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2023-08-22 04:33:20

We Went INSIDE a Scam Call Center And Got Them RAIDED

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The back to a few months ago I received a call on my phone similar to this one .

Yeah .

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Yeah , Sam , how are you doing today , sir ?

Can you just turn on a computer and check the notification ?

We have sent you some notification on your computer , sir , sir .

Are you near by your computer ?

They claimed that Microsoft had sent me a notification on my computer and that I needed to turn it on immediately .

So your computer turn on .

Yeah .

Yeah , it's , it's up .

Yeah .

What do you see ?

Bottom left ?

Did you see magnifying glass on the screen ?

Oh , yeah , I see one click there .

Ok .

And type there .

They then told me to open MS config also known as system configuration on my machine .

The scammers will do this to show their victims that there are stopped services that should be running on that box .

You have some columns like service manufacturer status .

Yeah , just go through it and tell me what is the status of all those Microsoft services ?

Stop , stop , stop , stop , stop running , running , running , running , stop , stop running , running .

Did you , did you turn off all these services on a computer ?

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These services being stopped is completely normal and doesn't indicate any issues .

These are the services that should be running .

Ok .

If they are not running , it means your computer is not in good shape .

Updates are not not doing on a computer at all .

But they will try the same lines about system configuration and stop services on every everyone they call .

They do this to convince you that your computer has an issue and that to have it fixed , you'll need to pay them a support fee .

But how did I manage to capture video of the scammers running their scam in the first place ?

Well as a part of their script , the scammers will use remote access software to get control of your computer .

And when the scammers asked me for this control , I gave it to them because my computer is set up so that when the scammers connect to me , I can connect back to them .

This allows me to gain access to not only the scammer computer but their entire network .

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Once I gained this access , I quickly found out that this call center had CCTV installed in their building , which gave me a unique view into the inner workings of their operation using the CCTV access as well as files I found on the computers in the call center .

I was able to discover the name of the company behind these scams is DK business patron near , located in the 1st , 2nd and 3rd floors of this building on their website DK Business advertises themselves as an e-commerce BPO marketing and sales agency .

Surprisingly , they actually did do some of these things during the day , they would manage the accounts of Indian companies that were selling products on Amazon and ebay .

And during these legitimate operations , I was able to see and listen to one of the directors of the company , Puja Fall , speaking with her employees infections , the cameras installed in the building had no microphone .

So how could I hear her talk ?

Well , as it turns out the entire office has an internal phone system .

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These phones were not normal landline phones , but rather IP phones which were connected to the scammer network .

And I could turn these phones into listening devices without anyone realizing because I could listen to every room .

I was even able to overhear new employees being hired into the company , one of the best .

However , this Amazon seller business was only half of the company's operation when it became night time .

The people from the day shift would all go home .

Then a new group of people would enter the 2nd and 3rd floors of the building .

They would start to blast us citizens with calls and would try to run the same script as earlier .

Hello .

Who is it ?

Hello .

Hi mom .

My name is Grace .

I'm calling you today because we have received an error report from your computer .

Many of the people , the scammers called , either didn't have a computer or knew that it was a scam .

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So according to the report of the application , but because they were calling literally tens of thousands of people every single day , a small percentage were bound to fall for their scam script .

And when someone was convinced to buy these scammers fake support , they would be transferred to these guys .

These are the closers and their job is to build the victim's credit card .

When the scammers would build their victims , they wouldn't use their real company name , but instead an alias .

High tech 3 65 .

When I visited the website for high tech 365 they displayed themselves as a computer support company based in the United States .

After looking up information behind this company , I found it was an LLC registered in Montebello , New York .

With the key principle being of Indian origin , these scammers were using a shell company to take payments and would then launder them to India where the main director of the company , Deepak Kumar Tual would reap the benefits .

Deepak Kumar Tual , like his director , sister Puja Shoal was also in the building .

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But this time during the scam shift irrefutable proof that he knew about the scams and couldn't claim otherwise .

Despite this , he was still very clever .

He figured that if an investigation by the authorities took place , they would most likely only come during the day time .

Thus , he could claim that they were doing fully legitimate business while at night , they were actually scamming people knowing all of this me along with my friends , Jim Browning and how to delete , started gathering evidence to send to the police in Delhi .

But while we were gathering evidence and contacting the authorities about this call center , I received a message from an old friend of mine scam Baer .

He told me that there was an American blogger named Dia who was staying in Kolkata India and that he was going to walk into a call center to physically confront them .

However , because he was in Kolkata , neither me nor Scam Baer knew any call centers you could go to .

