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2023-07-20 13:39:14

Beginners Yoga Course _ Module A, Class 1 _ 47 min _ Cat de Rham _ Online Yoga Teaching

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Hello and welcome .

Welcome to this youtube channel .

My name is Karan and I've shown two free classes a week every Monday and every Thursday .

And this is a really exciting class because it's the first class of my first beginners module course online .

And it's really brilliant .

It's really well structured .

Each class leads on to the next .

The idea is that you practice this class a minimum of twice a week , you can practice it seven days a week if you want .

And then next week , I'm going to post the next class and each class leads on from the last adding in detail , adding in poses .

And so by the end of the course , you're gonna have really just expanded in a million and one unknown ways .

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For now , at the same time , there's going to be really strong structure because we dissect the poses and learn each part of each movement so that when it comes to flowing a few months down the road , your body , your brain , your heart , the breath has learned how to do each little part of the p and it just brings a seamless movement .

So if you're ready to start yoga then .

Welcome to this class and it's gonna be just perfect for you .

You want to make a little practice space around your house that feels sacred , that feels special and you want to show up for yourself as often as you can .

It's good to have a discipline around it .

Like pick a time that works for you and show up for that time every day that you're going to practice for today's class .

You won't need props because you can do without it .

It's just good to start .

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But this week , if you're planning on joining the course , you want to buy yourself two yoga blankets , two yoga blocks and two yoga straps .

And I'm gonna use them today .

So you see how they're used , you can use whatever you've got around the house right now and then when you get them , you'll know how to put those into place .

So gathering your yoga hit , hit , pause if you need to and let's come and meet on the mat in , it's gonna be our first pair .

So mountain , it's really a standing meditation pose .

We connect through the feet into the earth , begin to be rooted down from a place that's below the crust .

We check how we're standing .

Are our feet really parallel ?

Can we spread the toes more ?

Are we standing on the four wheels of each foot ?

Often we tend to wheel a little bit or drop the arches .

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So , really examining how we feel rolling the shoulders back so that our chests begin to get opened and finding here a nice , smooth and even breath , deep , long inhales and deep , long exhales and keep rolling the shoulders back , keep pressing into the feet , keep straightening and charging the legs and just noticing all these details just clouding our minds inwards .

And now we're going to come to our first active p simplify the .

So we bring the arms in front , check that they're straight , we interlock the fingers , turn the palms out , check that the arms are straight again , press the tips of the thumbs together .

And now as we push through the feet , we inhale and lift the arms up .

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So we're becoming as tall as we can , but it's in both directions , we're pushing down and we set up and delong inhales and exhales to explore those sensations and to maximize the movement , the openness , the broadness , the length and then they would bring the arms halfway down under your hands .

We're gonna change the interlock .

So my will look like this .

So you're going back and forth .

Ok .

Turning the palms out , rescue the elbows straight as best as you can .

Tips of the thumb is touching and inhale and lift the arms up , finding our feet again and pushing up through the heels of the hands of the sky .

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Exploring more and more length , keep feeling how he was standing on the map , keep the legs firm , keep broadening the lungs , stretching the arms and then exhale coming down and refined thas using Talas as a place to neutralize tore center to bring the minds back in .

Ok .

Now we're ready for our first triangle pose .

So you're going to turn and face the long end of the mat .

We're gonna jump the feet and arms out so that we have this even energy between the left and right side .

We want to really express vitally everywhere in all directions .

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So to start to jump , we bend the knees , we lift the arms like this to sort the fingers touching , keep the heels down , inhale and , and look at your feet and often they're turned out , the toes are turned out like my .

So you want to turn the feet back in and lift the inner arches and the inner ankles whilst keeping the legs and the arms stretched at the same time holding that .

Ok , we're gonna turn to the right and do the mirror image of you .

So you want to turn your back foot in just a little bit and turn your front foot , your right foot to the right and then you want it wider at the feet apart .

Now , I'm going to bring my hands down for a second .

This is really important .

This next bit your front heel .

If you were to draw a line , it wants to reach the front arch , not the back heel , not the middle arch , but the front arch .

It is really important to help our hips open .

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So move your feet as needed .

Now , suck the muscles up .

So the legs are strong .

Inhale and exhale .

We're gonna reach to the right reaching , reaching , reaching , keep straightening the legs and exhale .

Place the hand where it lands and stretch the top onto the sky .

