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2023-08-23 23:17:28

🥳 NEW - Automatic Beat Sync (Canva Pro) - You’ll love this!!

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If you want to sync your videos to a music beat using can follow these four simple steps .

The feature that I'm going to show you today , it is available only for can pro users .

The first step is to create a new video project and I'm gonna go for a mobile video one .

The second step is to add in your videos .

You can use the videos in the camp library or you can upload your own step .

Number three is to select an audio track .

You can use the ones available in the camp library or you can also upload your own audio .

Step .

Number four is to select your audio track and then select bit sync from here .

Activate sync now , which is the Kamba Pro feature and that's it .

Your videos are now synced to the bit use this feature for free with my 45 day free trial .


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