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First Sign of a Magnesium Deficiency NEVER to Ignore

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Let's talk about the earliest sign of a magnesium deficiency that you do not want to ignore .

There are 22 signs , but the earliest sign will shock you .

So stay tuned for that .

Now check this out .

Most of your magnesium is right inside the bone , 60% .

20% is in your muscles .

19% is in the soft tissues and the different organs .

And only 1% of all the magnesium is in your blood .

Magnesium is the most overlooked nutrient by doctors .

You cannot determine a magnesium deficiency by a blood test because half of the magnesium in your bones , 30% can be used as a reservoir for extra magnesium for your blood .

So you can be very magnesium deficient in your body yet have normal magnesium on your blood test .

There's no single quick way to determine your magnesium status in an accurate way .

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But first , let's talk about how someone would be deficient .

Let's first go through the things that can deplete you of magnesium .

Of course , you have the sugar , the refined carbohydrates .

You have the alcohol , you have cirrhosis of the liver .

You also have even , in the farms , they put this fertilizer NPK stands for nitrogen , phosphorus , and potassium .

They don't put magnesium back in the soil .

And then if we eat the plants that are low in magnesium , we become deficient in magnesium .

Malabsorption is another common reason .

That means you have inflammation in your gut , which prevents you from absorbing magnesium and other nutrients .

If you're on a diuretic , if you are on a PPI , that's something that helps with acid reflux .

If you had gastric bypass , if you're low in vitamin d , you're not gonna be able to absorb magnesium .

If you have inflammation , you won't be able to absorb magnesium .

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And there are also magnesium deficiency diseases , like diabetes , high blood pressure , arthritis , osteoporosis , and cardiovascular disease because there's a huge association between all of those diseases and low magnesium .

But now let's talk about the diet .

What foods are high in magnesium ?

Well , if you guessed leafy greens , you are correct .

These are vegetables .

Anytime you see green , think chlorophyll .

Chlorophyll is the blood of the plant .

So if you want more magnesium , think more green .

And I'm not talking about pistachio ice cream or lime green Jell O .

If you do , certain vegetables like spinach that have high oxalates , that can reduce the absorption .

So in other words , some of the foods that do have magnesium , like almonds , chocolate also have oxalates , which can block the absorption .

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Now people will tell you that grains are high in magnesium , right ?

Well , grains also have phytates , which block magnesium .

Those are whole grains .

But you say , well , I'm eating refined grains .

Well , when they refine the grain or any food , they get rid of most of the magnesium .

So grains are not a good source of magnesium , whether they're a whole grains or refined grains .

Also , when you boil food , you end up leaching out some of the magnesium .

Roughly the RDAs , for the recommended amount of magnesium is between like 304100 , maybe a little bit more .

There's some data that shows that ancient man needed a lot more , almost double that .

And so most people don't even meet the minimum amounts that we need to prevent a magnesium deficiency .

And this is why between 48 90% of the population is deficient in magnesium .

Also realize you can get magnesium from various meats , chicken , especially pork .

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You can even get it from red meat and even cheeses , especially Parmesan cheese , and especially shellfish .

So now let me go through some of the body clues that , might indicate that you're low in magnesium .

And then I'll get to the first earliest sign because the earlier you know you have a deficiency , the better .

Okay .

Anxiety , insomnia , depression , migraine headaches , restless leg syndrome , muscle cramps , fatigue , Tourette's , oxidative cholesterol , high homocysteine levels , high blood pressure , calcification in the arteries , arrhythmias , risk for getting a stroke , metabolic syndrome , polycystic ovarian syndrome is PCOS , risk for kidney stones , higher levels of calcium in the blood , inflammation , nystigmas , where your eyes are going back and forth , and asthma .

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So you're probably kind of surprised how many different symptoms could occur if you're deficient in magnesium .

But just realize if you have sufficient magnesium in your body , all 350 different enzymes can finally work and the body can actually do its job .

But now let's get to the number one earliest sign that you have a magnesium deficiency .

Neuromuscular hyperexcitability .

Now , what the heck does that mean ?

That's a fancy word for tetany or twitching of your muscles , whether you get it underneath your left eye like a or even on your arm like this , it starts to twitch like that .

Any of those little twitching sensations are the early signs of a magnesium deficiency .

You have to realize that your nerves require magnesium to work .

And apparently when you're deficient in magnesium , the nerves become more excited .

You get faster nerve impulses , not slower .

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And if you really wanna know what's happening , we don't have enough magnesium to push the calcium out of the cell .

So now we have this buildup of calcium inside the cell .

It can't come out because we don't have enough magnesium .

So we don't have the normal contraction relaxation .

So with magnesium and calcium , we have this whole dynamic between nerve impulses and muscle contraction and relaxation .

Now , since I brought up these right here , it's called leafy greens .

If you want to know how much you really need to not only get your magnesium but your potassium , you should watch this video right here .

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