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2023-09-14 19:44:29

This Will Make Teenagers Millionaires (8 Money Tips)

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Trust me , I'd probably have a lot more than $10 million right now if I had invested it much sooner , you know , this video is such an important topic .

And if you follow the steps that I'm gonna outline here today , you know , I don't see a way that you are not a millionaire , if not even a multimillionaire by the age of 25 .

So I thought , you know , this might be one of those occasions where it's time to light a candle , it's time to pull out a pen and a notebook because I'm gonna show you exactly the things that I learned reaching $10 million in my investment portfolio after tax by the age of 21 and how you can replicate the exact eight steps that I took in order to get there .

So , ladies and gentlemen , this is my investing advice for all of the teenagers out there .

Now , the first step is you have to decide how much of your income , no matter how small it is .

Are you gonna put away in order to invest ?

It really all starts with a decision whether , you know , you're getting , you know , $50 a week , pocket money .

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Uh , whether you have a little , you know , you're 17 or 18 and you have a little , uh , side gig or maybe you have a part time job , whatever it is , decide how much of your income you're gonna put away .

Now , you might be making $50 a week right now because your parents are getting $50 a week in pocket money and you might go , you know , if I put $10 away every single week , that's really not gonna move the needle that much .

You're right .

What happens when you get to a point where you're making $5000 a week and that could very much happen for you in your , you know , teenage years , maybe even your early twenties , whatever the case may be .

And you for 4567 years built up the habit of putting , for example , 20% of your income away .

So maybe when you're 14 or 15 , you're used to putting $10 away per week to invest and let's say you land a high paying job or maybe you start your own business .

And as I said , you're making $5000 a week and you are used to putting 20% of that income aside , that's $1000 a week .

That's a lot money to be invested .

So , so the first step here is decide how much money are you gonna put away and invest and think about it .

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Not so much in terms of the amount of money , but in terms of percentage term of everything that you receive , how much are you gonna invest and bear in mind when you're not making a lot of money , that percentage might be very small and even if it's just 10 or 15 or 20% that's ok .

We're just trying to get you in the habit here .

Now , my second piece of investment advice specifically for teenagers is find a way to have that money away from you .

So what you can do is you can tell your parents , hey , I , you know , I wanna be serious about investing because today it might be a small amount but you know , in my early twenties or even my mid twenties , this could be a very large sum of money .

So I just want to get used to it and I wanna train myself when I give you money to put away into my investments .

Can you make sure that I don't take it out ?

Can you make sure that I don't touch it because you know , something might come up , you know , you might want a new PS five or you might , you might get tempted by the list .

Travis Scott Nike Club , 100 and one different things to come up , right ?

But you want to make sure that you never touch that investment policy .

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So as I said , step number two , specifically for teenagers is find a way to ensure that , that money , you know , is put away and no matter how tempted you are , you cannot touch that money and , you know , you don't need to do this for the rest of your life .

I definitely don't give away my money to someone to safeguard and keep protected .

Uh , you know , because I'm worried I'm gonna spend it all but just while you're in these early years and also while the , the amount of money may not seem significant to you very quickly , it will snowball and become a significant amount , but not if you pull that money .

Yeah .

Now my third piece of investing advice for teenagers is get a credit card as soon as you can and just spend a little bit on it every single month .

Credit cards have so , so many benefits .

And me personally , I wish I had learned these benefits uh a long time ago , you know , for me personally , I was just about to turn 20 when I started using credit cards and , and bear in mind at the age of 18 , I was making anywhere from 100 to $200,000 a month profit .

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So , you know , I was used to making a lot of money , but I was just using debit cards for everything which was foolish , you know , wasn't building up my credit score wasn't getting , uh you know , the , the myriad of different benefits that you get from credit cards .

Like for example , pretty much free travel , you know , just from the amount of money that I spend on the business .

Either way , you know , these costs are gonna happen either way , uh between my various different businesses .

I , I did the calculations earlier .

I get something like 55 upgrades a year .

Like basically , uh you know , more than an upgrade a week , you know , from economy to business or business to first class and that's just one of the benefits right there .

So step number three is get a credit card , make sure you do not spend a lot of money on it .

You know , it can literally just be like 20 or 50 or even $100 a month , just something , you know , you can even just put your Spotify and Netflix subscription on there .

Uh and just make sure you pay it off and just get used to the habit of having a credit card and paying it off every single month .

Now , the fourth thing I want you to do is actually set up the infrastructure in order to invest .

