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2023-08-22 09:36:11

Manipur Crisis _ No Clarity On Assembly Session _ News9

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Despite man for cabinet recommending Governor Annua convene an assembly session from August 21st , the House did not sit on Monday as no notification has been issued .

But another development has overtaken every other development .

And that is the bodies have again blocked National Highway two and this highway connects them to another body has also threatened to block national highway 37 .

Let me come to the point and ask , what is this politics of blocking national highways ?

I mean to say , you know , you can do your politics , you can get your stuff by pressurizing politician , you can have your position , you can , you can , you can have your position .

But what is this issue ?

What is this issue of blocking the highway and disempowering the common people before I come to bridge ?

Just let me go to Mr Sok , what is this politics ?

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Well , this is basically to bring government to needs because at the end of the day , if people do not get the basic facilities in terms of access to medicine , in terms of access to food , petroleum , gasoline , et cetera , then the government is forced to take certain decisions .

And I think everybody is trying to use this particular , you know , means to put pressure on the other side .

I think , uh at this point in time , I think the cookies believe that because their roads from Manipur sites are open so they will not be under pressure .

But you know , all the groups , whether the or the cookies , uh you know , they have been using regularly in the northeast .

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This is , this has been one of the means which is , you know , used if we had seen earlier in Assam , all Buddhist Union used to actually disrupt the entire railway services to put pressure on the government of Assam and the government of India to bring them to the table and often the government because they do not know how to deal with it .

They are forced to listen to the demands or sit across to the table .

I think what complicates this time is that you cannot find a solution by sitting across with one group .

And if you have , you know , the cookies resorting to blocking the national highways , then you have the resorting to it .

Then of course , the hardship becomes too strong , the Nagas themselves will tell .

And it's a situation which had gone completely out of control .

As we have seen , you had initially mentioned that , you know , even the assembly session could not be held in , in fall .

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So it basically shows that it's a situation which has gone completely out of control of the government .

Of , you know , this is just a uh unprecedented , you know , you can't even get the , you know , assembly session to take place .

Uh Mr you know , you have a national , I have a block and then you can't even have an assembly session .

You can't , there is no place to discuss anything .

There is no discussion .

Well , I mean , there are no discussions whatsoever and the discussions are taking place behind the back without the concurrence of each party where are all the three dominant communities , the Nagas , the cookies and the natives have contesting claims and what the government of India has been trying to work out is basically talk to each group separately .

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And ultimately , you know , even if you reach agreement with one particular group , there is no guarantee that that's something which should be like by the other parties and each party is strong because if you look at the cookies in Manipur , they have the support of the state government .

And if you look at the Nagas , the Nagas themselves are a powerful community , they have the support of the neighboring Naga .

Then me are quite a majority in Manipur .

So I think it's a situation in the creating and semblance of atmosphere where each party could come across the whole idea of separate administration .

You know , I mean , you are having the ass , I mean , from the beginning , I think from the time they transported the population from one area to the other area and you know , handing over the administration or enforcement to each community .

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I think this was disastrous and there is no way you can go back 2000 , you know , civil servants from the community can join the state government .

Of course , the administration itself is not functioning .

So basically shows that the center had no clue .

Ok , Mr you know , what is this thing of burning empty houses ?

You know , the visuals which we have played , uh you know , they belong to people .

You know , it's not important whether an MP X MA .

But what is this burning empty houses ?

See uh as we have been discussing in the past and I have narrated it a number of times that the kind of hatred is among the community , it is too high .

So they found that this MP House who's a uh from other community and uh it could be , it could not be burned in the initial phase .

So they just gathered together and burn it .

Nevertheless , it's quite the hater has to get out of the mind of the people .

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And unfortunately , nobody is making any effort towards getting the communities together .

So that is very , very unfortunate .

And that's what Mr Tema also said , I fully agree with him that we need to bring in the communities together rather than talking with the communities separately with each other , like separately , Peace Bill .

It's certainly not , right .

OK .

There is another , another thing I'll get you you know , there's a picture I would like to play .

