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Hey guys , I like to take a second to thank him vision for sponsoring this video .

Thank you guys so much for trusting your girl um to do a video for you .

But y'all let me tell y'all about the salon clock when I tell y'all , I love it .

First of all , look how aesthetically pleasing it is .

It's so beautiful .

It's great .

It matches my decor just perfect .

It has the little feet here on it that actually sits um up under it that way you can kind of how is it really nice .

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Um It's of course alarm clock , it um you can also like connect your phone to it as well .

It has a USB core back here .

So I thought that was super cool , but y'all , the alarm clock has different little features on it .

Like for instance , it has like little birds tweet .

Um What do they do ?

What birds do tweet tweeting ?

So the little birds will get to tweeting and it sounds so amazing .

It sounds like you're outside in nature , but I absolutely love it again .

Aesthetic is so so , so beautiful , love the colors .

Um It plays music like I said you can hook your phone up to it .

It has a little USB plug back here .

So it's just an amazing product and it's super , super affordable .

Of course , I'm gonna link it in the description box below if you're interested in it , but just make sure you check out him vision and again , you guys won't be disappointed .

You know , your girl JD , always give you stuff that I believe in .

So you will absolutely love , love , love this .

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Hi guys .

Welcome back to my channel y'all .

I got a special treat for y'all today .

I hope it goes accordingly to plan , but I am gonna take you guys along with decorating my living room .

I always kind of do it and then show you guys the finished product .

But today I decided to do a decorate with me .

So a quick little disclaimer , we have already cleaned the tables .

Pubby has cleaned them all wiped them down .

Did all of that floors are clean .

Everything is clean , it just looks a mess right now , but everything is clean .

So I guess I'm gonna start with the sofa first .

Um As many of you know , if you've been following my channel for a while , thank you so much .

Um But if you're new here , I change up the sofa like throughout the seasons and also when the holidays come .

So I always style it in .

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And the only thing I do to to change up is I switch out the pillows , which is why he , why I have a white sofa .

Um , it's easy for me to do that with .

So I'm thinking about soon upgrading to a gray sofa .

I have had this sofa for maybe seven years now and it's kinda looking like it's time to upgrade , not getting rid of the sofa .

I'm just gonna transfer it to my sitting area in my bedroom , but I am in the hunt for a nice beauty gray sofa just so I can keep a neutral palette and I can still , you know , switch out throughout the seasons with pillows .

But anyway , oh , in the infamous ginger jars are gone .

So many of you always say , hey JD , it's too big for the table , blah , blah , blah , blah , blah .

I love it on my table , but I am going to switch it up this time .

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So stay tuned to watch out to watch the whole video so I can show you guys what I'm gonna do with those .

But as of right now we guys is if , if you little boy , I can't talk if you have been following my channel for a while .

You know , this was the last video I had these gorgeous pillows here on the chairs , so I'm just gonna take these off .

Um , and kind of just sit them right here and not put them on the floor because they are light color .

So I don't want them to get dirty .

So I'm gonna just house them here for now .

If you also offer me with my channel , you know , these kind of stay on my um chair .

These are from the gallery .

I love , love , love these , every pillow that I own .

I love , I only pick out pillows that I absolutely am in love with .

So all my pillows I love .

But don't worry , these ain't going nowhere .

These are gonna still be floating around the house because you know how JD do she shops her house ?

Ok .

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So I am going to leave my three base pillows here because these kind of like secure and kinda nestle my other pillows .

Um These are Ralph Lauren .

I picked these up years ago from home goods .

They're just linen white Ralph Lauren pillows that matched my chair perfectly .

So I just keep these houses here as a kind of as a guide in the base because my chair is super deep .

It's um it's , it has a lot of depth in other words .

So I have to have a guide here unless I will have to have 100 pillows .

But let's show you what we , what I bought and of course your girl went to home goods .

Home goods need to call you girl .

Cause when I tell you since the beginning of my youtube , um my work here on youtube , I'm always shouting at home goods .

So home goods call you girl .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But anyway , I have these beauty folk gray pillows and they are by Shafi Home .

