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2023-11-08 00:14:34

China's Mega Bridges Shocked American President

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Hey guys , we all know Americans like their stuff .

Jumbo sized and huge constructions are the norm in the country when it comes to bridges , America .

This country boasts many iconic ones including the world famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco , California .

However , China's engineers have been constructing massive bridges that have left their American counterparts shocked by their daring and ingenuity .

In this video .

We bring you mighty Chinese bridges whose engineering shocks America's President to the bone .

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Without further ado , let's embark on an extraordinary journey .

Actually , bridge building has been around since forever .

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Take the Arch Aico bridge , also known as the Kara bridge claimed to be the oldest existing bridge in the world .

This ancient arch bridge was built way back between 1311 90 BCE and believe it or not , it's still in use today .

It formed part of a highway connecting the cities of Terrance and Epidurals during the Greek bronze age .

However , bridge building has come a long way from the rather rudimentary Archaeo bridge .

The purpose , complexity and functions of bridges have expanded along with the budget .

Let's go to China where bridge building has become a massive and elaborate feat of engineering that is difficult to top in other parts of the world developed to the present where Chinese bridge building has become a mind boggling display of engineering prowess that's hard to match anywhere else on the planet .

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China has been pushing the boundaries of bridge design and construction , creating a inspiring structures that not only connect cities and regions but also redefine what is possible in terms of engineering achievements .

First up , we are to talk about the Qiu river bridge standing tall in a jaw dropping 350 m above the river .

When the Chinese government decided to boost economic development in the Sichuan and Guizhou provinces , they knew they needed a bridge to connect the Guizhou , Jiangxi and Sichuan Xu expressways .

So in order to boost the local economy , China embarked on the ambitious task of constructing a bridge that spanned over two kilometers and came with a staggering price tag of a quarter of a billion dollars .

The Sichuan road and bridge company took on the monumental task of designing , producing and constructing this engineering marvel .

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But in building the bridge , Chinese engineers faced enormous challenges picture this a winding a site that could give even the bravest engineers nightmares yet they tackled the treacherous terrain and emerged victorious .

They even managed to save some serious cash from the budget proving that cutting edge engineering and frugality can go hand in hand .

The next Chinese Wonder Bridge is the Green Juice bridge .

The world's first single tower , single span suspension bridge linking the cities of Yushi and Chuxiong Yi autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan .

It will significantly shorten the travel time .

The Green Juice bridge forms a critical section of the 190 kilometer long Yu expressway and the 9000 kilometer Yunnan Myanmar Laos Thailand expressway .

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The bridge stands 169 m above the valley floor and stretches for 1200 m across the valley .

Construction began in November 2015 and was completed in August 2018 .

The final structure is an architectural marvel standing tall amidst the rugged mountains and dense vegetation .

It boasts a single pylon measuring 233 m in height , one of the tallest in the world and 154 suspension cables that support the bridge deck .

The single tower design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also contributes to efficiency and cost effectiveness .

The green juice bridge is truly a testament to the capabilities of Chinese engineering .

Now let's talk about the Ping Tang bridge which crosses the Ping Tang Grand Rift Valley in the Guizhou province .

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This magnificent bridge is 2135 m long and stands 332 m above the valley floor .

The structure is a cable stayed bridge with three towers and a continuous steel truss girder system .

The ping Tang bridge has set multiple records .

The world's highest cable stayed bridge , the bridge with the highest pylon and the bridge with the longest span among similar types .

It was completed in 2021 and has become a major tourist attraction in the region .

But wait , there's more introducing the Yang Basin bridge , the tallest bridge in the world soaring over 300 m high and boasting six lanes .

This steel truss suspension bridge is a beast among bridges standing tall above a reservoir in a river .

It's a pivotal part of the Gang Waning highway cutting travel time between Gang and Huang Ping from five hours to a mere 1.2 hours .

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The engineers behind this behemoth constructed it with such precision that they stress tested it by parking a convoy of 48 massive loaded trucks weighing a whopping 1920 tons on the bridge .

And guess what ?

It didn't even flinch .

It's no wonder this bridge has become an emblem of China's engineering .

Might if you think China's bridge building extravaganza stops there .

You're in for a surprise .

The Hong Kong Zai Macau bridge known as the world's longest sea crossing bridge is a testament to China's ambition and determination to withstand earthquakes and typhoons .

The builders used about 400,000 tons of steel which would have built 60 Eiffel Towers .

About 30 km of the bridge's total length crosses the sea of the Pearl River Delta to allow ships through a 6.7 kilometers section in the middle disappears into an undersea tunnel that connects two artificial islands as if that wasn't impressive enough .

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The remaining sections of the bridge are mesmerizing blend of link roads , viaducts and land tunnels seamlessly connecting the vibrant cities of Zai in Hong Kong to the main bridge .

It's like a highway extravaganza , combining the best of land and sea .

The bridge requires constant maintenance and the government expects to spend close to $30 million per year to keep it in perfect condition .

Hey , when you invest billions of dollars in a masterpiece , you better be ready to spare no expense on maintenance .

So the Hong Kong Juha Macau bridge isn't just a static structure .

It's a living breathing testament to human ingenuity in an engineering masterpiece that demands attention care and of course a generous maintenance budget .

After all , you can't have a bridge this extraordinary without a little pampering now and then spanning over 55 kilometers .

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This mega bridge connects Hong Kong Macau and Zhuhai creating a greater bay area , housing millions of people .

But don't think driving on this engineering masterpiece is a walk in the park .

Oh no , you'll need a special permit and even then you'll have to pay a toll it's like an exclusive club for cars and don't even think about yawning while driving because the bridge has cameras waiting to catch you in the act yawn three times and you'll have local authorities on your case .

But hey , they also have cameras to detect terror threats .

So safety first .

Right , today , we've explored the on Inspiring Chui River bridge , the gravity defying green juice bridge , the Ping Tang bridge , the record breaking Yang Basin bridge and the game changing Hong Kong Juha Macau Bridge .

Each of these structures showcases the remarkable feats that can be achieved when vision technology and sheer determination come together .

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We hope you've enjoyed this journey into the world of Chinese mega bridges .

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We'd love to hear your opinions , insights and bridge related anecdotes .

Thank you for watching and for joining us on this virtual exploration of China's mega bridges .

We look forward to seeing you in the next video


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