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2023-11-06 09:39:14

WHEN LIFE HURTS - Powerful Motivational Speech

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What do you do when your battle chooses you ?

What do you do when something shows up on your doorstep that you did not directly cause choose or definitely anticipate life is not always easy .

In fact , some of you today you're here and you're going through the toughest season of your life , there will be seasons where we will suffer , there will be seasons of real pain .

And the question is , how will you respond in those moments ?

Life is hard , sometimes easy .

It's not an option , but it's worth fighting is worth believing .

It's worth giving yourself a chance .

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It's worth mustering yourself up standing up inside yourself .

It's worth fighting relentlessly , never giving up .

It's worth it .

You can do it , you can do it .

There's problems that we go through that cause stress , worry , anxiety and fear , but you might be in the battle of your life .

I wanna encourage you .

It's not about what's happening around you .

It's always about what's happening inside of you just because you feel afraid doesn't mean you have to be afraid just because you feel discouraged , doesn't mean you have to be discouraged just because you have fear doesn't mean , fear has to have you .

The sentence out of your mouth is a story that you have put out .

I'm not gonna make it .

I quit .

Let's get a divorce business is never coming back .

We've lost too many people .

I've made too many mistakes .

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I'm a failure .

Nobody can help me .

I've done too many bad things .

I , I don't know what's coming out of your mouth , but it's a death sentence and as you continue to confess it and as you continue to declare it , well , don't be surprised when it becomes true in your life .

We have to make sure that whenever I feel when I think a death sentence , I must speak a life sentence .

Oh , I'm feeling the sentence of death .

I'm feeling the thoughts of anxiety .

I'm feeling the thoughts that I'm done .

I feel like I've been used and it hurts and it's difficult .

But when that happens , I start speaking out a life sentence .

No , I'm just gonna keep showing up .

No , I'm gonna get back up the righteous man .

He falls seven times but it gets never give up , never give in because still can't get you past certain things .

Quickness , agility can't give , you gotta have mental toughness ain't permanent , your pain ain't permanent .

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You can get through this .

You bigger in your pain .

You better than that .

Come on .

You need to remember .

This is not the first time you cried .

This is not the first time you were short of breath .

This is not the first time you didn't see a way clear .

This is not the first time you were hurt .

This is not the first time your heart was broken .

This is not the first time you didn't have enough money .

This is not the first diagnosis that came up from behind that .

I'm gonna live to tell the story .

This two sh I will remain .

I'm not gonna quit every one of my burdens .

There's a blessing on the inside of it .

If you don't quit , you will win .

Baby .

You gonna work through this .

You gonna get up , you gonna get dressed , you gonna get out and you gonna do what you've been called to do .

You gonna be what you call me and you gonna prove that everybody that tried to break you , everybody trying to stop you .

Everybody that tried to kill your dream , you gonna prove all of them wrong .

Just keep coming .

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That if you got nothing left to give to Ice man is just showing up and I'm telling you don't give up , I'm telling you right now , don't get in , get through it .

And if you can get through it , if you can work , hey , I'm guaranteeing you on the other side is a reward .

It's not permanent .

Pain is secondary .


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