy Mussolini ?

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Um And this is all publicly available information because some Italian researchers um found all these original documents that some people were sitting on for years in Italy .

Uh you know , they put a gag gag order on the press , et cetera .

And yeah , Mussolini asked the Germans to come down and of course , the Germans came down and they were like , uh that is not ours , but let's look at it together .

So that's kind of uh perhaps a tertiary reason , the kind of axis powers got together .

I'm not saying that's like the reason , but I think the Italians and the Germans were so intrigued with what they found from like an artifact perspective .

There was at least some scientific and military uh collaboration during the war .

The details of which uh I'm not , I'm not sure of .

But I know people that know that specific event that are currently still intel officers within this program uh in detail .

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But so was there witnesses to the crash or some sort of an understanding that something had crash landed and then they discovered it ?

Yeah , I , I forget the precise discovery .

Uh I don't know if it was like uh local police officers or local farmers found in the field , something like that .

I , I don't want to misspeak .

I'm , I assume some of the Italian researchers might have some fact witnesses that can orally say , oh , yeah , my , my great grandfather found it or something like that , but I don't remember what was the scale of this vehicle ?

Uh He was probably like like 20 ft by 10 ft , something like that , not super huge but kind of big .

Do they think that this was a drone ?

Do they think that this was occupied ?

There was nothing in it ?

So if it wa if it was uh piloted , if you will , by some sentience , I mean , your , your guess is as good as mine .

So , hm , so what happened to that vehicle ?

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So we knew where it was being stored at a particular location um , after the crash and then the military came in and we , we grabbed it towards the end of the war , you know , 1944 1945 because like I said , Pope Pious the 12th already kinda let uh FDR know the Pope get involved because , well , interestingly enough , there's like a whole history of Human Intelligence prior to World War two and uh old money , the Vatican , the Italian Mob , um kind of the old country boys did a lot of informal intelligence collection uh for the US and , and there's probably some books you can read on it , but it's really interesting , you know , human intelligence collection wasn't really formalized until the offices , Office of Strategic Services , the OS S which became the CIA in 1947 .

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Um You had um you know , Paul Mellon and all these other affluent guys , of all these old money families that basically created the CIA .

So that's probably the reason why .

So this thing that was recovered , this was the first documented one that the United States had access to .

I can't get into if it was the first or not , but it was an early one very early .

So it's almost 100 years ago .

And so they take this thing and then they bring it where , yeah , I can't , I can't get into that .

I can't get into that .

OK .

So they bring it somewhere in the United States and uh was the attempt to try to back engineer .

This thing was the attempt to try to understand what it was .

Yeah , I mean , first of it , obviously , it's understanding the situation , right ?

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What do we have our hands on and , and like I've said in some other videos and stuff , you know , that we took the Manhattan project secrecy and overlay it on this issue because that secrecy worked well for atomic bomb developments and whatnot .

And , and certainly this whole program in a nutshell , if I were to like , summarize the 90 plus years of history , it is a reverse engineering program to garner some kind of insight .

Uh And of course not , a lot of the things that we've learned from it are like directly , you know , ripped off the technology we found , but it has inspired other innovations that made its way into other us classified programs over the year for national defense reasons , you know , and it's a myriad of different things .

So the UFO folklore is that this is where fiber optics were discovered first .

Yeah , I'm not going to break the seal on anything we've discovered or anything like that .

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And yeah , I just , I can't go t are you and what you can discuss and what you can't discuss and why , why do they let you discuss any of this ?

Yeah .

So anything sensitive that I want to say as it relates to like us , government activity , whether it be intelligence stuff , military stuff , et cetera , I have to submit it through what they call dps or dod office of prepublication and security review .

That is something anybody who's been an intel officer , anybody with like a clearance has to submit that kind of stuff .

Now , obviously , if you're writing a book about gardening , you don't have to .

But if you're gonna talk about anything military and intelligence related you have to submit .

So , it's kind of a catch 22 for this office .

Right .

They're only looking at it from a security perspective .

They're not vouching for it or anything like that .

And that's like any author .

Right .

They could write a book about Navy Seals and they're not vouching for the story .

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They're vouching that you didn't say any nasty code words , you didn't burn a specific ongoing classified program .

And for them , I mean , I'm not in their loop , but certainly it's a catch 22 for them where if they want to redact and they propose a redaction , they're like , hey , Dave , you can't say these sentences , you can rewrite it and resubmit , you know , we can't necessarily tell you uh what agency said to redact it , but you're not allowed to say this .

Uh They would be basically self certifying .

There's a there there .

So , in my opinion , probably the policy is like , if it has to deal with the subject , we're not saying anything , we're not proposing any redactions as , as long as he's not burning a conventional program , uh , we kind of have to allow him to exercise his first amendment rights .

And I , so I think it's like a catch 22 for that office is kind of a long or the short of the long answer .

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So , so this is essentially one of the very early ones , 1933 how many crash retrieval incidents have there been , it is double digits .

Uh This specific numbers I do know however I can't discuss that .

