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2024-01-01 15:36:49

AI Writing Tools - The Freelance Writer's Secret Weapon for Success

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All right .

Look , here's the deal .

We're all sick of hearing about A I .

That is the only thing I feel like we've been hearing about over the last few months .

But unfortunately , it's here to stay .

And if you want to do anything revolving around making money creatively on the internet with your words , then you're gonna need to embrace it one way or another .

You're at least going to need to accept its existence .

And the sooner you start using it to help your workflow , the better off you're gonna be .

I'm not saying you need to use it to recreate you .

You're not trying to get it to do all the work for you , but there are a lot of things you can do that are going to make some of your tasks easier .

It's going to help you with your thinking , it's going to allow you to be more creative and it's essentially going to allow you to be a better writer , a better freelancer , a better blogger , whatever it is .

So today I'm sharing 10 ways you can use A I writing tools to grow your business .

If you've been reluctant to get into a I if it feels too technical or too , too much , then this video is for you .

These are things you can start doing right now that are going to make a huge difference in your life business .

So hopefully it's going to be helpful .

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Also , if you want five more ways that I'm personally using A I in my business workflow here at location Rebel .

There's a link below .

Go check out the blog post on location Rebel and you can get even more strategies .

All right .

The first way you can benefit from an A I writing tool is probably one of the most obvious ways , but you can use it to generate ideas for content .

Seriously , writer's block is a thing of a past .

Just watch this .

Say I want to write a blog post about golf courses in Oregon , but I can't think of a unique angle .

I can literally go chat GP T and say I want to write a blog post about courses in Oregon .

And it's going to give me a bunch of ideas .

And what I thought was interesting is I asked for this and then it not only gave me the ideas , it also gave me a little extra about why this post would be useful and why it would be beneficial .

So seriously the sky is the limit for how you can use chat GP T to come up with ideas for content .

And ever since this came out , I really have never struggled for ideas .

All right .

The second thing you can do is you can use A I tools like chat GP T or Jasper draft a letter of introduction for your freelance pitches .

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So most of , you know , if you've watched my videos , I think when it comes to freelance writing , the best way to get clients is to send cold emails , send a cold pitch , send a cold letter of introduction where you're finding people online , you think might be a good fit and you were just introducing yourself .

But sometimes it can be a little bit of a struggle to know exactly what to say .

So you can go to chat GP T and say , hey , I would like to write a letter of introduction for a freelance writing client in this industry .

And lo and behold , it's going to come out with a great template .

I would not recommend just copy and pasting this , but you can use this template as an idea and as a starting point for what to say , add in personalization , make sure you've done some research on the client .

So there are some details that are pertinent to them .

So they know you're not just copy and pasting the same thing and sending it to everybody .

But if you're struggling with how to get going with ideas , then you could just go into chat GP T ask the question a few times .

If you're not happy with the result , hit it again and it's gonna give you a whole new letter of introduction template .

It's pretty awesome how well it works .

So I suggest you experiment with it .

All right .

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Number three , let's get away from chat GP T for a second .

Let's talk about how you can use A I to transcribe audio to text .

So this is great if you have a podcast , if you have a youtube channel and you want to basically have a transcription of that audio so that you can turn it into a blog post or turn it into social media posts or share it with your audience .

So I like to use a tool called A dot A I .

So literally , it's free .

All I have to do is hit play on my youtube video .

It will transcribe the whole thing .

I will get the text .

I can go and make some light edits and now I've got captions for my video that I can upload .

I can take that same content .

I can turn it into blog posts .

There are all sorts of stuff you can do with it .

Otter dot A I is fantastic .

They've got a free version you can get started with and it's definitely one I recommend checking out , especially if you've got a podcast , if you've got video or you need to do transcription , work on a regular basis .

All right , number four is one you undoubtedly have already seen a lot of and that is you can use A I to create social media posts for you .

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If you've spent any time on Twitter lately , you will have seen or maybe you don't realize you're seeing it , but people are using A I to come up with a massive amount of social media content , whether that's motivational tweets or Instagram captions A I can do this so quickly .

So you can use a tool like Jasper dot A I or again , you can go straight to chat GP T and just ask it for what you want .

So if you want 10 tweets about freelance writing , you can ask it to make 10 tweets about freelance writing .

You make some light edits .

Boom .

All of a sudden you've got a whole bunch of content .

If you're trying to build your Twitter profile , you're trying to automate things .

You can use a tool like hype theory .

You go in , you basically go to chat GP T you get a bunch of tweets , you edit them and you can drop in like 30 40 50 tweets that A I generated in seconds and you can essentially create a full tweet calendar for the next month and then people can engage with it .

You can grow it that way .

So again , you wanna make sure you're not losing your creativity , you wanna make sure you're not losing your personality , you wanna make sure you're not losing your point of view on things .

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So I suggest taking what it gives you making some light edits or at least adding your own spin into the mix as well .

So you're not only relying on A I but if you're at a point where you just need a lot of pretty good content pretty quickly .

A I can be a great way to help you get there .

Hey , real quick .

Are you enjoying this ?