Delong , inhale , delong , exhale , squeeze the back of the knee tightly and with the ex held , I turn a twist up to the sky , stretching the arms apart from the center of the chest and , and one inhaling up and we're now turning to the left .

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So we'll put our hands on our hips and we'll turn our feet in a lying out front of the heel with the front arch of the back foot , gripping the legs , the legs are firm , strong , inhale the arms back up and with an exhale , reach to the left , keep gripping the leg muscles and then coming down , placing the hand where it lands , even if it lands here , that's fine .

Just where it lands and turn and look up at the sky .

Long inhale , long exhale inhabit the first fully re squeeze the legs tightly and make sure that your back , inner knee is really squeezed and straight .

And with each exhale turned into the sky , stretching the arms apart and two and one inhaling up hands to the hips , we're going to do it again .

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Turning to the right hand side .

So practicing turning that , what was our front foot now going to become our back foot , turning it in a bit and turning that right foot forward , making sure the heel is lined up at the front arch .

Now , look at your back foot and really lift the inner arch of the foot and lift the inner ankle .

So you're pushing into the outside edge of the foot and we're going to try to stay connected to that during the whole pose .

Here we go inhale , reaching to the right , really reaching first and then coming down and finding the post long inhale , long exhale .

Now I immediately travel to that back foot and re lift the inner arch , really lift the inner ankle and push it to the outside of the foot , the back in the knee tightly as we turn and twist to the sky , stretching the arms apart too and one inhaling up hands for the hips and we're turning to the left .

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So we have to turn , what was our front foot in and turn the left foot forward , making sure the heel is lined up with the front arch .

And we look at that back foot and we start to teach it to lift the inner arch to lift the inner ankle and to push into the outside edge of the foot .

All of our stability is coming from there and sand imposes when we're ready in here .

Lift the arms exhale , reaching to the left , keep reaching keep the outside out of that back foot firm and come down , placing a hand where it lands finding , taking a breath to inhabit the pose and now travel to the back foot and lift the inner arch , lift the inner ankle and push it the outside of the foot .

Squeeze the back in your knee tightly .

Keep that vibrancy as you exhale , turning and twisting to the sky , stretching the arms apart too .

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And one inhaling up hand to the hips , we want to turn the feet back so they face the lower edge of the mat and the toes are slightly turned in and the inner arches are lifted and the inner ankles are lifted , the elbows are back and then we're gonna jump the feet together and to find , to tell us our first pets , checking our feet if the toes are slightly spread , bring them together , spread the toes as much as possible .

Roll the shoulders back again .

Inhale , exhale .

Ok .

We're jumping to our second pose , view up the last two warrior pose .

So bending the knees , arms prepared , inhale and exhale , jump and now check the feet , make sure the feet are nice and wide .

Lift the inner arches , the inner ankles , ok .

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We're going to the right first and we turn that front foot open and we again make sure that the heel is lined up with the front arch of the back foot and that back foot has to turn in just a little bit so the arch can lift and you can push into the outside edge of the foot , preparing inhale with the exhale , begin to make a square with the front leg .

And that mean you might want to do this , keep moving the enemy to the outer the , as it will come down , going down as deep as we can , you wanna make a 90 degree angle here .

So the feet needs to be wide apart and then we look over the front arm and we stretch out through the back arm , deep inhales , deep , exhales , keep that steadiness and three go deeper and two and one inhaling up and hands to the hips .

Now we're going to turn to the left .

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So turning the back foot in , turning the left foot forward , making sure we're lining up the heel to the front of the arch that we're lifting the inner arch , the inner ankle , pushing it to the outside edge of the foot and inhale lithiums and exhale , begin to make that square with the front leg coming down coming down .

Now , you don't want this whoop my velvet boo .

You don't want this .

This is gonna put strain on the knee .

So that's why you want to really have your feet wide apart .

So you can come down and make a 90 degree angle where as deep as your hips will let you squeeze that back in your knee , push into the outside edge of the back foot , turn and look over the front arm and stretch that back arm away from you and three and two add one inhaling up hands for the hips .

Now you might , your feet might be too wide a part to jump .

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So in that case , you do heels in , toes in heels and toes in and then jump the feet together , check your feet , roll your shoulders back , tell us , OK .

Coming into our next pose , the last pose we did leads us into the next phase .

So the body and mind are gonna be ready for this .

So we're gonna jump up first .

