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2023-07-20 13:35:21

15 min Yoga Class - Standing Yoga for Beginners - Sean Vigue Fitness

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Ah , good afternoon .

Good morning .

Good evening .

Happy brunch time , Sean Shave fitness dot com .

Whole yoga series today of standing poses , which is ironic because I'm crouching right now .

But all standing poses , do them on your feet .

I'm going to take the shoes off for this because it's a special , beautiful day .

You're welcome to keep the shoes on .

But I recommend going barefoot for this one .

So you can really feel the mat or the earth or wherever you are underneath your feet .

Remember we always use control and modify as needed because this is the only body we got .

We're the only ones who can take care of it .

So let's do that .

All right .

Are we all set ?

We set ?

All right , let's do some standing yoga .

Get the cap on , shake out the arms and the legs .

Standing high .

Standing yoga , of course , refers to uh , poses done with our feet down a whole world .

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Here's just a sliver a sample of these moves .

Remember , use control to modify as needed to start with some shoulder rolls , make sure everything's nice and loose .

Inhale , lift the shoulders up , exhale , drop them back the brim of the cap shading the eyes , itch the ankle with the foot , fingers and toes nice and loose as we get our breath going , breathing in the nose and out the nose deep into those abdominals into the diaphragm .

As you inhale , top of the head lifts as you exhale shoulders , relaxing down .

All right , inhale , bring the arms up over the head , shoulders , relaxed and sway to the side , digging those toes into the mat .

We're gonna exhale , go a little deeper into that stretch .

Keep the spine nice and lengthened and the neck in line with the spine .

Brilliant .

Keep those shoulders relaxed .

Keep them down , touch down , exhale to the other side .

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Each inhale , you're gonna lift a little taller , each exhale , sink down a little more but keep the length in the pose right back to the center arms coming down forward , full little softness in the knees , lace the fingers behind you .

Yoga Mudra Mudr , a proper spelling .

Keep opening up the chest , stretching the shoulders , breathing deep .

The head gets a little red , but that's , that's how the gravity works .

All right .

Bring it back up , arms up over the head , lace the fingers and we take it to the side a little deeper stretch .

Now , using those long arms which are becoming longer by the second to aid us in that stretch , take a few deep breaths on each side .

You reset to the center shoulders down in , take it to the other side .

You want to get that spine nice and long .

Honoring the spine .

The spine is with you every second of your life helping you out in every movement you want .

So we keep it nice and loose .

All right again , bring it down forward .

Full .

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The feet are hip with apart , the weight is rocking into the toes .

So if you try to wiggle your toes here , it should be very difficult , much deeper .

Stretch knees is a little bit soft , right , rising back up again , adjusting the cap and the shirt , classic arms up over the head .

And this time we cross the arms lace the fingers , palms together , shoulders down , arms back , feel that stretch right away .

Try to keep the neck very long here .

So you want to tuck the chin a little bit .

Think of having a peach .

Ain't that a peach ?

A peach between the chin and the chest as you breathe ?

That's marvelous .

Switch the arms , keep those shoulders down .

I love to watch people .

I like to go to Disney walk the parks .

You know , people watch and I think the biggest thing I see that bugs me and there's a bunch of things big thing as far as posture , shoulders are always up and forward .

They're not relaxing .

They're rounding forward , pulling your whole body with it .

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Now , take those arms up , palms together tree poles .

Let's get classic here .

Open up that right hip , bring the heel above the knee or below to the inside of the leg soften that standing knee a little bit , relaxing the shoulders , opening the chest , pulling the abdominals in and find that focal point balance pose requires the entire body .

Take the arms up , extend a tree .

We're extending the heck out of this tree keeping the hip open and that chin always a little bit tucked , beware of kinking the back of the neck .

All right , if you need to touch the toe down or lift the leg out to the side , shaking is good .

It builds character .

That foot is flexed , the hip stays open .