Are you trying to make money on the internet with your words somehow and check out our newsletter once a week .

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Just that .

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So location , go check it out .

I really think you're gonna like it .

Ok .

Back to the video .

All right .

Number five , you can use A I to create contracts .

Let's say you're a buddy and freelance writer .

You don't have a ton of money .

You don't want to spend money on a stock contract and you can't find a free one online that you like .

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We'll go to chat GP T put in a little bit of pertinent information and boom .

All of a sudden you have a contract that you can use , you can send to a client and it is going to work great .

You can also do this for invoices or essentially creating any sort of written template that you need .

Once again , make sure to put your own spin and your own words on it to make sure that it's accurate .

But if you've been struggling to find something that already exists , then A I can help you create your own really quickly for free .

All right .

Number six , use A I to write scripts for your short term videos .

We are living in a tiktok world , Instagram reels , youtube shorts , nobody has attention spans anymore .

So uh use A I to write short scripts for your content that is going to be catchy and compelling .

It is kind of amazing how well this works .

I can literally go to chat GP T and say I would like to shoot a tiktok video about how to become a freelance writer .

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Write me a 22nd script about this topic and boom , I might have a couple of edits , but generally when I do that the stuff that it puts out is totally usable , pretty accurate and pretty compelling .

It's a , it's , it's kind of scary how well it works .

So if you're looking to boost the output of your short form content , definitely try getting some of the scripts written with A I .

They can also help you with ideas and headlines if you haven't figured that out by now .

Number seven , speaking of headlines you can use A I to help you write better headlines .

So let's say you've got a basic how to post , you're just like , how do you start freelance writing ?

And you don't know how to make that compelling .

You can go to any of those services and say , hey , I would like a more clickable headline for a topic around how to become a freelance writer .

And it's going to give you a limitless number of ideas .

You find the one that seems most compelling to you and away you go .

That's one of the great things about A I , they do a really good job with persuasive copywriting while a lot of A I's knowledge on facts and current events can be a little suspect .

Uh They're really good at persuasion tactics .

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So if you're using it for sales copy , you're using it to create something that's going to get people to take action or click on something .

It could be really , really good for that and it's also really good to experiment with it because it's gonna help you become a better copywriter in the process .

Number eight , you can use A I to create custom graphics for you about whatever you want .

Yeah .

A I is not just about text anymore .

You can literally create your own art .

There's services out there like Dolly and Mid journey , but even on a more consumer basis services like Canva and Jasper , which I use both of now have their own art capabilities .

So you can literally type in .

I would like to see a zebra roaming through the streets of a big city .

And 10 seconds later , you literally have a custom image of a zebra roaming through a big city .

And you can say I want it to look realistic .

I want it to be arty .

I want it to be color .

I want it to be black and white .

It's pretty amazing .

Like some of the stuff with the art is still a little suspect .

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But if you play around with it and you get really good at giving it prompts , you'll be surprised with how good of content you can get out of it .

So a great use for this is if you're constantly struggling to find images that don't have copyright issues on your blog posts , you can just go make your own through A I services .

So that's definitely worth checking out .

Number nine .

This is one of the very first ways I have ever leveraged A I and I've been doing it for a long time and that is to use it as a proofreader and a grammar checker .

So there are services like grammarly which I highly recommend that you can install and they've got a free version so anybody can get started with this and it will show you this is what you miss .

Here's how you can rewrite this .

This could sound better if you do it this way Um So if you're someone who's writing a lot and you want an extra set of robotic eyes to help you out , I would definitely check out grammarly .

They've been around for a long time .

They're highly respected and no , they're not perfect , but it's definitely going to help give you a little bit of a leg up when it comes to uh proofreading as opposed to just using your own eyes .

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And anyone that's read my blog post knows I'm not always the best proofreader .

So I need all the help I can get .

And finally , number 10 , the last way I would recommend writers use A I services is to write product descriptions .

One of the big job opportunities right now for freelance writers is writing product descriptions for e commerce companies .

In many cases , these e commerce companies or people selling on Amazon , they're gonna have dozens , if not hundreds , if not thousands of products , all of which need product descriptions .

So assuming you feed it the correct information , you can use A I to greatly expedite that process and is definitely something I would recommend if you do anything in that world .

So there you go .

Anyone that's doing writing work online , those are 10 ways you can leverage existing A I services to help you become more creative , get more clients , make more money and generally just make your life easier .

I do not think A I is going to take over the world of freelance writers , but it is going to change the game a little bit and people that embrace it are going to succeed and they're going to get better at their craft .

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People that fight it are going to struggle and people that ignore it completely .

Well , you should probably find a different career because you're not gonna be successful here .

So , my name is Sean Ogle .

I'm the founder of this thing here at Location Rebel , where I teach you how to make money on the internet .

With your words .

If you haven't yet go to location , sign up for our new weekly newsletter , which I'm very excited about where you're gonna get all my best ideas before you see them anywhere else .

So with that , I hope you got a lot of value out of this particular video and go check out the blog post link below .

If you want five more ways you can use A I in your writing business right now .

Have an excellent day .

We'll see you on the next video .

Peace .

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