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What is Research Methodology (See links below for our video lectures on Practical Research 1 and 2)

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What is research methodology and how does it differ from research method ?

One of the common mistakes fledgling researchers commit is collapsing the terms research method and research methodology together .

In other words , some scholars confused research method with research methodology .

Of course , the two are not the same and understanding their difference is of paramount importance in research as it does not only show that we as researchers have a strong grasp of the basic in research , but it also helps us come up with a proper research design .

On the one hand , a research method is the logic of how a scholar arrives at a valid and reliable knowledge .

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In other words , a research method is the strategy employed in the collection of data or evidence for analysis to uncover new information or arrive at a better understanding of a particular topic .

So a research method is the tool used in carrying out the research .

For example , a researcher may employ a qualitative research method in determining the lived experiences of Libyan nurses assigned during war time research methodology .

On the other hand , is the justification for using a particular research method .

In other words , a research methodology is the plan that explains why .

As in the example mentioned , a qualitative research method is employed in determining the lived experiences of Libyan nurses assigned during wartime .

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The research methodology therefore is the theoretical positioning of the research .

While the research method is the doing of the research itself , the former therefore is viewed as the body of knowledge which attempts to explain or understand how our research is done .

While the latter refers to the specific process or steps that the researcher may follow in undertaking the study , let us use the simple analogy of constructing a building to explain the difference between these two terms .

Research methodology is the construction plan itself .

While the research method is the actual construction of the building , which includes the tools and other materials needed for the construction of the building .

This explains why in the actual thesis or thesis proposal .

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A chapter and data gathering process is commonly titled Research methodology as it contains the entire plan in collecting and analyzing data .

While the body of this chapter contains the specificity of the research method such as using interviews or surveys in data gathering .

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