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2024-06-03 09:39:38

6 Causes of a Vitamin B12 Deficiency You've Never Heard Before

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Today , we're gonna discuss the 6 causes of b 12 deficiency that you've never heard before .

And this is really important because if someone's deficient in b twelve , they can develop permanent damage into the nervous system , into the brain .

They can have anemia .

They can have a raised level of homocysteine , which is really bad for the heart , and they can actually be depressed , and have all these medications and treatments for years , yet nothing even touches it , because no one addressed the b twelve connection .

Various problems can happen with your eyes on many different levels , because you have the retina , which is all nerve tissue , and b 12 is needed for anything neurological .

A person can develop anemia because of the importance of b 12 in your red blood cell , and even problems within the DNA .

So b12 is very very important and a huge percentage of the population in the world is deficient in b 12 .

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And many times they have a subclinical b 12 deficiency , and they don't even know it .

It's important to know all the causes , that go beyond just lacking b 12 in the diet because you don't consume animal products .

Alright .

So let's just jump right in .

The first one is an H pylori infection .

Okay .

I've read reports , and I had a hard time believing this , but 50% of population has an H .

Pylori infection .

I don't know if I would agree with that , but I will say that it's a very very high percentage .

But roughly 80% of the population has h pylori in their body .

Whether it's coming out of remission or not is really depending on the environment of your body .

But H Pyloriate normally in our bodies doesn't create a problem .

Okay ?

It lives with our body .

It cooperates .

It has a good relationship .

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But when things change environmentally , it can become very very nasty , and it's the underlying cause behind ulcers , and gastritis , and atrophy of the stomach .

It can produce GERD symptoms , and so on and so on .

Unfortunately , the treatments for it , involved multiple antibiotics and acids like PPIs .

And unfortunately , there's a lot of non compliance when people do this simply because they can't tolerate this this treatment .

And then you start developing resistance against these antibiotics , and now you're stuck between a rock and a hard place because what are they gonna do ?

And so their whole goal is to eradicate this h pylori and just kill off this germ , not taking consideration , the rest of the body .

Now if we really want to get rid of H pylori , we really wanna put it back in remission where it belongs , and that has everything to do with the environment that this microbe lives in .

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And there's a couple things you need to know about H pylori .

It is a neutral fill .

Now what is that ?

That is a microbe that prefers a pH that is more neutral .

Okay ?

Like between 5.5 to 7.5 .

7 being neutral .

Here , this microbe is existing in an environment that is extremely acidic .

I I mean , the normal pH of the stomach should be between 1 and 3 .

Right ?

And so if you go all the way up to neutral , wow , you're gonna have so many problems in your stomach because you now you can't defend against pathogens that come through the digestive tract .

You're not gonna be able to digest protein .

You're gonna have a lot of issues with absorption of minerals , but this microbe prefers that pH .

As we age , the pH of your stomach becomes less and less acidic and more and more neutral .

This is where we have a problem .

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However , this , H pylori microbe also has enzymes that increase ammonia , which is extremely alkaline , and it's a survival mechanism .

So if this microbe gains traction , it itself is going to create an alkaline stomach and give you a lot of problems with digestion .

And what is that going to do ?

That is going to greatly inhibit b 12 .

Why ?

Because you need that acid to break down the food to extract b 12 .

B12 is in animal products .

Right ?

If you can't digest the protein to extract the B12 , you're gonna be deficient .

And not only that , H Pylori will also deplete your iron reserves , your vitamin a , your vitamin c , and your folic acid .

So what would be a better approach or a better strategy for this H .

Pylori ?

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Well , number 1 , start acidifying your stomach if you can , but many people can't because they have an ulcer or they have gastritis .

If you add more acid to the stomach , you're gonna make it worse .

But what can you do ?

Well , guess what ?

Broccoli sprouts , or even better yet , broccoli microgreens have a sulforaphane , which is a compound of phytonutrient that can kill H Pylori .

And there's many other phytonutrients that can kill it , but Sulforaphane is a great solution .

Another thing to take would be garlic .

And garlic can kill off H .

Pylori or at least put it back in remission .

Probiotics have been found to inhibit H .

Pylori .

So here we have doctors recommending antibiotics , but why not just use probiotics to really get that thing back in check .

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And just as a side note , if you're on antibiotics right now , you better be taking probiotics at the exact same time because that way it will protect you against some of the side effects .

Now a couple other things that can help H .

Pylori , clover and Manuka honey .

Either or has been known to reduce the infection of H .

Pylori .

So number 1 , H .

Pylori .

Number 2 , metformin .

One of the side effects of metformin is a deficiency of b 12 as well as b 1 .

Okay ?

So if you're on Metformin , you better be taking b 12 and b 1 .

If someone's a diabetic , a lot of times they'll develop what's called peripheral neuropathy on the bottom of their feet .

They'll have like numbness , tingling , things like that .

And the remedy is taking some of these B vitamins like B1 in the form of Benfotiamine to help reverse it .

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But if you don't know that and you're taking metformin that's creating a worsening of this b 1 slash b 12 deficiency , this could be the reason why your peripheral neuropathy and other neuropathy problems , are not going away .

The medication is supposed to help you is actually worsening the situation .

Number 3 is SNPs .

Now what is SNPs ?

Genetic variations that give you a propensity or a susceptibility of having certain problems if your environment isn't just right ?

Well , there are 3 genes that I know of , that I'm not gonna get into that detail of that , but you should just know there are genes that are involved with the conversion or activation of b 12 , as well as the absorption of b 12 .

And it's not uncommon to have a variation of a gene that doesn't allow you to absorb b 12 .

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And this is simply because the genetics that you were born with don't allow for the maximum absorption of b 12 .

And so when I've been recently looking at DNA testing with certain people , that's kind of showing up quite often .

Problem with b 12 , and they had no idea .

And so the solution for that is to take a natural form of b 12 .

Don't ever take the synthetic version .

The natural one's called methylcabolamine , and the synthetic version is called cyanocabolamine .

And another solution is to start consuming foods high in b 12 , the natural version , which would be red meat and , beef liver .

Alright .

The 4th reason why people are deficient in b 12 is that they are taking synthetic folic acid .

Okay .

So folic acid is in our foods as a fortification , as an enhancement , as an enrichment .

They use folic acid in pretty much all the cereals that you hopefully are not eating .

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They also put it in the breads , the pasta , the crackers , the biscuits , grain products .

Right ?

Anything that's refined .

It's in nutritional yeast .

It's in a lot of the supplements .

It's in a lot of the energy bars that people have .

And unfortunately , it can build up in the body to a point where it's toxic , especially if someone has a genetic problem with folic acid which is very common .

And what happens with this consumption of this folic acid , okay , or this accumulation of folic acid is you start to hide a deficiency of b12 , and that can create big problems with B12 .

Methylfolate is a good folic acid that doesn't have to convert .

Okay .

So it doesn't need that enzyme that many people have a problem with .

So that's something you can do .

The next cause of the b twelve deficiency is laughing gas .

Right ?

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You go to the dentist , and they give you laughing gas , which I've had in the past , and , that can create a b twelve deficiency .

And the last reason is PPIs .

These are antacids .

In fact , it's one of the treatments for h pylori , which can then create a b twelve deficiency indirectly .

So antacids increase your risk of this h pylori .

And so I just wanted to create this video to increase your awareness on the six additional reasons why someone could be b 12 deficient .

And now you know about them .

You can do something about them .

Now since b 12 is related to folic acid , if you haven't seen this video , you should check it out .

I put it up right here .

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