And here's what I mean by this for the longest time , you know , I didn't really start investing until I was 19 , which was a big , big mistake .

Trust me , I would probably have a lot more than $10 million right now .

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If I had invested much sooner , they ask you how you are , you say that you're fine and you're not really fine , you just can't get into it .

So one of the reasons that I didn't was because investing seemed like this sort of scary world to me .

Right .

You know , I didn't know how to set up a brokerage account .

Uh Even some of the , the crypto platforms back in 2017 , 2018 were a little , like , just complicated to figure out in terms of , you know , wiring your money and this and that I didn't really understand anything about the real estate market uh about alternative investments , for example , like watches .

So what I want you to do and you know , in the year 2022 there are so many things that make it so easy to invest , you know , simple things like Robin Hood or we like it's very easy to take money and invest it , whether that be into stocks , whether that be into crypto , whether that be , you know , NFTS uh even real estate , it's getting easier and easier these days for someone who's not a seasoned investor to get started and get investing .

So what I want you to do is I want you to set up your , you know , it could be a coin based account or a cracking account or a Binance account , right ?

Something that you can buy crypto with and actually learn how to take money from your bank .

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You know , whether once again that could be $50 or $100 and know how to wire that and send that to your , you know your bin your coin based account .

So that way you can start investing .

I want you to set up your or Robinhood account .

And , you know , I don't have any affiliate links for any of these platforms .

Just go , you know , type it in Google and get signed up because that way you're moving any barrier or friction in order to invest , uh I want you to set up an open sea account .

I want you to set up a 24 account .

I want you to whenever you walk past a real estate agency in your town or city , I want you to , you know , actually look at the house prices and just get a feel for what are the house prices in your area ?

You know , I want you to spend a bit of time on Z or right ?

Move wherever you are in the world , right ?

As I said , just to get to know , you know , why is one house worth more than other ?

Why does one house rent out for more than the other ?

And you don't need to become an expert at any of this stuff ?

You know , you don't need to become an NFD expert and spend 24 hours a day on open sea , but you can just start to see patterns and stuff like that whatever avenue you want to go down .

And you know , for example , for me , all of my investments are with crypto NFT and watches , right ?

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Like that's just the , the , the area and the vertical that I am the most proficient and I understand the most .

So that's just kind of what I stick to and I know them very , very , very , very well .

I know watch prices very well .

I know everything that's going on , on open sea .

I know everything that's going on in the crypto market .

So as I said , whatever vertical you decide to go to set up the infrastructure to be able to invest .

So that way if tomorrow you want to invest $1000 you could do it and there's nothing , you know , there's no excuses that you could give yourself .

Now , my fifth piece of investing advice from someone who started their business , the business right there , my advertising agency when they were 16 years old and by the time that they were 21 years old , they had over $10 million in net after tax in their investment portfolio .

The fifth piece of advice that I could give you is investments are great , but you need to understand their investments are not there to really make you rich , they're more there to preserve your wealth and to give you stability and security , you know , for many , many years and decades to come , what you need to do .

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The fifth thing you need to focus on is start a business or start some sort of freelance side gig , whatever it is you need to get your income .

Up now .

That could even just be , you know , a job at a fast growth uh company .

You know , there's many , many employees in my companies , you know , between my agency , my education platform , my software company that make CEO type and every year , you know , their income compounds .

So if you can find an organization like that , there's nothing wrong with having a job , but I will say there are very few and far between .

Um , yeah , most of time , it's very , very hard to level up your income , uh when you're working in a job .

So as I said , the reason that I was able to get to this point in life is because I decided to start an agency , obviously , at the time when I was 16 , I didn't realize what I was doing .

Uh , now looking back , I realize , yeah , I started a , a boutique online remote agency and the way that I built it up was by using something called contractor arbitrage .

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I would find really good contractors and then I would basically take their services , wrap it up under my agency and then go ahead and sell that on for double triple or quadruple what they were charging me and you know , what they were charging me was still considerably higher than what they were able to charge clients in their own country .

So , so , yeah , that was basically the business model for the first , you know , almost two years .

And I was able to get to 40 $50,000 a month profit right towards the tail end of being 17 , going into being 18 years old .

And then from there , once the budget hired people full time , et cetera , et cetera .

And , and you know , my CMO actually was a contractor who worked for me four years ago and it's been four years that we've been working together .

Now , I can't give you guys the exact specifics on how to actually accomplish this and do what I did .

