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2024-04-01 21:55:19

How Strong Is A Gorilla_

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have you ever wondered how strong is a gorilla compared to humans ?

Meet the gorilla human's strongest cousin .

This powerful primate shares approximately 98% of its DNA .

With us , it is the largest primate in the world , with two different species , the western and eastern gorillas found in central Africa .

They have muscular builds and a robust physique , with males known as silverbacks weighing up to £400 .

And they are in fact , stronger than 10 or more adult humans combined as they can lift and throw up to £1800 .

There have been some cases of gorillas cracking strong reinforced glass in zoos , and they can produce around £3000 of force , which is believed to be strong enough to shatter a skull with one slam .

Despite being primarily herbivorous , they have a powerful bite force estimated to be around 1300 P SI , which is higher than lions at 650 .



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