Remember when we jump , we want to really try to extend our energy like a star in all directions .

So preparing and jack and check the feet correct , learning to dialogue with the body .

We're turning to the right fast and we want to have the same width as the last pose and the same alignment , heels to the inner arch , lifting the inner ankle , pushing into the outside edge of the foot , rip the legs , inhale , exhale , begin to make a swap .

Look at that knee .

Keep pushing it good .

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Inhale , exhale , banding that roar coming down , placing it on the thigh and the left hand holds the head , try to re stabilize the back leg .

Lift the inner ankle of the back leg , push into the outside of the foot , squeeze the back , inner knee tightly use this on , on the leg to push the inner knee open .

And now with each accident , we're gonna turn and twist to the sky .

Deep inhales , deep exhales , rolling that left elbow back , rolling the front of the left shoulder back and two and one in hitting up hand for the hips and we're gonna turn the feet to the left .

So trying to turn with more and more gracefulness , lifting the inner ankle , the inner arch pushing into the outside edge of the foot , feeling the back leg becomes solid in here .

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Exhale , begin to make that square with the front leg pushing me in a knee open , inhale , exhale , bending her arm coming down , pushing the thigh open , refine the strength of your back leg is the inner ankle still lifting is the inner knee still tightly squeezed .

And now over a series of exhales , we're gonna turn and twist that elbow back , that shoulder back .

So the whole trunk is learning to twist with the exhale and then inhaling up , enhancing the hips and turning to the right hand side .

So checking our feet lining things up .

Ok ?

On this one , we're gonna bring the hand down to the floor or a block .

If it's too hard to reach the floor , we've got a block underneath your hands to help you reach the floor .

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So we start inhale , we exhale and make a square with that front leg , keep the back leg firm , keep moving in and knee out inhale .

And this time we're coming all the way down , fingertips to the floor or onto a block and stretching that up onto the sky .

Now immediately re inhabit the back foot , lift the inner arch of the foot , lift the angle of the foot , push into the outside edge of the foot , squeeze the back of the knee tightly .

And then with each egg , he will turn and twist up to the sky , opening the chest just getting that turning action and three and two and one in a up hands on the hips .

Great job going to the left .

So next week , we'll be adding in from that the full extension of the pose .

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But for now , really working on getting these movements comfortable checking the feet , lifting the inner to the back foot , pushing into the outside edge , rip the legs inhale , exhale , begin to make that square in ham .

Aha your fingertips down to the floor or a block stretching the top onto the sky , use the arm against the inner leg to push it back re inhabit the back leg fully .

See how quickly it bends .

Squeeze the back in your knee .

Lift the inner angle of the inner arch , push into the outside edge of the foot .

And now with each exhale , turning and twisting and then inhaling up hands to the hips , turn those feet back to face the long edge of the map .

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Relive the inner arts , the inner ankles , elbows , back , shoulders back , feel this area coming alive with each breath and then we're gonna chop the few together and refind deep innovation , de vaccination .

Yeah , I'm gonna get two blocks for the next to , if you don't have blocks yet , you can grab some books from around the house .

Anything that will just give a little height and we're going to start to learn simplified which really opens the backs of the legs often a painful place .

So we're gonna start facing forward and we can set the right link forward and the left leg back try to go nice and wide .

Not too short .

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Now , hand on the lips and turn the hips to face the short edge of the mat to face the blocks and recharge the back end elbows fuck just getting out of stability or balance there .

Now , arms in front , cross the thumbs and inhale and lift the arms up , restrain in the back leg , relive the arms up .

Keep stretching the arms , feel the abdomen stretching just holding that and free and two and wow , bring the arms down and release it .

So just getting that stability .

Ok ?

Left leg forward now , right leg back .

So the five with the on stage one ripping the legs , turning the hips and moving those front shoulders back .

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So we stopped this action and hunching forward arms in front , change the cross of the thumbs , inhale and lift the arms up .

Keep stretching the arms ripping the legs .

Notice that the knees are buckling , rest straighten them , retch the arms and three and two and one coming down and releasing .

Just shake that up .

Ok .

So it's a lot to just lift the arms and be vibrant and have that stability of the legs .

Let's go again to the right hand side .

Look at your feet .

Are you just putting them really close together , try to widen them apart .

Also , looking at your feet .

Are you on a tight rope ?

Like 1 ft right in front of the other .

If you're doing the rope , it's gonna be very unbalanced .