I know it sounds like , oh I'm being coy or whatever but you know , this show , any other interviews I do , right .

You know , for intelligence services are watching and it's like I'm not here to help Russia and China calibrate their intelligence collection .

Like , oh Dave said it's this number , we missed a couple shit .

Let's put it out for the KG BS VR and Gru are now going to hit the streets to try to figure out which ones they miss .

So I'm , I'm here to protect national security and I'm just trying to put all the general topics out there for public conversation to hold our government accountable .

Really ?

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So because I'm , I'm here as a fact witness because we have a , you know , a constitutional oversight issue because this program has not been , you know , reported to Congress in the appropriate way , you know , and I can get into a senator , I talked to that has died recently .

So I can , you know , explain to you why I'm so sure besides what I read , which we can get into that , what intel reports I read , I did get some stuff cleared .

Um So during my investigation , I'm like , you know what I need to talk to somebody at the highest levels , right .

So , and this will give you an idea of the kind of people we talked to , and this is the only one I'm gonna talk about using their name because they died two years ago .

So in spring 2021 I actually flew with a couple colleagues of mine to Las Vegas and I met with Senator Harry Reid about nine months before he died .

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And of course , he's a private citizen now and I wanted to brief him on the topic and I wanted to get his kind of thought leadership on it because , you know , he was a gang of eight member , right , you know , which is the top most cleared senators and congressmen .

He was the majority leader for God's sake .

So the Senate and I knew , you know , he helped sponsor the OSS A program that I mentioned and where they looked at Skin Walker Ranch and some other things .

And I wanted to understand like , what does Harry Reid actually know ?

Like , why did he , you know , give $21 million to Dia and Bigelow Aerospace for this ?

So I'm sitting there in Harry Reid's living room , you know , right next to him with some other witnesses that were there with me and he straight up says he's like , yeah , I knew we had UFO material .

I was denied access for decades .

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I tried to get access and then he explained some of his efforts during OSS A uh and I was like , holy shit .

Did the , the former majority leader just say that he just confirmed this to me as well .

You know , I was already talking to these amazing high level people , but I have Harry Reid literally saying yes , we have material and you know , he knew it was nonhuman .

Did Harry Reid have personal experience with this ?

I don't know if he's had any personal stuff in his personal life .

I mean , did he see it ?

Did he , he said in terms of seeing the material himself , he said he was denied access for years or decades was his term .

And he actually told me on behalf of me , he was going so he had like a weekly call with President Joe Biden at the time .

And he straight up said to me , he was gonna talk to President Biden about this issue literally .

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And then uh what he was telling me about oss A um I was like , holy shit .

I have like 20 other people that told me this dude .

So the real history , what fucking oss A was because I think there's a lot of people out there that think when they were looking at ghosts , Skin Walker ranch .

Yes , they went to the ranch as a secondary and tertiary objective .

But the real reason .

So like there's a document that came out a couple of years ago through Foia from the defense Intelligence agency .

There was this special access program requests .

The Harry Reid , you might have seen this , I think like George Knapp and company have reported on this that he sent to the Deputy Secretary of Defense , William Lynn .

And it was asking for one of the most serious s apps you can ask for what they call a bigoted waved special access program .

So waved means it's limited congressional reporting .

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Um that is a class of special access programs and bigoted means it's like by name .

And it's like , it was like , uh you could read the Foia document .

It was like , you know , Harry Reid , James Inhofe , uh Lu Lazanda et cetera .

And I'm like , why are you asking for the most serious sap to be created for a program that ostensibly is looking at Skin Walker Ranch and stuff ?

And it doesn't make any sense .

So what really happened there ?

And uh you know , Harry Harry Reid , God bless his soul made this disclosure .

Um a couple weeks after we met uh in the New Yorker and you can look this up .

I think it was like a May 2021 New Yorker story where he says I knew for decades and he made this disclosure , not me .

So I'm gonna say the name of the contractor , Harry Reid said this uh you know , we knew that Lockheed Martin had this material for decades .

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I tried to get access and I was denied and specifically with the Lockheed Martin stuff he was talking about during the OS A program and for the people who are on this program , I submitted this shit to the officer got this cleared .

So don't freak out , but I'm telling the truth here .

Um , so Lockheed Martin wanted to divest itself from this material at a specific facility that's known to me that I provided to the inspector general , um , like street address , all that shit .

Right .

And the idea was if they made a catcher's mit , a security catcher's mit for this shit at , you know , most serious possible , the contractor and the other government customer , which was the central intelligence agency , um , for that specific Lockheed material and it was shit that they recovered from like the fifties and stuff and it was like bits and pieces of , of , of , of like hall structure shit like that .

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And , um , uh so they were gonna tech transfer its and the 21 or $22 million was actually for big little aerospace to build out , you know , facilities in Las Vegas and material analysis equipment .

And I've se I have , I saw the staff meeting slides , I saw the paperwork like there's a paperwork trail I've seen on this shit and I talked to the people involved in this program .


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