But you will be happy to know that I released the exact step by step , training on exactly how to build 100 K a year online business in the quickest time possible .

So you can find that on youtube .

I'll leave that as the first link down below as well .

Make sure you finish this video and then go ahead and watch that .

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But as I said , the reason that I got to this point in life , I had that advertising agency that after two years from 2016 to 2018 towards the tail a tail end of 2018 .

Uh when I was still 18 years old , when I was just about to turn 19 , that business was doing over six figures a month profit .

So that meant that I was able to take all of that cash and what I should have done all the way from when I was doing 10-K a month , you know , right back when I was 17 and I just dropped out of high school is I should have been investing a large portion of this .

So , you know , this idiot , all he did was he just sat up on tons of cash up until 2020 .

Now , if you know anything about what happened in 2020 2020 was a great year for investing .

If you deployed your capital , I had over seven figures cash , you know , after tax just sitting there , I deployed that and from my $1.5 million I put in in 2020 within 78 months through the crypto markets , it was up to $8.5 million .

I also invest a lot of money in watches .

I have a watch portfolio worth over $2.3 million .

Right now .

I go , I'll get Tristan , throw it up on screen my 24 collection .

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So as I said , if you're starting off with a low amount of money , you will not invest your way to riches .

Still follow all of these principles here .

The big big one is this fifth one which is I said start a business or some sort of freelance gig .

Step number six is live below your means .

And now I know there's been a lot of people who could look at my life and you know , they'll see videos where like , you know , I'll go shop at the mall for like two hours and spend like $20,000 or , uh , I'll buy expensive watches .

Well , watches are investments for me .

Uh , but I don't know , like I'll just do I spend money .

I enjoy my life , et cetera , et cetera .

For me personally , I live off of anywhere from 10 to 15% of what I earn .

If you guys have seen , um , my breakdown of 2021 sort of like a year in review video as all you guys may know , I made over $10 million in 2021 .

So I know some of the things I do might seem like , wow , that's so much money , but it's , it's all , you know , it's all .

Um I don't know what word I'm looking for here , proportionate .

I think so .

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I would be very concerned for myself if I spent 70 80 90% of my income and a lot of people out there spend more than they even earn .

I don't believe in living below your means in the sense that , you know , I see a lot of these like , you know , multi multimillionaire uh people and they're just like live very and they will buy coffee and this not , I personally just think that's stupid , right ?

Like this life , you only have one of this life if you are being responsible and you're only spending 10 , 15 , 20 even 30% of your income .

Uh and you make a lot of money , who cares if you're investing the rest of money , you're protecting your future .

Uh , you know , that even if you stop making money for the rest of your life , you would still be good .

And now I'll get on to a point that I'm gonna touch on very soon for me personally .

I know everyone has different opinions .

This life is there to enjoy and especially if you have the great privilege and the great honor like I did and was very blessed and very lucky because guys don't get it twisted everything in life .

You know , luck has a role to play .

And I was very blessed and I was very lucky to yes , spot the right opportunities at the right time , you know , start a business at the right time .

But there was always a factor of luck involved .

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So as I said , if you are privileged enough to make money at a young age , I believe , um you know , you should enjoy this life .

So live below your means .

That doesn't mean , you know , you need to scrounge your own coffee this , that , you know , I think when you're making less income , like let's say , less than $5000 a month or 10 , less than $10,000 a month , it makes sense that you spend 50 or 60 or , you know , maybe even 70% of your income , I get it .

Now , once you get to a point where you're making , you know , multiple five figures , maybe even six figures a month and if that sounds crazy to you at some point , you know , you can go back to my youtube video and watch video to me when I was starting my business in 2016 , you can watch videos of me in 2015 when I was like , showing what books I was reading .

I used to read a book a week and , you know , I was like , you know , and I had all these great visions and all these grand plans , etcetera , etcetera .

So don't set any boundaries on yourself of what is and is impossible .

But anyways , as I said , live below your means as a percentage .

Ok , let's say , in a hypothetical world , totally hypothetical , someone might look at someone who is just enjoys their life to the fullest , like literally doesn't even look at the price tag or anything and they spend $10 million a year .

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That might seem insane to someone that might seem like total lunacy .

But let's just say that person made $100 million a year and that person invested $80 million a year , spent $10 million a year and put $10 million a year uh into their savings .

OK ?

So they saved just as much as they spent .

And the other 80% of everything they made went to investments .

