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2023-07-20 13:38:04

5 Mobile Photography Tips you should know!

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Hey guys , I'm sort of .

And in this video , I will be talking about mobile photography tips .

Now this video is going to be slightly different in this video .

I will be focusing more towards the latest smartphones because the cameras in the smartphones have changed a lot in the past couple of years .

But even if you don't have a latest smartphone , this video will help you .

I'm sure you will enjoy this video without wasting any time .

Let's get started .

The first tip is to use a good camera application .

Now , depending on the phone you are using the phone comes with a stock camera application that is in built .

Now , certain companies are very good with the stock camera application like OnePlus , Samsung apple pixel , but other cameras , even though the hardware is good , the software is not that good enough .

So using a good camera application will give you better images .

For example , you can use the lightroom application of that's an editing application , but the camera built in is really good .

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There are some advanced features as well if you want to see the video dedicated to it .

It's right here .

I have also used the G CAM application , that's actually the stock camera of the pixel devices on my S 10 plus .

And shockingly , the G CAM actually gives me better images .

The hardware is the same , the cameras lenses settings are the same , but you get better images because you're using better software which has better image processing .

The next tip is to use the other lenses .

Nowadays , smartphones come with usually two or three cameras .

If it is three , it is mainly the normal the telephoto and wide angle camera .

Now people get confused exactly when to use which kind of lens it's very simple .

If you want to capture a landscape or a wider perspective than the normal lens , use a wide angle lens .

My personal favorite is the wide angle lens .

So I use it for street photography for landscape photography and I just love it for normal photos , you can use a normal lens .

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But when to use the telephoto lens .

Now the thing is when you're capturing portraits , you might have noticed there is slight distortion and that is because the normal lens is also a slightly wider focal length .

That is where the telephoto focal length comes into play .

It gives you that compression and there is less distortion and gives you a much pleasing image .

Other scenario where you can use the telephoto lens is macro photography .

So if you're very close to the subject and the lens is not able to focus what you can do is move back zoom in and then take the image .

So you're essentially getting the same image but with you in the different lens because the lens is not able to focus .

So this is how you can use different lenses to make most of your smartphone cameras .

The third tip is aspect ratio .

Now the default aspect ratio in most of the smartphones is four is to three .

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Now if you want to take images for your Instagram stories or Instagram Post , you might want to use 16 by nine or one is to one .

But the thing is don't change it in camera even if the application allows you to .

Because what you're essentially doing is you're essentially cropping and not using the full sensor .

And then when you want Torero the image , you have less flexibility because you have already lost resolution .

So when you're shooting in the original default aspect ratio , you're shooting at the highest resolution possible and you're using the whole sensor , then when you want to post it on the other websites or on the other platform , you can always rec the image .

But the advantage here is you're getting more flexibility .

So use the default aspect ratio and later you can rec crop when you're post processing , the fourth tip is using the grid lines .

Now , I've talked about grid lines before and again , I'm talking because it is very important .

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Grid lines is very important in smartphone photography because you have a bigger display than a traditional camera .

So it becomes easier to visualize your composition and it becomes even easier if you are using grid lines .

Most of the times I use a three by three grid lines because I will be focusing on rule of thirds where I want the subject to be at the intersection of the three lines or maybe I want one third of the foreground , two third of the background or vice versa .

Then I use the three by three grid lines .

The grid lines will also help you to know whether the mobile phone is straight or not .

When you're shooting symmetry images , you can also use different grid lines .

These grid lines are very helpful because it helps to visualize your composition better so that you don't have to mess up later when you're post processing .

Now talking about post processing that brings me to the last step that is post processing .

Now , post processing is not related to photography .

I agree .

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But it is very important when it comes to mobile photography , especially if you're shooting in DNG or raw format , post processing will help you to bring a lot of details , especially the colors and sharpness .

It will help you to transform your images .

Now , the question I get asked a lot of times is what application to use ?

The applications that I use is snap seed and lightroom .

Which one should you use ?

It depends on your expertise level .

And what do you need from a software ?

If you are a beginner , I would prefer to go for snap seed .

If you're an amateur and you have a bit of hands on experience , then go for lightroom .

It's a slightly more advanced software .

Let me know in the comments below if you want to see a one by one site comparison of snap seed and lightroom .

But talking about these , these are enough for editing .

If you edit the photos nicely , you will see a lot of difference in your images .

But make sure don't rely on editing , editing photos .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Won't give you good images , taking good photos , editing them will give you better images .

I hope this video helped you guys .

If you enjoyed this video , press the like button .

If you're new to the channel and you want more such content , subscribe to the channel , I will talk to you guys in the next one .

Bye .


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