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Hi guys .

Welcome back to designers .

I'm Sarah , architect and interior designer .

In this video , I'll show you five perfect and trendy colors to be used in any living room .

I will provide you with some ideas on how to use it and combine each one depending on your style .

So this video is to get inspired to add a touch of color into your space .

I want to .

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Ok , guys .

Are you ready to get inspired by the color trends for living rooms ?

Let's get started .

The first on the list is one of the favorites for upcoming year .

It's green .

The color of life , nature and healing green is the most stressful and relaxing color of the spectrum .

So it's common to use as a background in residential spaces because as human beings , we are used to seeing it in large quantities .

There are a lot of green shades to choose .

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But one of the favorites right now is sage green , a kind of gray green perfect for small spaces or when you're looking for a fresh appearance , since green is the color of nature , you can get inspired by it to create the entire color palette for your living room .

Pair your green tone with warm neutrals and materials like wood jude seagrass , golden details , linen leather sofas or armchairs as green is on the side of cool colors in the color wheel .

I recommend combining it with warm materials and texture to create a balanced color palette .

Also black accents are perfect to create contrast , use them in lamps , coffee tables , handles or accessories .

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If you're looking for an elegant appearance , I will give you a sneak peek of the color trends in interior design for next year , Sherry William has chaired the color of the year for 2022 which is evergreen fog , a soothing shade .

Perfect for freshen up any space .

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I'm preparing about the upcoming trends .

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The second color is dark gray .

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The favorite one if your living room has a contemporary minimalist industrial or Scandinavian look , this color is elegant and dramatic , but before using it , ensure to have a good amount of natural light in the space and a good lighting plan for the night time .

Since it's a neutral color , we have an infinite choice to combine depending on your living room style .

If you're looking for a or Scandinavian look , you can combine a monochromatic color scheme with other neutral tones like white and light gray .

If you want to use this color scheme , I recommend adding some elements in wood , natural materials and greenery sparingly in the room to create a cozy atmosphere .

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Dark gray is a good choice if you're looking for an industrial style to achieve this look paired with other neutrals like white , beige tape , brown , lighter grays and textures like rustic wood brick brush , gold and tan leather .

Another way to use dark gray , especially if you're looking to have a contemporary glam style is to play it with vibrant colors such as mustard emerald green , orange or pink .

Use it as an accent in your pillows , arms accessories or sofa .

Let's continue with the next color which is the timeless white .

Yes .

When talking about colors for the living room , we can't forget to talk about white .

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White is the most versatile color in interior design because you can change the mood of your space using your furniture , decorative items like pillows , flowers , ottomans or by painting an accent wall in your favorite color , a wide living room doesn't have to be dull .

Some of the most popular color palettes used in white are the contemporary color palette .

This is versatile and elegant .

Combine your white walls with warm neutrals , black and wooden furniture .

If you prefer a relaxing look , you can go for all white .

No , it's not a boring palette if you use the right texture and materials .

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This color scheme is convenient if you're looking for a minimalist and timeless living room .

When using all white in interior design , they keep is to include tactile texters and warm materials like wood to create contrast include patterns and texture fabrics in your sofa , armchair , pillows and dry wall coverings like molding or panels to give dimension to the room .

Another way to create a color palette using white is by pairing it with your favorite color as an accent .

You can have all the background and essential pieces in white and include small accents using your favorite color skin .

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For example , use white and two contrasting colors like blue and orange or green and pink for your pillows , armchairs , ornaments or artwork .

Guys combining your favorite color is very easy .

I will leave you the link below to my video and free guide on combining colors using the color wheel .

I'm sure it will be beneficial for your decorating journey if you like neutral colors because of their versatility but want something other than white while still maintaining a timeless look .

I think you'll enjoy the next color gray .

A color that is the perfect balance between cool gray and warm beige .

This tone is very popular for residential spaces because it's versatile .

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Also trendy design styles like and contemporary Scandinavian use it as the primary color of the space because it helps achieve warm and inviting dead calm and serene rooms .

Since it's a neutral and soft color , we can try different color palettes depending on your taste .

If you're looking for a warm candy look , carry a warm gray stone with other neutrals like white gray or beige .

In this case , adding touches of black mat through the accessories will anchor the composition also , wood and natural materials will create a balanced living room .

The gray is a perfect tone for people who love neutral spaces .

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But if you want to add a pop of color , you can do it but make sure to pick muted colors like sage green or dusty pink .

A piece of advice is to be careful when selecting a gray stone for your backdrop .

Some can look more beige and some can look more gray depending on the mix of the two colors .

Select the best one to complement your furniture and Decor .

The next color is blue .

This color doesn't need a long explanation by green .

Blue is a favorite in residential spaces because it has a common effect and goes well with many colors and styles .

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Most importantly , it's a color that doesn't go out of style blue is a versatile hue that can move from dark and moody to soft and calming .

It's a good color for contemporary traditional bohemian to more fancy styles like art deco and glam .

Depending on the style , you must pick the blue tone for your space .

If you're looking for a clam , elegant look , pick a dark blue tone and combine it with materials and textures such as velvet , golden metals , marble or crystals .

If your style is leaning toward contemporary , combine dark blue with neutrals like gray beige or white .

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In this case , touches of natural materials can work very well to a warm and modern look .

If you prefer a fresh and calming feel , balance a light blue tone with warm neutrals and materials such as wood , jute sea grass , rotan cane weaving and fabrics like cotton or linen .

In this case , a black accent could work very well to maintain a humble and a slick look .

Natural materials pop against this shade of blue , use it evenly in all the living room to get a cohesive space .

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Guys , remember if you're planning New York color palette , designing a space , creating mood boards or organizing design ideas .

I invite you to sign up for Milano for free using the link in the description box below .

I'm sure Mila node will make the process easier and enjoyable for your design journey .

Now , it's your , you know that I love to know about your taste .

So please don't forget to share with me in a comment below .

Which color combination is your favorite one ?

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I will appreciate it a lot .

Have a wonderful week .

See you in the next one .


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