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2024-02-24 12:16:49

Fox News captures mass migrant drop-off in San Diego

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Welcome back in the commercial break .

We're watching this video in from Bill Milu on .

Some migrants are being dropped off .

He has an update for us from San Diego .

Bill , what are you seeing ?

Uh , Dana , Good morning to you .

We are in San Ysidro , a part of San Diego right now , where hundreds of illegal immigrants have just been mass street released from border Patrol custody .

This bus you see right here is , uh , apparently an NGO , or volunteer organisation bus .

They've all just gotten off a border bus .

Two of them , actually .

They're now waiting to board this bus .

I've talked to several of them from Peru , from India , from Colombia .

The group from Peru told me they are here to work .

They are going to Atlanta and Minneapolis .

Let's see if we can talk to some of them real quick .

Espanol , Ecuador .

I don't in Los Taros Ninos .

New York going to New York .

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They on the sun , Costa Rica , a Los Taros Unidos at Atlanta , New Jersey a V and Los Taros Unidos , Chicago , Chicago , uh , de de Colombia , Colombia .

Que no , no aslo say yes .

They say they want asylum .

They don't wanna work de Don .

So Oh , Where are you from ?

Senegal .

Senegal ?

Senegal , From Senegal .

We saw a lot of Senegalese in , uh Lukeville , Arizona .

Where ?

Where in the US .

Do you want to go ?

To what city ?

Uh , Francis .

Frans .

Frans .

Fran .

Fran ?

Oh , he says he speaks French .

I obviously do not speak French .

Um , watch it .

Lexi .

Hi .

Where are you from ?

I'm from Dominican Republic .

Dominican Republic .

Los to New York .

OK , so you get a little flavour right there .

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Guys , they're from all around .

They're some going to New York , Some going to New Jersey .

Uh , we talked to those Peruvian guys .

They're going to Atlanta to Minneapolis .

So , uh , they have been released from border Patrol custody .

They are now free to travel the country .

It appears , uh , an NGO group or some sort of volunteer group is now putting them on their own bus , and , uh , they're gonna be going elsewhere .

We'll try to talk to that NGO after this live shot if we can .

But the reason this is happening , obviously we've had a big surge of illegal crossings here in San Diego sector , which we've been showing all week .

The other reason , uh , San Diego County recently spent millions of taxpayer dollars to , uh , create a migrant shelter where some of these migrants could stay .

That shelter just ran out of money this week .

So there's nowhere to put these migrants from Border Patrol custody .

You see the results Now these are mass street releases just dropped on to the streets of San Diego .

Uh , and now they are getting help from this NGO where they're gonna help facilitate their travel and go all across the country .

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And guys , you just heard it here .

They're going all over the place .

So you just answered a couple of my questions .

I wanted to know what a street release was .

I noticed that everybody seems to have an iPhone and that it's fully charged and they're using it .

What I am wondering is , with all of this happening in the last two weeks that we've been showing between you and Griff Jenkins has Governor Gavin Newsom said a word .

Not that I'm aware of .

I know he's in Washington DC today , but , uh , eventually Look , these images are probably gonna cause him a little bit of a political issue , right ?

Look what's happening in Texas they are fortifying their border with razor wire with national guard with troopers .

They're kicking the feds out , and their illegal crossings have fallen off a cliff here .

What has happened ?

As a result , a lot of the illegal crossings are now in .

A big majority of them are now in California and Arizona Blue states run by blue governors who really aren't doing any sort of resistance at the state level in terms of trying to stop these illegal crossings .

But look , uh , here down in San Diego , uh , the El Cajon mayor is coming down here as well .

We've been texting .

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He's been getting mass releases in his city as well .

Everyone's frustrated that the federal government essentially just says you deal with it , they dump them in a city and say , Good luck .

Essentially incredible .

Thank you for the reporting .

I'm Steve Doocy .

I'm Brian Kill Me and I'm Ainsley Earhardt and click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest interviews and most compelling analysis

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