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You want to have the right foot in line with the right hip , the left leg and foot in line with the left hips , there's a slight gap and that brings a better ability to balance .

Now , charge the legs , grip them , cross the thumbs inhale and lift the thumbs up , shake your back under knee , straighten it , keep stretching the arms up .

Now we're going to come down to our hands and then come onto the block with the exhale , inhale and exhale , coming down and hands to the block .

And like , so we'll feel the back of that leg opening .

We want to keep turning our hips to face the short edge of the mat and just breathing through that encouraging the opening .

I know it can be excruciating .

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You just have to penetrate knowing that it's healthy , despite the pain .

Ok , we're gonna prepare to come up .

Now cross the thumbs in here and the lift up straight in the back lane .

I don't know , Jack releasing .

Ok .

Changing sides , left leg forward , let's see this mass on a bit skew .

Ok .

Left leg forward , right leg back , check that your feet are not too close together and not on a tight rope and then try to turn the hips to face the shorter of the mat .

Elbows back , front shoulders back , deep breath , bring the arms in front , change the cross of the thumbs inhale and lift those arms up .

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Stage one recheck , the integrity of the back inner knee as it bent to keep it straight .

Keep stretching the arms up .

Now we're going to come forward with the exhale and find and synth and inhale and exhale , coming forward hands to the block .

10 minutes to really face forward as you exhale and the re squeeze the back in her knee deep , inhales , deep exhales .

You wanna fill the inner body with the breath .

Few more cycles .

Yes .

OK .

Preparing to come up .

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Now we're gonna cross the thumbs , inhale up , retch the arms , turn the hips again , straighten the back in the knee and a and pretty single .

OK .

So now we're going to learn how to come into that , facing the long edge of the mat .

We're not actually going to come into it .

We're just going to practice jumping and turning into it right side , left side .

And next week we'll be coming into it .

So just preparing those micro movements start and tell us be the need .

Lift the arms be sharp and press it everywhere .

Inhale and just checking the feet , lifting the inner arches , the inner ankles , ok ?

We bring the hands down in front , we cross the thumbs and we lift those arms up .

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Now , keeping the arms lifted , we want to turn all the way to the right hand side to find how you ever before .

So that back foot really has to turn in .

Otherwise it won't let the hips then re lift the arms .

I'm so they bend as we turn , our concentration goes to our legs .

So we expand the energy , the intelligence everywhere .

Keep lifting the arm up .

Now keep those arms lifted as we turn back through the middle , check your feet , lift your inner arches , your inner ankles .

Now change the cross of the thumbs , res stretch the arms .

And with an idea , we're turning to the left whilst keeping our arms lifted .

So we have to learn to feel our feet from inside , adjusting each one until as much as possible .

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We're facing a shortage of the mat straighten that back in our knee retch the arms reaching up with the fingertips to the sky and two and one coming back to face the long edge of the map really stretch the arms , check your feet .

We're always there and exhale , chop the feet together , line them up and we find ok , excellent job .

So just be practicing that for the next week over and over again , just getting stability and feeling the body from the tips of the fingers to the tips of the toes .

And we are now coming to some core work .

So we're gonna move blocks one blanket .

So it's gonna go underneath the lower back .

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So here we are doubling it up and I'm gonna lift my hips and bring this blanket right underneath the lower back , the left back hip , the right back hip so that the floor is coming up to my back .

So I can really press down as we build up strength in the core , lift your arms up and cross the thumbs again and stretch the arms back , bring the feet off the ground and push the lays up to what we call 90 degrees because the legs are perpendicular to the earth .

So they're making a 90 degree angle with the ground .

Now , look at your feet , spread the toes , look at your legs straight in the legs , squeeze the fire muscles around the thigh bones and press the lower back to the floor firmly .

Keep stretching the arms .

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Here's what we made our first year blogging .

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I'm gonna take it down one , we're coming for a second like so arms up , cross the thumb , stretch the arms back , feet off the ground line your feet up here and line your inner knees up .

So they're touching and pushing to again , spread the toes , push out through the balls of the feet and try to straighten the legs as much as possible and press the lower back to the floor and just maintaining that grip , getting the muscles to start to work , to grip , to tighten and chew and one mending the knees and pushing the legs to 60 .

Hard to get to press the lower back to the floor .

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I wish you'd shut up .

Shit .

