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2023-08-25 00:03:12

The Coaching Authority Case Study - Rohrman Automotive Group

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All businesses hit a plateau at some point , marketing and system improvements just aren't enough .

So what next ?

The Roman Automotive Group recognized this plateau but they needed a game plan .

That's where I step in .

I lead the fast track leadership development huddles to help develop effective leadership skills for management and emerging leaders , effective leadership means reduced turnover , accelerated promotion from within and most importantly , increased profitability .

We have seen tangible roi increases year over year of over 150% because of the coaching authority pat helped us develop our leaders which created a better work environment .

This is not a personality assessment , this is the method to take your business to the next level .

If you're ready to break through your plateau , set up a free 30 minute consultation by calling the number on the screen today .


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