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2024-05-16 06:17:19

Quora’s New Programme To Make Money Online - Quora+ Can Make You US$15,000

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Quora , which is widely recognized as a major question and answer platform , is more than just a website for seeking and providing knowledge .

But I'm almost sure you already know that rockstars .

It has actually evolved into a robust online platform that many users successfully leverage to make money online .

With its millions of users , it's hard to avoid Quora when you're searching for anything online .

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Let's take as an example , if I were to type in Google how much is the highest realistic amount of money you could make from print on demand , as you can see here , Quora will pop up as an option that is , and when you select it , as I'm doing here on screen , you will see over 30 responses from different people all over the globe providing you insights on the question that you ask .

Now ask yourself this question rock stars , why would over 30 people spend time responding to questions on the internet using Quora with nothing to gain for strangers like you and I .

Are they just very nice and have a lot of time on their hands ?

Hell no .

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There are actually ways to make money responding to these questions as I shared in this video where I talk about multiple platforms where responding to questions can pay you good money , of course to include Quora and this is why we're gonna talk about it today on the Rockstar Academy , because beyond the obvious functionality of Quora , which is to respond to questions , it also offers an exciting opportunities for users to monetize their contribution and of course this is users like you and I .

So let's delve into Quora's latest monetization venture which is called Quora Plus , and in this video , I'm gonna outline a strategy that could potentially earn you up to 15,000 US dollars using Quora Plus .

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Welcome back to the Rockstar Academy .

Thank you for your loyalty and if you are a subscriber on Patreon or a club member , subscribe on Patreon or you're a member on YouTube here .

I really appreciate your support , thank you .

And to all the rock stars out there who are watching because you have subscribed , I thank you as well .

Now before we explore Quora Plus , it's important for us to understand what the basics are on the Quora platform .

Quora is actually a community where anyone can ask questions and contribute with answers , which has naturally led to the foundation of a vast repository of knowledge across various topics on their website .

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Almost everything I search for , when you scroll down or sometimes it's at the top , there always seems to be a response from Quora , and this is where many persons are coming to provide answers .

But in addition to gaining and sharing knowledge , Quora also offers several avenues for monetization .

So let's delve into them .

The first one was what was called the Quora partner program , and initially this program allowed contributors to earn significant amounts rock stars , with some posts reportedly generating up to a $1,000 That said , this program is no longer active , sorry about that .

However , Quora has phased it out in favor of Quora Plus , which is the new tool that I'm gonna spend time talking about today .

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Another way that Quora monetizes its users is with what's referred to as Quora space .

And I know some of you will say Quora , which I used to say , or Quora , but before this video , I decided to look up for the correct pronunciation , and I think it's Quora , but I stand to be corrected .

Anyway , whether it's Quora , Quora , however you want to pronounce it , we all know what we're talking about .

Now Quora space actually functions like a personal publication where users can actually monetize their content of course through ads revenue sharing and Quora space subscriptions .

This is actually a similar monetization option that is offered on , which is a blogging platform , if you're familiar with it .

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So basically , as a Medium subscriber , I pay $5 every single month , and I have access to unlimited content on Medium .

And then as a contributor , meaning those persons , like myself , who are submitting blogs on Medium , we then get paid when persons read our blogs , and a lot of that is coming obviously from the subscription that persons are paying , plus other revenue sources that Medium has .

Quora is very similar , and that's where Quora Plus comes in because it's gonna facilitate subscriptions , and I'll tell you more about that later on .

Traffic driving is another way that you can monetize your presence on Quora .

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And while this is not directly a Quora endorsed monetization strategy , many users leverage the platform's vast audience to drive traffic to their website , and what they do is then they share either affiliate links or products that they're selling or blogs that they want people to read .

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So and when and when you click on the link , because somebody just responded to you free of cost , and you get to their website , they're pointing you to an ebook that you can buy , or they're pointing you to a blog that you can read , which could be free , but that blog is monetized through other sources , or let's say , for example , they're offering a solution that there's a particular product that can help you , when you click on Quora and they answer your question and say , I use this product and it solves the same problem that you're having , click here to learn more .

It may be when you get to their website that they're selling you an actual product .

So that's how you can monetize by driving traffic on Quora .

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Let's assume you're promoting a product on your website or you have an affiliate link that pays a commission of $30 per sale .

If you are able to figure out a way to be very discreet in your approach and answer a question or provide some feedback in a forum on Quora and recommend this product by sharing your affiliate link , and someone clicks on that link and buys it .

And let's say at a $30 in commission per sale , you will need 500 customers to click on that link and make a purchase to make $15,000 in a month .

This works out to about 17 sales in a day for you to earn that money leveraging Quora as a traffic source .

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Now there are many more ways to monetize on Quora , but in the interest of time , to not make this video too long , we're gonna stick to those few for now because we want to put our focus on Quora Plus , which is what we're here to talk about .

Now Quora Plus , in essence , was introduced to replace the Quora partner program as a new way for contributors to earn from their content , whether that's responding to questions or sharing any written content online .

So to be more specific , it's a subscription based model similar to Medium , as I explained earlier , where members can pay a monthly subscription , and then it will allow writers to earn based on the engagement and the reading time of Quora and subscribers on their posts .

Now this is how Quora plus works .

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For those who are interested in getting access to Quora to either see responses to questions , among other things , they will become members when they pay a monthly fee of $5 .

Again , it's the same $5 you pay on medium , and I keep repeating that because some of you are familiar with earning on medium .

With the $5 subscription , members will be able to browse Quora ad free .

It's similar to how YouTube has an option where you can subscribe and browse videos ad free .