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So we should just be right here in this moment , observing everything and melanize and relax and rest , sleeping .

Ok ?

If you had a blanket , if you're gonna move it to the side , we're gonna come to what's called a long vertical stretch .

So we'll straighten our legs and line our inner ankles up our inner big toes up and spread the toes and press the heels into the ground .

And the minute we press the heels into the ground , we want to tighten our leg muscles from around our fibers .

Don't let the heels left lift up for those of you who attempt to lift the heels .

It means you hyper extend in the backs of the knees .

You want to be very careful that the heels are firm .

Now , arms back up , cross the thumbs and stretch those arms back , the heels spun .

So getting longer and taller and longer and taller now check what the lower back is doing .

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video content Image generated by Wilowrid

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You can just type in your search term into Facebook , search bar and hit click groups and you'll see dozens and do of groups on almost any topic .

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Again , not the best way to drive traffic to your blog , but a great way to interact with potential customers and peers and people you look up to in your industry , Instagram , you'll find that Instagram follows a similar trajectory as Facebook where it has a high amount of users , but it also has a high amount of competition .

And the thing is it is a purely visual platform .

Yeah , you can write captions in the description .

But really if you're not creating dope images , you're not going to get anywhere on Instagram .

So the niche you want to be in to succeed on Instagram are going to be mainly visual things like travel , health and fashion work really well because they're visually stimulating unfortunately and something to keep in mind , it's kind of stupidly hard to get people off of Instagram and onto your email list or onto your blog post or over to your products .

People tend to stay inside of the app and Instagram has designed it that way .

That being said we've had students like the college nutritionist go to $10,000 per month and more running successful Instagram .

So it can be done .

Google .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Google is similar to Facebook and Instagram that it has high competition , but it comes with one big difference and that difference is that it's a search platform .

So the people that type in how to make money blogging , for example , will continue to type that in month after month after month and you will get organic traffic coming in all the time .

This is very different than Instagram or Facebook where things are more viral in nature and then they die off over time .

So Facebook and Instagram , you kind of have this constant need to roll out this new crazy mind blowing content .

When on something like Google , you can optimize your posts and continue to be shown over and over and over again sucking in that organic traffic .

But obviously , because of this value , it's very hard to get to the top of search .

It can take a long time to do and just be prepared that it is the route that you want to go on .

You need to go in for the long haul .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It might take you up to six months to get serious traffic to your blog , youtube , youtube is a entirely completely different animal than the it is the highest barrier to entry by far because most people do not want to get on camera .

And I understand why this barrier to entry provides actually an easy way to connect with your audience .

Build a following and drive them back to your blog and make purchases with them .

But again , it comes with a high barried entry because shooting videos is difficult and very time consuming .

So if you're an extraordinarily good looking artists are like me and don't mind being on camera , youtube might be a great option for you .

Pinterest last but not least .

Our favorite traffic source for bloggers is Pinterest , Pinterest , like youtube and Google is also a search engine .

So there's that opportunity for organic traffic .

But unlike Google , it doesn't take as long to get results .

We've had tons of people take our Pinterest traffic avalanches course and go from zero views to over 20,000 views a month on their blogs because of its speed of results .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The basic formula is that you first create a lead magnet .

This is just a simple download for people to have a checklist or a simple guide will work .

You'll want to create a small but helpful download for people so that they can give that you can give that to them in exchange for their email address .

Then you need to add these opt ins to your blog with an email subscriber service like a convert kit .

This is actually a very easy process to do this way .

When people are scrolling through your post , they see the opportunity to put , get your download and they put in their email address and receive the download .

And finally , what you'll want to do is create an automated email sequence .

This is just an automated sequence of emails that you send after somebody gets your download .

These are called often an indoctrination campaign .

It's more like a get to know you thing where you're kind of helping them out with whatever problem that they're trying to solve at the same time .

Sort of explaining a little bit about , more about you about what you're about , about why you created your blog again , all designed to build that trust and turn that subscriber into a really true fan .

Great .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now , your blog is all set up .

It's beautifully designed .

You're getting people in the door , you're getting your first few subscribers .

Now it's time to make that money , chase that paper , get those dollar bills , get that Scrilla .

Sorry .

What are your superpowers again ?

I'm rich .

OK .

Step number six , we're going to learn the different types of ways to make money and there are really five of them .

What we're going to do now is we're going to go over an overview of these different ways and then we're going to walk you through which steps you should start with at kind of what phases of your blogging journey .