Call this the willow tree , not sure why , but it's a pretty name .

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You got to keep lifting that leg a little higher and then we step out triangle , turn that 1 ft in your right foot , turns in open the left hip and we come down nice big hinge there fitting between a screen door and a door .

That's how you want to think in the triangle .

You can also bring the back of the hand or the inside of the leg .

Now reach through revolving triangle .

One of my favorites and believe me , that's a hard one to say because they're all my favorites .

Keep stretching out that left leg .

Looking up to that top hand , each exhale , rotate a little bit more .

Then we return back dramatically coming up to he'll walk the feet together tree pose other side , we want balance my friends we wanna work both the sides equally to have the most balanced experience possible .

There we are tree pose again , make sure the heel is not pressing up against the knee .

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People ask why I say because your knee doesn't like that .

Ok ?

If you like remember arms up over the head , but keep your gaze , your eyes fixed on a , on an object that is not moving .

So not the alligators find a tree , uh the , the smiling tree evidently , then we have the willow , the unknown willow , but very , very challenging .

You feel your core muscles , you feel your abdominals really tightening here .

It's the center , keeping your body still like this is very challenging .

Don't be fooled by it .

It's what's not moving that's working the hardest .

Then we step out flow right into triangle .

You want to reach , squeeze the legs , shirt , doctoring and then bring the arm up , looking into that top hand .

Very nice .

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Each exhale opened the arm a little bit more beautiful day as I record this voiceover , it's raining in central Florida .

But this was filmed last week , nice sunny day and we revolve the triangle easier to do than to say evidently each exhale , draw the arm back a little bit more .

You want to open the chest , the more the bones of the chest open , the easier it is to breathe .

It's pretty straightforward , swooping around stepping back in chair pose , press back into the glutes .

So this one your toe should be able to wiggle nice and easy side view action shot like the old tops football cards , right , arms up or palms in front of the chest .

You wanna relax the shoulders , don't spin around like I do .

I'm only doing that so you can see the full thing .

There you go .

I look really tough doing that .

Keep putting the weight into the heels and the glutes breathing deep into that pose .

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All right forward , fold a fold always feels great after the chair lifting up , squeezing the abdominals and stepping out again , we got the triangle .

Go back to the triangle if you like or .

Oh hell , I'm just going to tuck in the shirt .

I'm feeling nuts .

This is the half moon bringing that left hand down and then opening to the front .

There we are a little bend in that left knee .

That's good .

You can also keep lifting your right leg high .

You can grab it with your right hand .

Fingers are loose , abs are tight and then the revolving half moon .

So this is , this is the graduation from the triangle and reverse triangle .

You can work up to that .

You can grab that foot as I just demonstrating and again , find that fixed point flex that foot to stretch the leg a little bit more .

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Feel that opposition and then returning back up , du du du stool back into chair , glancing over at the dog who's probably over there smiling keep pressing back into the glute .

You can do this on your tippy toes as well and then forward , fold nice stretch for the hamstrings and the back inhale .

Rising up and half moon , other side , Triumph Triangle or half moon hand down .

I'm just , I'm Nile's craning today .

I was just obsessive over that shirt .

All right .

Opening up if you can read lips , tell me what I just said .

Good focused .

Lifting the leg a little higher , the arm a little higher to process my friends .

You practice it , it gets better .

You practice it 34 times a week and you'll be amazed at the improvements .

Life is just so much better with yoga .

Everything smells sweeter .

It tastes sweeter .

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You move sweeter .

Use the word sweeter .

More .

The revolving half moon .

By the way , you can flex that foot .

Also your left foot .

All right down , we go shake it out , adjusting the clothes , checking the pockets and we're going to Eagle , take the arm forward .

Other arm comes underneath the wrap around , either side is fine .

You're gonna press back into that chair .

This is called half eagle .

We want full eagle .

We take that leg up .

So whatever arm is under the other arm , take the opposite leg and cross it .