Over the past year , the Kolkata police have been heavily cracking down on scammers in a series of raids and many call centers that were operating there either got arrested or moved .

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So I told him about DK business , a call center doing tech support scams located in Ramesh Nagar even better .

They were equipped with CCTV cameras .

So we would be able to see him if he went inside .

He agreed and a few days later flew to Delhi where we would plot our next moves .

We decided that he should scout out the building before fully going in to ensure his safety .

Unfortunately , things were not as easy as we initially thought there was only one opening into the call center and there was a guard presence .

Additionally , when he arrived at the call center , the gate leading up to the stairs was already closed .

It seems the guard would close the gate .

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After all , the scammers had entered the building , we came to the conclusion that if he wanted to enter the call center , he would have to be at the gate at around 8 45 to 8:50 p.m. While the other scammers were still arriving the next day , he again went up to the call center this time making it up the stairs and pretending to be a lost tourist and it's working on .

And afterward we managed to spot the same scumbag that was helping him .

Now trying to scam vulnerable Americans , which made both of us even more determined to expose them the day after was his last day in India and he planned to fully invade the call center .

However , we learned that a police raid could happen the same day , but a few hours later in a spur of the moment decision , he decided to go in boys .

I don't give a damn .

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I'm just gonna go straight through the door and talk to the guard .

I'm gonna try to get by him , but I don't think it'll work .

Let's see .

Hello , open .

I want to speak to .

Yeah .

Yeah .

So ding , ding , ding , ding , ding , ding , ding , ding , ding .

Hello everybody .

What's going on ?

Good .

Everybody doing good .

Say what's up ?

How are you guys doing ?

Good .

How's everything good ?

I'm just uh walking around and I saw this place .

Everything is good .

OK , my name is Dia , what's your guys' name ?

Everything ?

OK .

Ok .

OK .

Good job .

Where's the park ?

I'm looking for .

He's on .

Ok .

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Thank you guys .

Thank you .

This is crazy .

They don't know .

I'm exposing them right now , bro .

Ding , ding , ding , ding , ding , ding , how are you guys doing ?

Good .

Everybody's doing good .

Where's deep ?

I'm looking for Kumar .

OK .

The other side ?

Ok .

Very good .

What's your guys' name ?

My name is Dia .

Come on .

Ok .

Ok .

Very good .

I thought it was Robert Williamson League .

Very good .

Very good , good .

Oh guys .

Hello guys .

Words of Kumar .

Ah OK .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Thank you guys guys .

Where's the , is he now ?

I'm supposed to have a meeting with him .

Is he number one ?

Is he over here ?

No , no .

Can you get him because he's not there ?

Ok .

I'll be right back .

Come .

OK , we're gonna meet in just a minute .

I'm going to get water and come right time to get the hell out of here , bro .

You so that's how you do it .

All those guys in there are scammers , um , scumbags .

There's no reason they should be in office right now .

One of the craziest stunts in scam baiting history never has an American citizen entered a scam call center while they're operating .

When he actually went in .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The majority of the scammers had gone to the top of the building to celebrate someone's birthday but even after taking selfies and taunting the scammers in their own building , we weren't done with them yet .

No raid happened that night because the police department we initially contacted said they couldn't because DK business had a license to be a call center .

Even though we had clear proof they were scamming people .

Luckily a friend of ours , Carl Rock who also took the drone and street shots of the call center had a contact in another police department who was willing to make arrests .

However , on the day , they were to raid the CCTV .

Cameras of the inside views were suspiciously unplugged .

Our best guess is that they spotted one of the police officers of the department looking around at the building before the raid was to take place after Dia had entered the call center and Carl Rock had been spotted taking footage .

They were on high alert .

This did not stop us from seeing them enter .

However , the outside and stairwell cameras were still plugged in .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And sure enough , the police actually came , but because we couldn't see views of the inside of the call center , we thought we had missed the most important moment of the raid , which was the police actually investigating .

However , while this was happening , I realized that I had access to laptops in the call center which had working web cams .

And sure enough for the first time , we were able to see police actually inside the building at the time of the raid , you can see one of the police officers with a gun strapped on his shoulder and even more crazy .

The boss of the call center , Deepak Kumar Tual handing the officers water while they investigate his scam operation .

Unfortunately , Deepak was not taken into custody and as of uploading DK business is still in operation this time only doing legitimate work .

I hope that he and his accomplices are arrested and given lengthy prison sentences .

Unfortunately , knowing the corruption and situation in India , this is unlikely to happen .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But one can still hope even still by making these videos , we can inform people of these scams before they ever get victimized .

Check out the channels and videos in the description , why not subscribe and watch another .

Bye bye .


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