I think these are in the size 24 by 24 .

Yep .

So I have these , I want to house these right where I had the Z gallery was .

I kind of took that there kinda nestle in there gonna do that .

And then of course your girl has the matching one .

So here is the second one .

I'm already loving these pillows and these were only , let me tell you how much they were .

Um Let's see .

I keep tags on everything for y'all y'all .

That sucks .

What is that ?

You know what I felt like ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Even when , when I got these humblers did not have them price , but I know exactly what they cost and it has remo removable zipper , which I love because it's easy to clean these , but these were $34 a piece .

Um I remember them ringing up another pillow and giving it to me for $34 a piece .

So yeah , so I'm gonna house that there and that way I have my taller pillows .

This is what I like to do with my pillows .

I know some people style their sofas differently for me in my home .

I like to kind of have two on each end .

And then like I said , this chair is so deep .

I have to have three nestles in there .

So I like to do 20 falls on the side on each side .

Then y'all look at these Oh my gosh .

These here are so stunning .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm not sure if you can see it , but it has the exact color of my wall paint in here along with the black and white and that's the color pale pattern .

We are going for the color palette we're going for today .

We're gonna do this black , um , kind of mixture of black and white and this kind of gray pattern .

That's gonna be the color palette for this particular living room .

Um , Decor .

Um , these were 16 99 and they are about a brand called , I don't know , but it's filled with natural feathers .

So I thought it was a great price .

I would take the tags off a little later .

It's just gonna be time for something .

I just want to kind of show you what it's gonna look like now cause I'll go back but I need to pop those .

But , um , let's see cause I don't like when the tag , so I don't like that side .

Ok .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , we can sit with that side so I'm just gonna house that one there and I'll put this back here in the bag , but I'm not sure if it's coming across on camera .

I don't like that pillow that way .

I like it actually this way .

Let's do it that way .

Let's see .

Yeah , make sure and fluff the pillow and then make sure if you got that nice good chop and this pillow has the same type neutral gray colors tied in together .

So I also have a second pillow .

I'm gonna add this to the other side of the chair as well .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Let's go here a little bit and we'll pop this ta go and we will house this one Peter .

And I think as of now , that's all I'm gonna do on this sofa .

I'm gonna add a new throw here , but I'll get to that in a second .

Ok , guys , so I went and I grabbed these throws .

I already had them from my previous um um I shop my home in other words .

So the only thing I don't like about certain throws when they are like made with that type of texture .

Um , like a velvet texture .

Sometimes they don't want to be crisp and sit , right ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So that's kind of annoying me .

Um So I'm gonna house that pillow there for now , but the only thing I did was fold it like in half and like more of a square and I kind of like just house it here in the middle .

Don't know if I'm feeling this , but we'll see if it stays , but this is what I've done so far with the throat and kind of house that pillow in the middle of the chair with a child .

So guys , next , I have these beautiful vases .

Um , they were 1999 .

They're kind of like a mirrored smoke , black gray type of tint kind of gives me a Z gallery vibe almost .

But I have these and I have three of these .

So I am going to see what I want to do with these .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm gonna play around with them a little bit when I decide what I'm gonna do with them .

Of course , I got to go back and clean them .

I don't want to clean them right now because , um , I'm gonna keep moving them in .

They are fingerprint prone , So I don't wanna bother them as a gift .

But , um , this is kind of my vision .

Um , sometimes I have to play with stuff like I create stuff in my head , but then once I get it home , it's like , ok , need to switch that up and switch this up .

But I wanted to house like a trio of three and this was kind of the look I was going for .

So , so far I'm liking what I see and stay tuned so I can show you what I decide to do with the finished product .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But I'm thinking so far , I'm going to do that because I have these gorgeous sticks that I picked up from Michaels and they were on clearance , I believe .

So I think I only paid like a dollar 50 cents for each one .

So I envision using these and we're going to see how it looks .

You know what I think I really want this with .

I want this look with an all black look to tell the truth .

Like now that I'm looking at the pillows , I'm like , do I really want those black and gray pillows or do I want to use some all black pillows ?