And let's say that investment portfolio yielded them 10% returns a year .

From that $80 million .

They have just yielded $8 million a year passively from their investment portfolio .

So the reason I say this is because someone might look at that person and be like , oh , you're not living below your means , you're , or you're financially responsible .

I don't think so .

Is that for me , it's all proportionate and it's all based on how much you make and what stage of things you're at .

So living below your means doesn't mean uh you know , uh only shopping when there's sales if you're a person who makes a lot of money , ok ?

So just bear that in mind .

And this goes into step number seven .

And this is very important as time goes on .

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And step number seven is you want to increase your percentage of your income that you invest , ok ?

So once you start getting to a point where you're making more and more income , every you should try to have your , you know , the percentage of your income that is going towards your investment , grow and grow and grow .

And , and this , you know , the reason that this is important is because of the last final step .

And the last final step is really where you achieve the truest freedom in life .

But the only way that that's possible is by consistently as your income grows .

And as I said , the best way to do that is through a business .

Once you're done with this video , make sure you click the first link in the description , I'll take you to another youtube you know , it won't take you to any landing page or this or that .

It'll just take you to another youtube video that I put out that people went absolutely crazy for that .

It shows you step by step exactly how to build an online business to 100 K a year .

As I said , go ahead , start a business and as the years go by and you make more money , go ahead and increase the percentage of that money that you make , that goes into your investment portfolio .

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And the last step and this is really where you achieve the truest sense of freedom is only live off of what your investment portfolio yields you .

So let's say that you have an investment portfolio .

Let's say you're 25 years old and you followed all these steps and let's say you follow these steps and you know , you're 14 , let's say you're 17 , you know , maybe even you're 19 years old and you follow these steps and you have a investment portfolio of $2 million .

And if that sounds crazy , like trust me , like don't box yourself in like that , like don't limit yourself and your scope of thinking .

So they said , let's say you get to $2 million a year off that let's say that you are yielding 8% a year , that is 100 and $60,000 a year .

Passively , the truest truest truest freedom is when your investment portfolio as in like your true passive income that pays for your life .

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And if you can get to that point , and that's kind of a cool stage where I'm at in life right now where my lifestyle can be entirely paid for by my investment portfolio , which means that all of the money that I earn in my businesses can go straight into my investment portfolio .

So let's say , you know , to give you sort of realistic benchmarks this year , the businesses will hit , I think combined anywhere from , let's say $3.5 million to $5 million profit , right ?

So if I can contribute , let's say , hypothetically an extra $4 million and let's say I'm yielding 10% from that , I put for another $4 million into my investment portfolio this year .

And that means that I get back an extra $400,000 a year in yield .

I've just gone ahead and from this year , 2022 from my business earnings , I've gone ahead and allowed myself to spend an extra $400,000 a year for the rest of my life .

And if I go ahead and do that again next year , then that stacks and that compounds and compounds .

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So it said the truest freedom in life is that when you fall these seven steps and then that last eight step that gives you the stability , the calmness to know that I'm gonna be fine no matter what I could stop working tomorrow and really nothing could ever happen .

So for some of you , you will finish watching this video and you go , oh , that was cool .

That was kind of interesting .

And for some of you , you will understand just how powerful these steps are .

And for any of you guys who have been watching my youtube channel for a while and there's a lot of you guys who are literally used to watch me when I was 15 and 16 , you would have seen every single year .

I followed these steps , you know , one or two I should have done earlier , like getting a credit card and really getting the infrastructure for investing set up earlier .

But you would have seen my journey in the last six years and you would have seen exactly how I manage to get to this point in life .

And this is something that no one ever taught me .

I grew up in a single parent household at some point , me and my mom were on government benefits , which for those of you guys who don't know , that's basically like um uh welfare in America in the UK .

My mom was bouncing between retail jobs .

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She used to be , you know , uh a receptionist getting paid minimum wage at , you know , one of the hospitals , one of the NHS hospitals , which is , you know , free health care in the UK .

So I never had a dad , I never had anyone to be a big bro and you know , really impart this wisdom on me .

So for me , this is like this video is important and it's meaningful to me because it's like this is this is it like this is the high level view , this is how you do it .

Like this is how you for yourself , for your family .

So yeah , I hope that you realize how significant this is if you follow this .

So on that note , wherever you are on these eight steps , and I'll get Tristan to pop them up right here , just keep going , you know , keep going and I can tell you for sure .

I am definitely here in your corner and rooting for you .


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