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2023-08-20 07:53:30

I Found The 50 Best AI Tools To Make Your Life Easier

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Have you ever felt like this one searching for actually useful A I tools ?

What bro , what are you talking about , man ?

I feel you because a couple of months ago , I was in your spot .

Welcome to How to A I .

And for today's video , I exposed myself to the A I world and tried over 1000 plus A I tools .

All this to create the ultimate list of the 50 best A I tools .

Most of them make newer ones .

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So let's push the algorithm even further .

Also comment if you've heard of these A I tools before .

Each and every tool is also linked in the description so that you can easily find them if you feel interested or want to support the channel .

Now let's get into it .

Number one more .

Fly more .

Flynn uses A I algorithms and real time data analysis in order to let you make smarter decisions , seize profitable opportunities and maximize profits when it comes to trading .

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Number two , Gizmo for affiliate marketers creating content that converts can be a challenge , Gizmo .

However , the $1 word press plug in that makes crafting Amazon affiliate articles a lot easier will increase your conversions and revenue by a lot .

Three stable diffusion , stable diffusion is your best friend .

When turning text into photorealistic images , this free A I powered text to image diffusion model brings your creative vision to life , elevating projects for artists , designers and content creators without any cost , four code geeks this free A I coding assistant simplifies the coding process with code generation , completion and translation across 10 plus programming languages , forget routine tasks and embrace a more efficient programming experience .

Next trip planner ever felt like planning a trip is overwhelming .

This A I tool creates tailor made trips based on your preferences .

Promising an unforgettable journey .

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Number six , Jac for all the creative minds in the fashion and design industries , Jaar enables fashion and design with innovative textile generation seven digital first , digital first A I helps you streamline marketing optimize campaigns and target audiences easily .

You can also create automated marketing plans .

It's a bit expensive but powerful .

Next motor lott , this A I powered chat tool assists in business development and helps auto dealers engage with customers effectively for $99 per month .

Number nine , meet Millie finding love in the digital era can be tough but meet Millie is here to help with personalized advice and tips to increase your chances of finding the perfect match .

10 toasty A I .

Toasty A I is your own podcast content creator .

This premium tool automatically generate social posts , transcripts , show notes and more for your podcast episodes .

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It'll let you save time while enhancing your podcasts reach 11 .

Evoke A I music music is an important part of any project .

And evoke A I music provides you with a library of royalty free music created with A I .

You'll get access to 5000 sound effects and music before having to pay 12 rewind A I this free platform records your memories or literally any other information on your computer and makes it searchable so you can revisit important moments .

Now , clonal , maintaining a cross border website is hard but not with clonal .

This free tool clones translates and maintains your website all within just five minutes .

Number 14 , burn bacon .

If you're looking to make positive lifestyle changes , consider burn bacon .

This health and wellness platform provides tailored guidance for weight loss , nutrition and overall lifestyle improvements .

15 Brant Bob .

Good news for e-commerce entrepreneurs .

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Branch Bob lets you create fully functional online stores in seconds .

It's a real time saver especially for you .

Drop shippers .

16 chat GP T as you may already know , chat GP T is one of the most popular A I tools that will help you with writing general inquiries and much more with this tool , you'll be able to become much more effective in no time moving on sidekick A I creating landing pages has never been easier .

This landing page builder eliminates the need for coding design or copy writing skills .

Making it the perfect choice for marketers and entrepreneurs .

Number 18 , Sapling for customer facing teams , efficient communication is essential .

Sapling is an A I messaging assistant that makes your team respond twice as fast to customer inquiries .

19 .

See art if you want to create stunning arts without extensive training , look no further than C art .

This user friendly A I drawing tool lets you become an artist in no time .

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Number 20 brand crowd brand crowd is the perfect tool for branding logos for a new business or your current one .

They currently have a free trial letting you try the software .

21 raw shorts , raw shorts will improve your storytelling a lot .

Using this tool , you'll be able to turn text into animated videos that your audience actually appreciates 22 super A G I .

If you want to build an app and integrate it with autonomous agents , check out super A G I this open source infrastructure lets you develop and deploy autonomous agents reliably .

Number 23 learn smarter experience , a new way of learning with learn smarter A I this A I tool redefines the learning experience by offering personalized book insights , simplified explanations and recommendations powered by A I 24 replicate codex .

If you are searching for the perfect A I model for your project replicate codex will help you find it using it .

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You can easily search filter and sort through a plethora of models with free monthly updates for innovation .

25 room let room's A I handle the room remodeling , just upload a photo and get creative design suggestions .

This tool will make transforming your current room much faster .

Not to mention , it will probably look a lot better as well .

In the same way , if you support our work by subscribing to this channel and ringing the bell icon , we can also do a lot better bringing you more useful and updated content on A I .

Thanks 26 tweet Monk .

As the name suggests , it's an easy to use tool for managing your Twitter posts .

You can create tweets , schedule them for later and check how well they're doing all in one convenient place .

