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2024-05-29 11:10:03

B3 (Niacin) and Schizophrenia

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Let's talk about niacin , vitamin b 3 , and schizophrenia .

Now there's some fascinating information on this topic .

Schizophrenia is a combination of having hallucinations , delusions , paranoia , mixed with feeling disconnected , loss of interest in life , and feeling emotionless , which basically is your apathetic .

Now the medical theory of what causes schizophrenia is you have dopamine excess , and so you're given certain drugs to help regulate that .

The problem with those drugs is it has certain side effects that cause metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance , which has been shown to worsen these symptoms because of what it does to the brain .

So as a side note , there's some great data .

I'll put some links down below of how ketones , going on the ketogenic diet can help reduce those symptoms , but that's not part of this video .

It's a side note .

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However , there was a doctor named doctor Abraham Hoffer some years ago who had a different theory , and that theory was called the adrenochrome theory .

Adrenochrome is basically the byproducts of adrenaline .

And in his research , he found that the chemical structure of adrenaline was very similar to LSD , and so it had certain types of effects on the brain if it was in higher amounts .

So his whole theory was that schizophrenia comes from excessive amounts of adrenal chrome in the brain , which is toxic .

Now , normally , you're supposed to have an enzyme that clears that chemical out , and people with schizophrenia have a defect with this enzyme .

So he found that by taking large doses of b 3 , and I'm talking about straight Niacin .

I'm not talking about the time release Niacin , the one that doesn't give you the flush .

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There's more side effects with that one rather than just take straight b 3 Niacin .

But anyway , he found that by taking large doses of Niacin , you can prevent the conversion of the precursor for adrenaline called noradrenaline , thereby making less adrenaline .

So it will help clear out adrenaline .

It helps you produce less adrenaline , which can be toxic to the brain , especially if you have a defect to this enzyme .

But also b 3 will reduce liver toxicity .

It'll help reduce oxidative stress in the mitochondria , as well as help your DNA repair .

There are several double blinded studies that were done .

One of the studies showed a 79.5% improvement in symptoms .

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Now he died some years ago , but recently , there were some other additional studies that were done to show improvements with schizophrenia using high doses of not just b 3 , but other b vitamins as well .

I'll put that research down below .

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