The second benefit of Quora plus for paying that $5 in membership subscription is that you'll be able to unlock millions of answers on the platform .

So there will be some that's restricted , where only members can get access .

And the 3rd benefit is you'll be able to unlock exclusive content from participating creators .

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Now , from an earnings distribution perspective , as a content creator on Quora Plus , you earn money when Quora Plus members , these are who are subscribed and paying that $5 per month , spend time reading your posts .

The more engaging and the more widely read your content is , the higher your potential earnings are going to be .

Now to achieve 15,000 US dollars with Quora Plus is somewhat an ambitious goal .

So we're gonna break it down and make sure you understand what is required , And I'm also gonna share with you the steps to take to achieve this $15,000 on Quora by leveraging the different ways that you can monetize .

The first step is you need to create content .

That's kind of obvious , right ?

Yeah , it is .

Okay .

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When you're creating this content , you're gonna focus on creating high quality , engaging content that is likely to attract readers .

So doing normal on that platform , although rock stars , you know we don't do normal , but if you're going over there to do normal , you're not gonna make money that matters .

You need to be exceptional , and you need to bring some amount of creativity to this step .

And you have AI that can even write jokes for you , so you shouldn't have anything to worry about .

In creating this content , you should identify popular topics for your blogs or your articles or writing detailed answers and using an engaging writing style so that you can capture people's attention , and as such increase your earnings .

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The second step that you should take to make this $15,000 is to make sure you put things in place to increase visibility .

Actively participating in relevant Quora spaces and engaging with other users by doing things like up voting , which is something I'm gonna explain .

Commenting and following other contributors will help to build your following .

On Quora upvoting is actually a feature that allows users to express approval or support for an answer , a comment , or a post .

So basically it's a user validating that this is a good response , or it's a good post , or it's a good comment .

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When someone upvote a piece of content , as I'm showing you here , it signals to other users that the content is helpful , insightful , or adds value to the topic that's being discussed .

Each answer or comment on Quora has an upvote button , as you can see here .

And after logging in to Quora , when you click on this button , as I'm doing here on screen , you will essentially be given a vote for that content to say you endorse it , you approve it , or something positive that others will look on as a way to judge how good it is .

The great thing about up voting is you can undo it by clicking the upvote icon again , or the upvote button again , in the event you change your mind .

Now the third tip to make sure you can make this $15,000 is to post regularly .

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To make good money on Quora , consistency is the key , and of course this is the case with most other money making platforms out there .

By regularly posting content or responding to questions , it's going to keep your profile active and visible and it's going to encourage more Quora plus subscribers to read your content , which means you're gonna be able to make more money .

Now that we have a better understanding of how to get traction on Quora , let's assume that your post that you're sharing on Quora , whether it's answering a question , making a comment notes , or writing an article or something else .

Let's assume it's averaging a 1,000 Quora plus reader minutes per month .

If Quora pays out 1¢ per minute , and I'm using this for easy math because it's not necessarily the rate that they pay out , but if they do , you'll earn $10 per post per month .

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So to get to $1250 per month , as an example , which accumulates to $15,000 per year , you need a 125 posts each earning about $10 per month .

Now alternatively , you can go for less post instead of that 1.25 post per month , but you are able to earn a lot more than $10 , and then you can make that $15,000 over a 3 to 6 month period , instead of over a 1 year period .

So monetization on Quora is not usually a full time job unless you're extremely good at it , which some people are , and they can make the kind of money that can retire them from their full time jobs , but it's mostly a side hustle based on your earning potential .

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Now to start making money with Quora Plus , if you don't already have an account , you first need to sign up to .

You're then gonna provide the required details such as your name or you can use a third party sign in or sign up method like Google or Facebook .

Before you start contributing or sharing content , make sure your profile is detailed and professional .

List your areas of expertise and use a professional profile photo , and also add a bio that reflects your knowledge and expertise because those things will go a long way in building credibility .

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You then start engaging on the platform , and you can do so by answering questions that are related to your areas of expertise , and , of course , the quality of your answer will attract followers and give you more upvotes , and this , of course , will result in you earning more money over time .

Try , however , to be consistent and provide unique , insightful , and high quality content .

Once you've actively been contributing on Quora using the Quora Plus monetization strategy and you have built up some amount of following , you can then , at that time , apply to Quora Plus .

After joining Quora plus , focus on creating content that provides value to your subscribers , who are these people who have a membership subscription on Quora that's gonna choose to follow you .

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This could be more in-depth answers , exclusive content , or early access to certain answers .

You can also promote your Quora plus subscription with other mediums like social media to promote your content on Quora plus , and obviously the more subscribers you have , the more money you can potentially earn .

And don't forget to pay attention to the feedback from readers and subscribers , and use that to take your content to another level .

Engage with them as well by replying to comments and tailor your comment according to their interest and feedback , so they feel like you have given thought to what you're saying to them and will remain loyal .

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Make sure you stay active and update regularly on Quora Plus and also ensure that you're following Quora's guidelines as it pertains to their policies because non compliance can lead to your content being removed or your account being completely suspended .

Rockstars by following these steps and consistently delivering valuable content , you will be able to make money with Quora Plus .

Now remember , as you plan your strategy to maximize earnings on Quora Plus , consider both direct earnings from Quora and indirect methods like driving traffic to monetization on external sites as I shared earlier .

That way , you can establish more than one income stream from the same effort .

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With perseverance and smart strategies , Quora plus can indeed become a lucrative side hustle or even a major source of income over time .

Rockstars , if you got any value from what I just shared I I would really appreciate you liking it and until next time , walk good .

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