They also offer a free trial package .

27 Lander Lander provides an enjoyable experience , grants by making attention grabbing landing pages that help increase your chances of getting more people to take action .

The best part it's completely free .

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Next up 28 follower follower will help you improve your social media presence with automated scheduling A I based content creation and advanced analytics , ensuring you always stay on top .

All of this comes at an affordable price of just $29 per month allowing you to boost your engagement affordably .

Number 29 mid journey , here's another A I tool you've probably seen before .

Mid journey will let you prompt its model through their Discord server to create stunning visuals and other art pieces with this tool , you'll be able to turn yourself into anything you'd like within minutes .

Number 30 in video in video , takes away all the hard work from video creation .

Whether you're a new or experienced with this A I tool .

You can produce high quality videos , you can try it for free or upgrade to the premium plan for just $30 per month .

31 auto responder , auto responder takes care of your repetitive tasks like answering the same queries of customers and clients .

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It can generate personalized responses and the tool comes with a premium version but also offers a free trial for the new users .

Moving on Jetta A I meet Jetta A I to write and command on the board without switching tools .

They've created patent pending technology for even more seamless typing and other A I commands .

They currently offer a premium plan to try it out .

Number 33 logo master .

If you want a simple way to design a logo , logo master can do it for you .

It uses A I to create beautiful logos that represent your brand perfectly all for just $29 .

It's simple but delivers good results .

34 Glia cloud Glia cloud collects necessary data from you and turns it into fascinating videos within minutes .

It offers a 14 day free trial at first and after that , you have to sign up for premium plan .

Next loyalty loyalty is an A I tool that helps you with boosting customer engagement , acquisition and retention with its free trial .

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You can generate a lot of A I driven loyalty programs and grow your business consistently .

Number 36 zip chat , if you are trying to improve your website's user experience , zip chat can help you find the solution .

It provides a simple and easy method to create A I powered chat bots for your website .

And most importantly , this tool is totally free .

Number 37 article forage article forge is a tool that checks if your content is original , meaning not copied .

This way , you can make sure your work is unique and not only that it's affordable too , just one penny for every 100 words 38 .

There's an A I for that with this platform , you'll be able to search through many A I tools to find the best fit for your specific project .

There's an A I for that will not only help you navigate through the sea of A I tools but also help you find the best ones .

Number 39 Steve A I .

Steve is a smart video making bot .

It can turn ordinary text into exciting live action and animated videos .

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You don't need to spend lots of time editing because this tool takes that responsibility from you .

40 rev A I rev A I is a really good tool for working with videos and voice recordings .

It has a wide variety of different voices and it's incredibly accurate , which means it can make your projects even better .

You only have to pay for the voice you use .

Apart from that , there is no extra charges .

Number 41 long shot A I with this SEO tool , you can turn your ideas into content that ranks high on search engines .

Thanks to fact checking , relevant SEO and custom A I features .

It effectively connects you with your target audience .

Now GP T zero A I detection , this free tool takes chat GP TS technology and uses it to detect A I generated content .

If you have more than 5000 characters to check , you have options to sign up for their premium plans as well .

43 way find this helps in planning your trip in an organized way and it won't cost you anything .

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Answer some relevant questions to show what you like and what you need and let it create the perfect journey customized for you .

44 whisper whisper is the open sourced neural net .

That's all about human level accuracy .

In English speech recognition with whisper , you'll experience speech recognition like never before 45 originality at just one penny per 100 words .

Originality is a reliable plagiarism checker and A I detector .

It helps keep your content unique with its originality number .

46 do not pay .

Now you can take control and get help from do not pay the A I lawyer .

It will help you in challenging parking fine situations , dealing with difficult paperwork and even filing lawsuits against others .

47 gorilla terminal gorilla makes your stock selection easy and helps you make better investment decisions .

They use advanced A I technology to provide valuable insights and offer helpful tools for free .

Our third last pick , open A I jukebox with open A I jukebox .

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You can listen to more than 7000 A I generated music pieces for free .

You can also use them in your works .

If you like number 49 clad two , Claude two , the successor to Claude one will improve your conversational experience powered by a vast web source data set .

This free tool is a creative and fluent A I chatbot .

Very much like chat GP T if not even better .

And now for our last A I tool , I know we've gone through a lot of information .

But if you appreciate what we do , please consider subscribing and leaving a like now enter dream Google's dream mix will help you mix your imagination with real life images using A I to generate new content .

It means you don't need to hire expensive designers anymore .

Instead you can use this tool's technology to create great looking and lifelike pictures .

Now , I'm extremely curious to know .

Have you ever used any of these tools before ?

And what was your experience like ?

Let others know in the comments below as always , don't forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel for more exciting content .

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And if you want to stay updated on the latest A I innovations hit that notification bell .

If you're interested in any of the tools and want to support the channel , we've linked them in the description .

Make sure to check it out .

Thanks for watching .


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