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2024-06-02 19:44:36

7 Top Supplements That REALLY Work

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Now there are so many different supplements out there that potentially a person could take .

I'm going to talk about 7 remedies today that I have personally observed worked in the majority of the cases .

There is a more comprehensive or complete list that you can get , which you can get access to .

I'll put that link down below .

But today , we're gonna talk about the 7 that address very specific conditions , and they work the great majority of the time .

And this basically is based on personal observation , as well as myself taking some of these supplements .

And I do also wanna mention , I do not sell any of these products .

Okay ?

So I'm not trying to sell you any products .

These are just things that I found that work .

So let's dive right in .

Number 1 , AHCC .

And I'm gonna just kind of leave it like that .

I'm not gonna get into the long names you can look those up and I'll put those links down below .

But AHCC is a shiitake extract that has some very special properties .

Okay ?

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What it does is it helps enhance your natural killer cells .

Natural killer cells are a part of your immune system that attacks cancer and viruses .

And there's over a 100 randomized control studies just on this one , supplement right here That creates some really interesting effects on many things , including the HPV virus , the human papilloma virus , which by the way has a very evil intention of kind of weakening your natural killer cells , which basically shuts down your forces that are supposed to defend you .

So it kind of weakens the your natural killer cells , so now it can survive .

But the Shiitake extract comes in there and actually counters that and allows an enhancement of your , natural killer cells to the point where you can actually clear out the HPV virus out of your body .

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So it's really good for anything related to the HPV including congenital warts , different warts in your body which are benign tumors , and many other things related to a lowered immune system .

Certain people who are on chemo , take it to help build up their immune system .

It's also used as a really good anti inflammatory .

It's also good for other viruses that I cannot mention on YouTube .

And it's very powerful to improve your autonomic nervous system .

In other words , the sympathetic nervous system allows you to adapt to stress .

Well , apparently the research from this remedy improves your ability to adapt to stress as well as helping you recover from stress .

That's called the parasympathetic nervous system .

It helps you get into a calm state , helps you sleep , but it also helps you adapt to stress .

So that's just a few cool effects from AHCC .

Number 2 , Tutcut .

What is Tutcut ?

Well , Tutcut is a synthetic compound .

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Okay .

It's probably one of the well , there's actually 2 synthetic compounds that I do recommend that don't seem to have any side effects .

1 will be Benfotiamine for peripheral neuropathies , which I didn't even include on this list , but the other is Tutka .

And the reason they made it synthetically is because Tutka is bear bile .

And there's been a problem in the past with killing too many bears to extract this bile salt to take it as a remedy .

It's an older remedy and it has some very interesting , very powerful effects .

I'm only gonna cover a couple .

I did a whole video on this before .

But the main thing that it'll do , it'll thin the bile through your bile ducts .

Okay .

So many people develop kidney stones because the bile material in their ducts become thickened because they're losing certain factors in there .

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So you have this sludge that kind of backs up these bile ducts And that backs up into the liver and it creates jaundice and it creates all sorts of problems .

Like even like forming gallstones .

And like all sorts of abdominal pain , and bloating , and pancreatitis , and all sorts of digestive issues .

In fact , there's something that happens when someone goes on a detox , when they actually use natural remedies to kill off certain , like , microbes , even biofilms , that then can lead to , like , different side effects .

And one of the side effects is the bile ducts get jammed up and things start backing up into the liver .

And the person has all sorts of terrible complications because the liver cannot detox anymore .

When you plug up those ducts , you actually create a severe backup into the liver , which can then create all sorts of inflammation in the liver and terrible , side effects .

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So TUTCA comes to the rescue and thins the bile ducts and allows things to go through freely , giving the person great relief with many different things , including right shoulder pain and pain that goes up into the neck or up into the head .

Which is a problem I had for 12 years because I had no idea the connection of this area right here underneath my rib cage in the bile ducts , and my right shoulder pain in my headaches .

So tut cut is a very good remedy to give someone for anything related to liver , gallbladder , as well as many other things , but I always recommend it When you tried everything and nothing works , then you give the person and it seems to solve the case .

The way you wanna take it is 2 in the morning on an empty stomach and 2 in the afternoon on an empty stomach .

You don't wanna take it necessarily with food because gonna help break down the fats in the meal .

So you want to have it work on an empty stomach .

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So that's number 2 .

Number 3 , nattokinase .

This is a an extract from soy .

And as much as I'm against soy , this extract has some fascinating powerful effects on dissolving fibrous tissue .

Okay ?

It's an enzyme to break down clots in the body .

And fibrin , which is part of a clot , as well as part of a clogged artery .

So in other words , if someone has a clogged artery or they clot easy , this might be a very good natural remedy to help break up that blockage and at least the protein formation in that clot .

Because the clot is composed of protein , Okay , fibrous protein , which that addresses , cholesterol , and calcium .

Okay ?

Calcium .

And just as a side note vitamin K2 is good to actually get rid of this excess calcium that can build up in the arteries .

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But natalkinase is one of my favorite remedies for anything related to a clogged artery .

Alright .

The next one is called NAC , N Acetyl Carnosine .

So this remedy is really good for cataracts .

And you'd wanna get it in a drop .

You wanna get NAC drops .

Okay ?

Now , typically , this compound right here does not penetrate the tissue , the eye tissue .

So NAC is really good for cataracts , especially if they're new cataracts .

And again , just to remind you , I have a comprehensive list of all the supplements that I think really , really work that you should know about on my website .

And I recommend that you download this comprehensive document when we're done with this video .

All right .

Number 5 is choline .

Choline is one of the best remedies for a fatty liver .

Okay ?

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If you look down your gut and you see it sticking out and you no longer can see your feet because your belly is sticking out , you have a fatty liver .

One of the things you should do is to take choline .

And just so you know , the food that has the most choline is eggs , egg yolk .

And so eating eggs can help you with a fatty liver .

But choline specifically will help , remove fat from the liver .

And choline is a part of bile salts , f y I .

Okay .

So that's choline .

The next one is colostrum .

Colostrum is a supplement that you can get .

And if you can find it from a sheep instead of a cow , it might work a little bit better because there could be less things that a person is allergic to .

But colostrum is part of the secretion into milk initially when when that milk is first released .

It has all sorts of immune properties .

It also has , probiotics .

But it it's something that helps build the immune system .

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And so it's really , really good for people that have been on prednisone too much and have destroyed their immune system .

It's really good for people who have a compromised immune system .

Let's say for example , they have HIV or if this person's under massive sustained stress for many years and or someone who has a lot of different antibiotics over a period of time or if someone just has chronic inflammation .

Okay .

You wanna take colostrum .

I would highly suggest you start out taking a little bit at a time so you don't have an immune reaction , not that you're gonna have that .

But whatever the dosage is , I would take maybe a quarter of that .

Take it before you go to bed .

Okay ?

And you slowly increase it .

Only contraindication that I know for this is if you have an allergy to casein , milk , protein , then there might be an issue .

Alright .

So that's colostrum .

And number 7 is called D mannose .

Okay ?

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D mannose helps to bind with E Coli in your bladder , so it's really good for UTIs .

If you know anyone that has UTIs put them on this .

It seems to work the majority of the time .

Now I have a lot more of these natural remedies , the ones that are really effective on my website .

I put a link down below .

Go ahead and download them so you can keep them if you need them or you know someone that needs them .

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