Hm .

What you guys think I'm gonna end up going with ?

Let me know if you all really know JD .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I want to play around with these branches .

I wanna take the tags off once I get it figured out exactly how I wanna do it .

So stay .

So let me see , I'll show you what I come up with , but this is probably gonna be the concept .

OK , guys .

So this is what happens .

This is why I don't always show you when I'm doing this , but I had an epiphany .

I decided that I did not want to use these .

I'm going to save these for a bedroom decorate with me .

So since I'm gonna change it out , of course , you know , I shot my home , I decided because I wanted more of a black and white thing going on in here .

So I decided to go and grab these that were in my bedroom .

You all know that these get housed around and these have a ble kind of sort of feel to them .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I decided to grab those and put those there .

These are the same black and white pillows I just had on my bed .

So I decided to house these here .

So I'm gonna switch some stuff out this here .

Um , is the look that I'm going for , I want a black , a true black and white thing and the gray and the pillows , the , with the blue undertone in it was not doing it for me .

So I decided to switch out and put those there because again , I'm going with the black and white thing .

So I got another pillow for this chair .

I'll show you that later , but stay tuned so far .

I'm loving the arrangement on the table .

I'm loving it .

I like it .

I like the natural elements .

I love anything that looks like outside , gonna play with that a little more , but this is so far gonna be the concept .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

OK ?

I got my ton for it .

I am going to just kind of house it here in the middle .

I off a little bit of the dust and I'm thinking I'm going to keep , I love the decor pieces here sitting here .

I just love that house there like that .

And so far step back .

I normally like to step back so I can kind of take a look and see an overall look of it .

It gives you a better look of how it's turning out so so far .

I am loving it , loving it , loving it , love , love , love the black and white .

OK , guys , I have a candle here that I bought from going good to kind of match the decor .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's a black onyx cam candle .

Um Do we need some light .

The son don't want to be our friend .

He keeps going in and out but it's a black onyx .

So mm I wish you all can smell through V but I'm gonna kind of house it in here for right now .

Um Just so cause what these really are a canda holder .

So I'm gonna sit that there .

Then I have this , I have this gorgeous base here .

Oh That's a little room fay .

I got these gorgeous base here with this like texture material .

Then I am going to the house probably right here on top of this product book and we gonna find some type of gorgeous arrangement to sit in there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So let me see .

Let me go look and I'll be right .

Ok , guys .

So this pillow I decided to use in the center of my sofa .

It was on clearance at um home goods for $18 .

So it's a Lumbar kind of like metallic pillow with the silver and the black and the gray in it .

So I'm just gonna house this here and I thought it would tie in nicely with this because of the texture of these .

So I like to mix and match elements .

So as you will see , I have like a nature feel mixed with a little bling , a little linen , a little velvet .

So when you mix and match materials and give it a luxurious feel .

So this is what it's looking like so far so far I love it and I am going to now style this year .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I have this pillow to house in this chair , but I'm also gonna put a throw in this chair .

So I will show you that .

See , this is why it is good to have hubby help .

I had him to do this one and look how he got it .

Perfect .

This is ideally how I want it to be fold .

Um So I'm just going to stick this one here kind of tuck it so I can give it a tight snatch feel and that way it is nice and crisp .

So yeah , let's stay there and of course when I'm done , I'm gonna touch up and clean the floors and all of that good stuff .

But this is the process then I have this pillow , I'm going to house here .

So I will leave that just as that is , I'm not gonna bother that at all .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So guys , I had some floor in the garage like little bling floor .

I'm not a fan of this stuff anymore .

So I'm just kinda playing around with it , you know , normally I would sit like one of my little diamond decors um pieces on top , but I am playing around with this to see how I like it .

Mhm .

Don't know yet .

I am going to see .

So let's see if it stays here .

But if you are a fan of this type of stuff , then I guess it would be good for you to take notes .

But if you do have it just kind of play around with it cause it's been in my garage .

So I have to bend it back into shape and all of that stuff .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But trying to see about doing something a little different and that's what I'm doing right now .

