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2024-01-27 17:13:33

Secrets Girls Won't tell you (Shocking)

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All girls have tried twerking at least once .

Secrets .

Girls will never tell you the last one will shock all the boys , girls don't get butterflies in their stomach .

Why do girls spend an hour lying in a towel on their bed after showering , girls love to stare at themselves in the mirror for 10 minutes before their shower .

Would you prefer to wear stinky clothes for 24 hours or kiss ?

The first person you see when you click on share and then on whatsapp , every girl has a nickname for discussing their crush .

Girls have thought about using witchcraft to win over their crush .

Girls love to wear their partner's clothes , finding comfort and a sense of closeness in the gesture .

A girl finds it super attractive when their guy drives .

If you subscribe to me , my profile picture will turn black .

When a girl walks past a group of boys , she feels embarrassed and self conscious before this last fact .

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When a girl is attracted to you , she will be nervous and stressed when she finds herself alone with you .

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