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2024-06-02 19:18:22

The #1 Best Vitamin for Arthritis (NOT VITAMIN D)

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I'm gonna share with you the absolute best vitamin for arthritis , and I'm not talking about vitamin d .

Vitamin d is great , but there's something else that's amazing .

I stumbled on this by accident .

I was taking this vitamin .

I never took it before .

Go to sleep , wake up , and I just noticed like all this stiffness that would normally have because of all the injuries to my spine .

It's like someone to put wd40 in my joints .

I'm like , why am I feeling so loose ?

So I'm like , oh , I took that vitamin the day before .

So with arthritis , you have inflammation , breakdown of the cartilage , you have wear and tear , you have pain .

People are taking NSAIDs to get rid of inflammation .

The problem is there are some side effects : GI bleeding , ulcers , kidney problems , things like that .

If you take a steroid , the side effect is it'll destroy your joints .

It'll lower your immune system .

So is there something that you could take that doesn't have these adverse effects ?

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And the answer is yes , specifically in the mitochondria .

And it's a precursor to this molecule called NAD .

NAD is kind of a helper molecule for turning food into energy like ATP .

And so we're talking about , biochemistry here .

We're talking about helping move these things called electrons , which are really unusable until you package them into a certain energy form .

So that's what NAD helps you with .

And NAD is involved in over 400 different genes .

So it's a really important molecule .

And I'm gonna talk about first what happens when you're deficient in NAD .

Alright .

Number 1 , you're gonna have low collagen repair .

Number 2 , you're gonna have inflammation .

Number 3 , you're gonna have fatigue because you're not gonna be able to make energy .

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Number 4 , you're gonna have muscle pain , muscle weakness , and even loss of muscle .

Number 5 , you'll have metabolic diseases .

Right ?

And that could range anywhere from diabetes , Alzheimer's , even cancer .

Next one is aging faster than you should .

Because if you can't repair the DNA , you're gonna age faster .

And then the next one is lowered immune system .

But aspirin targets something in your cells that helps make proteins and certain types of fats .

Well , it just so happens that this vitamin that I'm about to reveal does a similar thing to aspirin , but without the side effects , it helps to reduce the oxidative stress in the endoplasmic reticulum .

So that's very interesting .

So that's probably why my neck is so loose right now , which I'm very excited about .

Alright .

So what is this vitamin called ?

Vitamin b 3 , Niacinamide .

There's 2 versions of b 3 .

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You have niacin , and you have niacinamide .

Niacin is really good for , lipids and cholesterol and all that stuff .

Niacinamide works more on inflammation , arthritis , and many other things as well .

And so niacinamide so here's how you'd wanna take it .

You'd wanna take smaller amounts of it through the day than higher amounts once a day .

So maybe you take 100 to a 150 milligrams , 3 to 6 times a day , depending on how severe your arthritis is .

So in other words , taking a little bit more niacinamide through the day helps to allow your biochemistry to work a lot better despite having these genetic issues .

They're called polymorphisms .

Okay .

A couple of the things about this .

You'd wanna make sure you have sufficient protein for it to work because you need protein .

Right ?

It's like the building block to help you repair the joint .

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Also , make sure you're not drinking any alcohol .

I don't know if you've know this , but tryptophan can convert to b 3 as well .

But the efficiency of that is not very efficient .

It takes like 60 times the units of tryptophan to turn into 1 unit of B3 .

A lot of times people are not getting that conversion despite all the problems in the diet , especially if you consume a lot of corn that can block your , tryptophan .

And also if you're eating junk foods and things like that , you can definitely easily be deficient in vitamin b 3 .

But I just wanted to give you the mechanism of how this niacinamide works , and I'm liking it a lot .

And , I I think out of all the things that I've taken and I'm not telling you not to take other things like vitamin d and but this niacinamide is just fascinating .

I'm not recommending taking it right before bed at first , you know , you want to kind of gradually work into it maybe earlier in the day .

But there's some people that say that just helps them sleep .

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Niacinib also helps to give you energy to exercise , which is really cool .

But I wanted to just kind of focus in on this natural remedy for arthritis that well , if you have arthritis , it sure is nice to have something that is nontoxic , that's effective , and that is very low cost .

Now if you wanted to know the number one anti inflammatory food you should be eating , you should probably check out this video right here .

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