The first way to make money is through ads .

Now , there are a few different types .

The first that you probably know about are display ads .

These are ads that are , you're scrolling through content and then you'll see an ad for something like right before this youtube video .

I'm sure there was a display ad .

Another term for this is pay per click because when somebody clicks on it , you get paid .

The second type of ad is something called sponsored content .

This is when somebody like a big company pays you to write a review or write something about their product .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now , This is how Lauren and I make well over 100,000 $1000 per month blogging is that we sell our own digital products and services .

There are a few different kinds .

First are e books .

These are electronic books like kindle downloads .

There are printable and workbooks where people can purchase a printable that you've created and print them out and use it for themselves , something like a journal or a workbook before you make fun of that or think anything sarcastic about it .

I do know a blogger who makes over 200 grand per month selling printable mind blown online courses .

So , online teachings and trainings where you can teach them via video .

And finally , there are membership websites where people pay a certain amount to get access to regularly updated content .

Usually by yourself .

Number four , there are physical products .

We sell a product , a probiotic called Gut 14 on our Health and Wellness blog .

Now you'll find with physical products they're actually a lot easier to sell because they're a tangible good , right ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

People can , when they buy that product , they get something tangible back , that's much more satisfying usually than a digital product , but also as well , there's margins to be had .

So there are , you have to ship the product , you have to create the product , you have to manufacture the product .

That's a , that's a lot more steps than selling something like a digital product .

But we'll get into that in a minute .

Number five is services speaking engagements , digital services , dog walking , speaking engagements for dog walking , coaching , virtual assistant , freelance writing and whatever service people or dogs or whoever need .

You can sell it through your blog .

In fact , it's a great way to do this because you're already building massive trust with your audience .

OK ?

Those are the types of ways to make money blogging .

Now , we're going to get into the nitty gritty of where you should be starting .

Step number seven , start with ads and sponsored posts .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The first thing that we see bloggers doing when they first start , their website is usually running around trying to throw up Google ads since on the website to make a quick buck .

The problem is that the reality of your ad earnings are probably gonna fall pretty short of your expectations when we did this the first time I remember we threw up these ads and we thought we were gonna get a ton of a ton of money coming in automatically per month because we had a decent readership there .

You know , one of these days could be tomorrow .

I'm gonna be a millionaire and I think after a full month or a full week , we'd only made $2.93 .

That's not enough for even three Talk Bell Tacos .

So you can understand , uh that , that wasn't working mathematically for us as a viable way to make a ton of money .

I thought I was going to write off ads forever , but that was only until later on that .

Now , we make over 3000 to $4000 a month with ads .

Here's how we're able to do this .

Our blogs get a lot of traffic like over 300,000 views a month .

And because we get that amount of traffic , we're able to partner with premium ad networks .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So really specialized , really awesome networks that can give us higher returns on the ads and the clicks that we do get .

So here's a recommendation for newbies like yourself , ads are kind of a good place to start for newbies just because it can be motivational or give you a little inspiration at the beginning .

But it is not the primary way you need to be monetized , you need to be focused on the bigger picture here .

Try to wait until you're getting a consistent amount of traffic .

So you can partner with premium ad networks .

The one that we partner with is one called Ad Thrive , but there are a few others including media vine media dot net , propeller ads .

And I'm sure a few more this will net you a lot more money than just throwing up Google ads and , and praying that somebody clicks sponsored posts , sponsored posts as explained before are where people are paying you to write an article on your blog , usually kind of reviewing their product or service .

These articles often come in the form of product reviews and recommendations .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

An example is this post by my friend Alexis on the seven ways you credit score affects your future .

You can see it was sponsored by Lexington Law and she probably got paid pretty well for this post .

There are many bloggers like Lexus that make in the upwards of 10 grand a month doing sponsored posts .

So it is a viable way to make money and make money pretty quickly .

Sponsored posts might be perfect for you .

If you love to write , can find good opportunities that fit your niche , want to build relationship with other companies and brands in your niche and want a way to diversify .

Your blogging income , sponsored posts might not be right for you .

If you face a lot of time constraints , it can be very time consuming , finding good opportunities and filling out the required work and have your heart set on passive income .

You're technically still trading hours for dollars here .

So just something to keep in mind sponsored posts , opportunities can be found on websites like blog dash blog , meets brand , Lia and others .


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