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2024-06-17 15:52:03

Demonstrating The 7 Manipulative Tactics in 2 Minutes

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Hey , psychy goers .

So we've created a couple of videos discussing the signs of manipulation and gaslighting , but we get it .

Sometimes , you overthink and still aren't entirely sure if it's gaslighting or manipulation .

So we decided to make a skit to show you exactly what that looks like in real time .

Let us know if you relate to any of these examples and dialogues .

Sign 1 , backhanded compliments .

Hey , you're cute .

Thanks .

But you're not that pretty .

That's not very nice .

Sign 2 , gaslighting or diminishing your emotions .

Oh my god .

Why are you so sensitive ?

I literally just said you're cute , just not that pretty .

Why would you say that ?

Side 3 .

Disguising insults as caring or tough love .

I'm just being honest .

I'm just telling the truth even if it hurts because I care .

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Oh , I just got a text from Jack .

The guy you have a crush on ?

Yes .

He asked me out on a date .

I'll be seeing him later .

Sign 4 , undermines your wins .

Aw , I'm happy for you .

I think he likes you just because of your looks .

What's that supposed to mean ?

Gaslighting and diminishing your emotions again .

You're being sensitive again .

By the way , I think the leaf in your head looks ugly .

Oh , so shouldn't I just get it surgically removed ?

Sign 5 , contradictory or mixed messages , Disguising insults is tough love again .

Like I said , I'm just being truthful .

And no , sweetie .

You shouldn't get plastic surgery .

You should embrace who you are .

I have no words .

Sign 6 , more insults to gain control .

Are you seriously going to wear that on your first date ?

It's too casual .

You look ridiculous .

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Why are you being so mean ?

And so it's disguised as care again .

I'm just helping you so that you won't be ridiculed by others for looking like that .

Listen .

The only person who's ridiculing me is you .

I've had enough of your BS .

Oops .

Jack just texted me saying he's here .

Goodbye .

Don't talk to me ever again .

Sign 7 , guilt tripping as the last resort .

You're gonna regret this .

I'm the only person who cares about you enough to tell you the truth .

You will never find a friend like me .

That's the whole point .

Bye .

You're so gonna regret this .

So , did you relate to any of these scenarios ?

What else have you experienced that is similar to this ?

Comment below .

If you enjoyed this skit , let us know in the comments .

Hit the like button and subscribe to psych 2 go for more content .

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