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2023-07-20 12:10:43

2023_ How to Make an UNBLOCKED GAMES Website for Free!

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All right .

So this is how to make an unblocked games website on Google .

So let's give me an updated version on my other video .

I just wanted to make a better version , better video on how to do this .

So first of all , we're gonna do is we're gonna type in sites dot new , any new tabs ?

Now , we have created a new Google site .

So now that we have a good new Google site , what we're gonna do is we're gonna actually find a few games that we wanna put on our unblock games website .

So I wanna put on 2048 Power line dot A O Wing .

And yes , now you have all these games on all three of these games onto my unblock games website .

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So now that they have these three games , what I wanna do is go and just customize our website first .

So the website name that I wanna have is triple seven games .

Now , I don't recommend having any having unblocked in the title of your website because some schools actually block the word unblocked so that can get your website instantly , just not working .

So I recommend having some some sort of other name in the triple seven games .

So now I'm gonna , I'm gonna just put in the head maybe change the font to sing .

Fancy bold , it maybe green .

How a green is gonna be that custom title ?

And I'm gonna change the header to title only .

So that's what it looks like .

I think it looks pretty good .

So now what we're gonna do is we need to add some pages to our block games website .

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So of course , I'm gonna , uh 2048 I'm gonna add all pages for each of the individual games that I'm adding .

So if you have a bunch of games , it's gonna take a while to keep that in mind , but I only have three games .

So it's not gonna be that big of a deal .

So Wings at A 0 2048 and power line at A O and I'm gonna have one more page called DEV stuff , which I'm gonna get to soon .

So we have home 2048 Poland Dev stuff .

Is that what I wanna do ?

Is I'm gonna put in a section that , that's is gonna be about all the different games .

So there's gonna be buttons up top and on the left side , they're gonna send you to the different games .

So let's do that .

So we have , I changed the font to lobster quickly .

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So let's , we're actually gonna go to insert for this .

So I click on insert and I'm gonna add some buttons .

So this button is gonna be called 2048 and it's going to 2048 .

Wasn't sure of another body .

Power line 0.0 .

It's going to power line gonna add one more button and it's gonna be for to after that just one more button and you guys said that's gonna be for DEV stuff .

So let's do that , change that to a lower case S OK ?

So now we have all the different pages .

However , if you go into these pages , you can see that there's nothing on them .

So let's change that .

So let's make it till the games are actually available on there .

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So , first of all , what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna open up 2048 and I'm just gonna copy the URL for this and then I'm gonna go to insert or I can just double click it really fast and I'm going to just click embed embed by URL and I'm just gonna paste the URL that I have copied and then I click whole page and then just click insert .

So let's do that .

So I've inserted it , inserted the whole page in 2048 .

So now that we have this , I'm just gonna enter another button which is gonna link to home just so that it's easy to navigate the site .

Awesome .

So yeah , but like this and if all 2048 in here and let's do that to all the different games .

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So power landed to quit that URL , copy that and embed URL and just paste that URL and then would embed the whole page a power line at the O embedded .

Now let's embed wings at the O as well .

Awesome .

So bed and we have all now .

So we now currently have all pages work .

Again .

We have 2048 win depop .

So let's just insert a button here .

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That's gonna link to home , insert , insert a button and let's name this home page can link to home and let's just sit that with wings at there as well .

Not be in a pardon ?

And she did that song in 2048 as well .

Yep .

It is .

She do that for Dev stuff as well .

But before we do that , let's actually fix the deaf stuff and make it actually work .

So for Dev stuff , I want people to be able to send requests for games that they want on the site .

So let's 1st , 1st of all , tell people that's what we're gonna do here .

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Great .

Correct .

Ok .

So now let's go and go to Sheets dot New .

Let's gonna make a new Google sheet spreadsheet .

And from this , we're gonna name this requests spreadsheet .

There's probably gonna be part two for this video , just say no request spreadsheet .

All right .

So we have this , now , what we're gonna do is we're gonna go and insert a form into your .

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So now there's gonna be a Google form and there's also going to be a spreadsheet that displays the Google form answer so people can see what has already been like displayed to me .

First of all , it's gonna be short answer and here it's gonna be required more craft games here .

Alright .

So we have all of this , we have all the set up .

Now , what we need to do is go back to the spreadsheet and to automatically insert the answers .

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So now what we do school responses , time stamp request is what this is gonna be named .

Awesome .

So now we have a time stamp for the requests and we're gonna have the actual game request .

So now we need to do is go and in bed from drive and we're gonna just embed requests .

Alrighty .

So now we have this then we're gonna just insert a pardon quickly .

So this is gonna be for home and awesome snow if you go and just preview this or what's gonna happen is you can see all the games and you can just click on any of these .

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Let's click on DEV stuff just as the demo that since you already know everything else works .

Oh yeah , there's uh what I forgot is to make sure that people can actually you know , send a request .

So let's go fix that to this down a little bit too bad from drive .

Why can't I find the form .

Ok .

That's it .

That's perfect .

So now let's go download this quickly preview .

So how about , let's say is what we want .

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Now , if we could be fresh this , it's going to display and also same for the spreadsheet to the request , you can see the time that it is and uh here you can see the request so anybody can see this .

It's anonymous though .

So yeah , that's um how that works .

So now you can just go to the home page and let's just publish it .

So now time to pick the best URL .

I'm gonna delete these dashes since I don't like dashes in a URL .

So triple seven games .

It's me the URL and yeah , anyway , you can view the site .

Let's published this .

Awesome .

So it's been published successfully .

You know what I wanna do before I finish it off .

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I'm gonna just make all these fonts fancy quickly text color , make the screen man .

Let's make this lobster .

All this does is just lets us to better makes you make the game , make a site , excuse me , make the site um just more professional or not professional , just better looking in general .

And yeah , this is you can now you can just play around add whatever you want at fun sections .

Yeah , this is just the basics getting started .

What you want to know to do is how to have it .

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So people can click the buttons to play the games , how people can have buttons again and then how people can have a form to send game requests .

So that's it .

Now , you can add more pages , whatever you want .

Once I find some more stuff to show you guys to add to your game sites , I'm gonna make a part two for now .

That's it .

And if it helped , please leave a like and subscribe , it helps out the channel a lot and you'll see in the next video .


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