I'll come to that picture but ok , now the picture has already been paid .

Let me ask that question .

What is this gun doing in Manipur ?

So it is a vis machine gun .

It is a beast .

I must call it a beast .

These guns are of second world war vintage and probably they were in the custody of Manipur police , they were left .

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And as I heard , I'm not very sure that I heard from the people that these were the guns who were looted along with the over 4000 weapons who were looted on 3rd and 4th of May .

And it is really a beast with a range of about 2 to 4 kilometers and it is a 2 to 4 kilometers , 2 to 4 kilometers .

Yes , exactly .

2 to 4 kilometers .

It is a water cool gun .

So there is a water in light in that because when it fires at a rate of 500 bullets per minute , there is a rate of fire which it fires when it fires at the rate of 500 bullets per minute , the barrel gets heated .

So it has an automatic mechanism to cool down the barrel with the use of water .

Now , if you don't say that this is someone will think that I'm playing pictures from Ukraine .

No , no , it is money , it is money pool .

So they want to come in .

I'm saying that if I don't say it is , man , people will think that production produces the Ukraine should get it right .

Swazi .

I think you have a shot on your face .

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No , I was completely shocked and I just want to take on from what Maja Banal let say , you know , I mean , 4000 , 5000 arms looted .

I think what the government of India is not understanding is one simple fact that every community because of the existence of the armed groups , because of the availability of easy arms both inside the country as well as from Myanmar .

I mean , every community is armed to the teeth .

Now , if you look at this kind of conflict , which people usually talk about whether in former Yugoslavia , when Yugoslavia collapsed or Rwanda or Burundi , you know , when various kind of insurgent groups , you know , uh operate , you have seen in the Middle East in the Lebanon , uh you know where Israelis and have been fighting all other groups in operating from Lebanon , et cetera .

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I think the security forces do not have the capacity to bring the situation under control .

And at this point of time since is so much armed to the now , what do the army or the , you know , paramilitary forces could do if you go and enforce the security , you know , the law enforcement if you use the force because everybody has so much deep hatred inside and they will confront them and it will lead to the laws of civilians like and in huge numbers and people are not scared to die in this kind of situation .

So army cannot use the , you know , force .

On the other hand , you cannot actually take away the arms because nobody is going to give up the arms .

Even if you do .

You know this , this is the second part of debate .

It makes the job of army tough because you have lethal power in their hand .

You know , Kashmir Theater did not have these gatling gatling guns is no gun .

You know , they had AK-47 .

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Yes .

Yes .

Tell me it is not a gatling gun .

It is a single barrel gun , but it is a very high caliber high power gun .

It's a high power , it's ok .

It's a high power gun .

You know , Kashmir Theater even didn't have that .

But the problem is we have 4000 of them somewhere in the valley and we'll get to it what these guns can do .

But I was , as I was talking to bridge , you know , the people are getting stabbed again .

The National Highway is being disrupted .

Well , I think , you know , this is just a pressure politics because earlier , you remember , you know , the , the co two groups and others have been alleging that a movement of essential items from Valley to Hill is not that much and they , they are facing a lot of shortage and this , if they block the National Highway too , it impacts , you know , supply of several critical things which comes from Tura Chaur down to I .

And that is the reason why this block , this blockade will impact life in I .

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And you know , this blockade is also sending a message that everything is back to square one is sending a message to the state government , sending a message to the central government that everything is now back to square one right where you started because you know , forget talks , you know , we were discussing this on Saturday and and you know , they were also on Friday about you know how there is no peace process or track two parallel thing is happening .

I mean , you know , there was just one attempted peace process and it fizzled out even before it started and such as the hatred and animosity that you know , 90% of the people who were there , 10% didn't smoke , 90% said their names have been taken without their consent .

This is the deep divide in hatred which you are talking about .

So now we are back to a blockade of highways , you know , difficulty of supply of essential items .

And although Manipur police have said that they have ensured that you know , 100 plus trucks movement of their ha has been insured .

But I think it is going to become very , very difficult for people in Manipur if this blockade continues for long .


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