So I don't know if I would keep it because I don't really feel about these .

Um But we'll see .

And the reason why I chose to do this is because the pillow has sparkle in it here and then that pillow has sparkle .

So I came up with the idea to use this in this little black vase so far .

It's looking OK ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um I'm trying to do something like I said versus what I normally do , which is put like one of my bling crystal tops on it , but I'm trying to see and I'm just playing with it a little bit of death and kind of make it look a little bit more interesting .

So stay tuned to see if it makes sense .

OK .

So as you can see , I got hubby , he is going to move these faces for me um onto this Foy Ta OK .

Move that one down , honey .

Cause that's a small one .

Yeah .

To the right .

So he's gonna move these for me .

I'm gonna house these here .

I have taken everything off the table that was previously there and it's already been wiped down .

And clean .

So I got him moving it for me .

Um Pardon ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Stay tuned for how I style it .

OK ?

You guys , this is the finish product .

I love the way it turned out .

I like the freshness , the crisp of the black and white .

Um I decided to go ahead and leave these here .

Don't know if it will stay .

Your girl style has changed , but for now hubby likes it .

So we're gonna leave that as it is .

But yeah , this is the finished product .

The infamous ginger jars have been moved .

I actually love this .

Look here .

Actually let me set off for them .

I need to light the candle .

It looks like the can pause that real quick .

Ok , guys .

So now this is the completed finish product .

So look how beautiful these glass jars is with CanDo lit inside .

I just love , love , love , love that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But this is the finish outcome .

I hope you guys enjoyed this video .

I really wanted to show you guys how I decorate .

Sometimes I have to go back , change things up .

So I'm glad you all got to see behind the scenes of how this takes place .

But yeah , I hope you guys enjoyed this video .

If you do .

If you did , please give it a big thumbs up , I would appreciate that .

It helps your girl out , share it with your family and friends .

And if you haven't already subscribe to our channel , what are you waiting for if you love Decor and all that type of good stuff and how to find deals and bargains and how to make your house look good .

Subscribe to your girl , don't forget to follow me on Instagram .

I'm JD Lee Designs over there as well .

Tiktok is gonna be coming soon .

We got a new channel called Lee Lee's Peace and serenity .

If you have trouble sleeping at night , that plays a lot of um different rain , thunderstorm sounds .

So please check that out .

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We're gonna leave all of that in the description box below .

Also the relationship channel , it's coming soon .

Your girl is trying to be real active on youtube .

Ok ?

So just make sure you look out for your girl and make sure you support .

I will greatly appreciate it .

Also , we got some lives coming up soon .

So make sure you got your notifications on .

I'll keep you informed about that .

But yeah , thank you guys so much for watching .

Being here with your girl today .

I hope you like the finished look .

I am going to try to do more videos like this before you guys .

Um I also got a little bonus for you .

I get the four year over as well .

So stay tuned to the end of that video but to the end of the video so you can see how I created that look .

That's where the infamous ginger jars went to .

I call them infamous because everybody always talks about them .

So yeah , I moved those there .

But thank you guys so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed this video and until the next video I will see you all later .

Love you guys .

So guys , this is the finished product of the foyer .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I decided to house the beautiful ginger jars here .

I got a little thicker .

My grand baby gave me in the intermission of doing the video so that's gonna stay there .

But anyway , um I housed them here .

I absolutely love them here .

Um I kept this up here as well because it says a house blessing and for the Lee family in this house , may there be joy , help , livelihood , blessing and peace .

So that has to stay there .

I don't care what nobody says there's too much on the table that's gonna stay there because that sets the tone for when I come in my door .

We keep this beautiful candle here lit because it smells amazing .

So I have to keep that here in the foyer .

It makes the house smell amazing .

And then I keep this here too because think they're gonna come in my house .

I use it as a weapon .

Seriously , I'm not playing but no , I use it for Decor .

So a weapon .

But anyway , you guys , this is the finished product .

So I hope you guys love it .

Thank you so much for watching .

And until the next video , I love


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