You wanna wrap it around as much as you can keeping your hips square to the front and keep pressing back into your glutes and into that standing legs , heel .

So in this case if I'm mirroring this , it would be my right heel .

And that's the eagle .

Eagle is fantastic .

Now , keep the arms and dip it down to forward , fold forward , fold eagle , a very original stretch .

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I was , I was shown this .

I was in Montana .

I go to Montana every year , took a yoga class and she did this .

I thought it was fantastic .

Never thought of that .

I love stuff like that .

You take something , you know , and add it with something else , you know , it's like a great recipe and you create a whole new food , a whole new stretch .

All right .

Eagle other side , I was exposed to it .

That's the word I was looking for .

So again , that arm is on the bottom .

So the opposite leg crosses over , find the focal point , fingers going up , elbows forward , shoulders down again , fingers up , elbows forward , shoulders down .

Whoa , something got excited in front of the camera .

Good .

Hold through the breaths .

All right .

Bring it down another opportunity .

Eagle arms forward , fold .

If you want to take it a wide legged forward , fold , you feel that stretch .

Definitely more on one shoulder .

You can sway back and forth if you wish .

Keeping the knees a little bit soft .

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All right .

Rising back up , unravel the arm , shake it up .

Let's do a quick check in on the dog .

There's my audience today .

There's Addie having a good time .

Shake it out .

Whoa OK .

Got some serious shirt tucking , happening in there .

I do this in my sleep .

Wake up tucking the shirt even if I'm not wearing one crescent lunge .

My friends , I love this crescent lunge into Warrior three ankle right underneath the foot .

Arms are up shoulders down , lengthening that back leg or dip the knee down to hit the , the hip flexor .

Now we lift up Warrior three .

If this is too much , take the arms to the sides or I mean up against your body or out to the sides .

My standing knee is bent .

Very challenging pose requires a crud load of core strength and step back .

Make the transition smooth into that lunge , ah , by the power of gray skull .

Let's do that again .

Love it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Bring it forward .

It's challenging this time .

I'm gonna make the , the little Charlie's Angels hands with my uh , uh hand with my fingers .

We are so index finger out point .

Definitely a little more challenging .

Keeping the shoulders back and then stepping back .

Du du du to the lunch like a stunt man like a boss .

Other side arms go up .

No , no , no , no , no , no , no , no shoulders down .

The chest is open as you exhale , you're gonna do a little backb in there .

Get some opposition , the more you lengthen that back leg , the more it's gonna push your upper body forward .

So resist that with the core , right .

Come forward .

Ah , a little shaky , but we'll get into it in due time .

Warrior 33 .

That means there's two other Warriors watch my other yoga videos and you will find which ones they are or what they are .

Good .

I'm actually parallel when I filmed this .

I didn't feel like I was .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So now I feel great lunge back ankle , under the knee , back leg , straightened , hip , square abs tight .

Keep those shoulders relaxed .

Yes .

Again , by the power of gray sk una , we go forward Warrior three .

I'm gonna lace the fingers , index finger out .

I'll spare you the whole Charlie's angel spiel spiel here we are .

Find that fixed point on the ground , breathing lengthening that spine and then stepping back , feeling great , shake out the legs , do the little shaken Post Warrior three dance point at the camera and then forward fold , little indecision there .

But when in doubt , forward fold , rocking back and forth while loosen up quick , little cool down here , arms up my hands are outside the uh lens but rest assured they are there forward , fold again .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Inhale , squeeze those abs rolling up tall little back band again .

Come down , opening that chest neck is loose .

Rising up yoga standing series .

You got about 15 minutes of this great work .

Take those arms up once again , palms together hands coming down in front of the chest , heart center .

Nama , stay my friends .

Thank you for joining me .

Shake it out .

Practice this one .

Add it into your own workouts point at your shoulders , all working the shoulders , stomach sides and whoa .


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