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2023-08-24 08:14:16

Pancake 4 Ways _ Jamie Oliver

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I'm gonna give you the ultimate pancake recipe that you're gonna love .

You're probably gonna use it for the rest of your life , and I'm gonna show you four variations on the theme that you're gonna love .

It's so simple .

You don't need scales .

You don't have to weigh nothing .

It's the easiest thing ever .

So let's do this .

It starts here , and you're kind of weighing apparatus is a regular tea coffee mug , right ?

If yours is a bit different , it doesn't matter as long as you use the same mug for the flour and the milk .

The equation works perfectly , so to make it it's super simple .

Go in with one heaped mug of self raising flour .

Then we go in with one mug of whole milk , and then we go in with one beautiful free range egg and then a little pinch of salt so we'll whisk that up until it's nice and smooth .

It's super easy and quick , and you can see the texture .

It's thick , it's smooth , so batter is done .

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Now the first one involves a little bit of kit to waffle maker .

So from this batter , before it becomes a pancake batter , you can absolutely use it for waffles .

It couldn't be simpler .

Just put a little bit in a preheated waffle iron about that much .

And down it goes , right .

You're gonna get amazing waffles out of that .

Right ?

So secondly , we're gonna go over to a pan medium , medium high heat , and we're gonna do some beautiful , fluffy pancakes , so just take a little dessert spoon .

Just let that fall on there like that .

What's brilliant about this batter is as soon as the self raising flour hits the heat of the pan , it activates the raising agent , and it will literally double in size .

Let's go to a sandwich maker .

So look , let's just take some everyday thing .

We go in with some mushrooms , you can go in with some ham and we're going in with a little bit of cheese .

Then we go in with our batter , just like the waffle right .

Fill it up .

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It will kind of cook into all the little cracks and crannies and make you the most beautiful kind of fritter .

Come sandwich savoury .

It is gonna be so good as those cook This has had about a minute , minute and a half .

You can see .

The little bubbles have started popping at the top here , right ?

It's had a little minute , so I'll just pick it up , flip it over with the little pancakes .

I quite like just taking a few soft fruit , cutting the fruit in half if you want to make the kids love fruit even more , Um , a little squeeze of lemon or orange juice just kind of brings it together and then back in the pan .

Here , these are cooked .

They only take like 2 to 3 minutes , right , the nice bit of colour there .

Now what you can do is add a little bit of maple syrup , and what you'll do is kind of just glaze it .

It means you don't have to add the sugar later , and you can toss it around .

So what I tend to do with this one is just add a little bit of yoghurt to the plate and then a few little bits of fruit .

Now don't use your hands .

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Cos that caramel is golden and hot .

So look , there is the first one , right ?

Very simple .

If you want to , you can take a little pinch of cinnamon and just give a little sprinkling over the top .

If I have a look at the waffle , I might put butter over this little mixture just to kind of get it nice and shiny , and then just give it 20 seconds .

So just 2030 seconds .

And that simple pancake recipe has given us a lovely , beautiful and simple waffle recipe .

Some yoghurt , just a little bit of maple syrup and you know , some fruit again .

Look , there's the second one , and then this one in there .

Let's get those sorted .

The thing to have with that is a nice bit of ketchup , so we'll stack that up beautifully .

You can knock this recipe back down , just make it into a thin batter .

So just stir that in and let down the consistency so it really easily runs off the back of a spoon , right , like double cream .

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Then we take a little bit of butter and then just put a thin layer of pancake butter in there .

Move it around like that , and as it cooks , it kind of peels back and it gets crispy .

And then once it's golden , come on , do your little toss .

Let's put that thin pancake straight onto there like that chunk of lemon , Maybe mix it up with some oranges .

I'll take some golden casts of sugar , squeeze it over the top .

So there you go .

That is my one cup pancake recipe .

Four different ways .

Loads of ideas .

Loads of options .

I hope it's inspired you .

We've got pancakes , waffles .

We've even got a toasty .

Oh , really good .


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