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2024-07-06 15:40:23

Domo AI Review - Change Video Style with this AI Tool

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Welcome back guys .

It is another day and another AI tool to review .

This time , we're gonna be talking about a 1 called Domo AI which has actually multitude of different AI functionalities .

But their main feature really is this video AI tool that allows you to change your existing footage into a different style .

To give you a better idea , let me play this clip from their website .

So these are footages which are like real life footage which has been turned into a different style .

So they have many different styles available on their website from anime , from cartoons .

Here , we can see more like a 3 d style .

And then there's even this more pixel style , which is actually very cool .

So there's a multitude of these different styles that you can actually use on their website , which will change your preexisting footage .

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And I think this is a very big piece of technology in the future , especially on an industrial level Because I can see like a lot of like old movies , like black and white movies could be turned into color .

You could turn movie into a Technicolor , or you could turn an existing movie into an anime .

And that might like even warrant the re release of a movie .

And that's kinda interesting to me because there are a lot of like old movies from fifties , sixties , even seventies that kinda look kinda bad on the special effects .

But they might actually look good if they were transformed into like a new , you know , style of source .

What it would be anime or a cartoon or something else .

And good news is that is that there is a free trial for this 1 , but more about that in a second .

But here is like a 1 footage that is being used on different styles , and these are not only the styles that are currently available .

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But what needs to be added here as you can see from the core main footage is that , yes , it has a very slow motion .

And if you gathered anything from the previous videos that I did on the channel where we talked about these other video AI tools like Toonecrafter , we talked about Pika and what was it , Dream Machine .

You know , when you do like very fast movement , they don't necessarily like perform really that well .

But it comes to like slow motion movement and slow motion clips , based on what I've seen with this tool , I think that's when the footage is really shining .

This is probably 1 of my favorites , this pixel art thing .

Like this is looking kinda very interesting to me , and I could see like this being adapted in a real game or anything .

And it's just like very interesting art style in my opinion , and it just looks very candid to me .

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But , yeah , there's a multitude of different anime variations and flat colors , and some will work better with other footages and etcetera .

Like everybody knows that .

And then there's even a fusion style , which basically , actual application .

And basically , there is a free trial , but you only get 15 credits .

Meaning that you can only do a 1 video generation with this tool .

I mean , all of these things seem to have a different levels of customization and cost attached to them .

And you can do an actual prompt here .

You can choose the style .

So there is quite many styles .

Are we there like maybe 3 , 6 , 9 , 12 , 15 , 18 , 21 ?

Like around 36 styles .

So that's actually pretty good .

Now I'm gonna be using anime versus 8 .

I think that's the 1 I'm gonna be using here today .

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I choose chose this dog footage , which , you know , has very slow and little movement because I think that's just the kind of the way to do it , to be honest .

And that's what we're gonna be going for .

And basically dog looking at the viewer .

That's gonna be my prompt .

Obviously , since I have very little experience with like video prompts , I don't know , like , is more detail better or is less words better ?

But that's what we're gonna be going with .

And this is probably gonna be taking around 3 minutes , to generate .

And in the meanwhile , we're gonna be looking into some of the actual other features here , and also we should probably talk about the price .

So what is the price range looking for Domo AI ?

So the basic plan is $8 , which give you 500 credits .

And so it's 15 credits per prompt .

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But , well , you don't really get that many videos per month , but there will be no watermark , optimal credit top ups and parallel fast lanes .

Not really that important and obviously all the styles .

And standard plan , which is a $16 actually has unlimited generation on relax mode .

How fast is the relax mode ?

Is that 20 minutes , 15 minutes , 1 hour ?

I don't know , but that's actually a pretty good plan because I'm paying a fairly good amount of money for mid journey , which I think I have the 3rd largest plan or something .

And that has a similar price point , and it has also that relax mode .

But this 1 in my opinion is very price competitive in the sense that I compared into the pricing of mid journey , which is not doing video .

It's only doing images .

So this is unlimited generations with video .

So that's kind of impressive to me .

So you can do a movie with this plan .

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You can change a pre existing footage into something else .

That that could be a very cool project to do .

And then there is the pro plan , which is a $40 , and this is also giving unlimited generations but more credits .

And also you can do 20 second generations on fast mode exclusively .

So I presume that other plans are not allowing you to do 20 seconds .

I think there was a couple of different options where we had 5 and 10 .

So you would have kinda be resorted into 10 second deal here , which is , I I guess , okay .

Then there's like let's let's go back to that in a second .

So what I'm trying to say and then obviously the monthly monthly and the yearly plans , like , with all of these other ones , you know , they are always cheaper on the yearly plan .

So in my opinion , comparing this price into Dream Machine and Pika , which we reviewed earlier , I think this price point is actually very reasonable .

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It's obviously kinda made for something else , and I also do believe that this is getting you it doesn't actually talk about an FAQ , but I think you do get the actual commercial rights to this footage .

I mean , I guess , in in case the source material is you own the rights to .

But I I do like the pricing here .

I don't think it's too bad , But then again , we can always talk about , is the quality good enough to actually be worth paying for ?

I've I said this a lot in the recent weeks that these video tools are very proof of concept right now .

And give it a couple of months , and they will definitely get a lot better .

And so let's kinda get back into looking at some of the other features here .

What do we actually have here ?

So we also have an animate , so you can actually put out an image here .

This is only costing you 10 .

So I guess , you know , you can use your credits differently here .

So we can animate existing images .

That might be also better than , you know , just animating an existing video .

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So that's a very nice tool .

This is only limited to 5 seconds .

So that has its own negatives .

Then there is a generator , which is basically using , I believe , stable diffusion underneath .

Yeah .

That's what it seems like .

This can you you can , you know , do your prompt here be in the beginning with and then after you have done the generation , this is only 1 .

So this is actually pretty good .

So you first prompt out the image and then you can animate it .

And after the animation , you can change it into a video , whatever you want to .

And then you have the movement thing .

This is also costing 15 credits , per generation and also seems to support up to 20 seconds .

So this is kinda similar to thing .

And here I have couple of different prompts and , you know , like , you you basically put out an image here or video and then you put up a reference thing and it basically animates them together .

So that's kind of like a good thing .

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So overall , there's 4 very nice different features here available .

There's no , like , library tool here , so in case you wanna be prompting a lot of the things , you can also do them on the Discord side .

So there's a Discord community , and you can see a lot of people's work at theirs .

So in case you're looking for a guidance on what types of prompts to do , that's probably the best place to do it at .

But , yeah , let me actually fast forward here .

And after some minutes , we've got our end result here .

So let's see how it basically turned out .

So , yeah , I mean in terms of the movement is actually not too bad .

But the style here maybe didn't actually go over what I was exactly looking for .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But hey , I guess it's more of a proof of concept and I mean there is lot of other footage out there in their discord and in their Twitter where you can kinda see a lot of the capabilities and the possibilities that this AI AI tool can do in case the initial image from their website wasn't initial video , sorry , wasn't enough to basically convince you to basically try it out .

I mean , it's a free trial , guys .

Try it out and see what you think about it .

And leave me a comment down below .

What do you think about this ?

How does this compare against the other competition like dream machine , Sora , etcetera ?

And I will be seeing you in the next video .

Thanks for watching .

I will be seeing you very soon .

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