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2023-07-21 08:49:51

Yoga For Beginners At Home 30 Day Challenge (15 min) Day 5

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Hello , it's Leslie Fightmaster and welcome to day 5 , 30 days of yoga for beginners .

Let's come on to our backs and the knees are bents , close your eyes a couple of breaths here just to kind of settle in .

I just want to turn the attention toward the breath .

Also take a moment to scan your body just starting to notice if there are any areas that feel tight or you might have a little pain here or there .

By the way , if you ever are having pain during a yoga pose , stop immediately .

That is your body saying I don't like this , don't do this .

So it's a good indication our bodies talk to us with sensations .

So we're gonna take the right ankle just past the left knee .

We'll start with thread the needles today , I'm drawing the legs in any amount .

You can also keep the left foot on the floor .

So as you draw the legs in , you might feel more of a stretch in the right hip .

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Make sure you flex the right ankle the whole time .

Then if your right knee is drawn way in towards your chest , maybe you can move it a little bit forward so that the ankle and the knee are about the same line if possible .

And then we'll slowly release and switch left ankle past the right knee , flex that ankle and bring the hands through , holding anywhere on the right leg or keep the right foot on the floor instead .

So it doesn't matter .

I know I've said this several times already , but it really doesn't matter how deeply you get into a pose .

It just matters that you feel a stretch .

When you feel the stretch , then the fresh blood is moving in and the toxin toxins are moving out .

So that's all we need to worry about .

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And then of course , with our breath practice , that's moving more oxygen through the blood through the body , which is wonderful , long breaths help to relieve stress .

And so one more breath here release , rolling off to the right side with your left hand , press up , let your head come up last and rolling forward right on to the hands and knees and then hips to heels .

Child's pose will extend the arms forward , spread the fingers out nice and wide .

And now we're gonna try and turn those inner elbows up toward the ceiling .

Press extra weight in the thumb and first finger tuck the toes lift up and back , keep the knees bent down .

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Doc arms are shoulders , distance apart , the feet hips with and we're trying to wrap the outer upper arms , the triceps back toward the back of the map .

And the biceps , the inner upper arms spin toward the front of the map at the same time into the thumb , first finger set of the hand and then let's come down and rest in child's posts .

And another reminder , you can always rest in child's posts whenever you feel like you'd like to or need to or want to push the pause button .

It's always there reaching the arms forward , shoulders , distance apart back to the knees , tuck the toes lifting up and back again to down dog and then start to stretch back , reaching the right heel down , keeping the left knee bent and then switch and switching back and forth a little bit here .

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Nice long breaths as you make these movements and then both knees hips high now start to straighten the legs any amount .

But remember we want length in the spine .

So keep the knees bent a little if you need to , your hamstrings will stretch out eventually .

Inhale .

Come forward into playing pose a new on top of a push up .

Let's take the knees down or if you can keep the knees lifted shoulders right above the wrist and lift the backs of the knees up toward the ceiling .

Exhale , lift the hips and back into downward facing dog breathing here .

Keep the belly pulled in and the ribs drawing in firm the legs inhale again to plank .

Keeping the belly pulled in shoulders over wrist .

Remember , knees can come down as needed tailbones , reaching to the back of the knees , my hips and shoulders are about the same line .

So I don't want my buns sticking up in the air .

Knees can come down .

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Let's take them all down and then shift forward .

Exhale , slowly lower all the way to your belly .

Hands will be by the low ribs , untuck .

The toes come onto the tops of the feet , press all your toenails into the floor and he'll peel the chest into cobra .

Pull the hands back toward the feet , widening the collar bones , keep the belly pulled in and then released , press the pubic bone down , slightly lift up again .

So that'll help the tail bone to lengthen to heels , inner thighs lift up co or pose , then exhale to the knees , tuck the toes , lift the hips downward facing dog .

These are all the components of a sun salutation .

It's called Sina mascara .

A look forward and step your feet to your hands on the inhale , come halfway up , hands to shins or wherever on the legs .

Exhale , fold , hands can stay on the legs .

You don't have to touch the floor .

Inhale , press for the feet all the way up .

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Long spine look up and lengthen , exhale to .

So remember our pose , feed our hips with or together outages of our feet are parallel from the legs .

Make sure the toes don't turn out .

Normally , if you're walking , you will notice that your feet turn out if you look and a lot of people do that , it's actually um it tightens the lower back .

So that's why it's not good .

If you have a block , I want you to hold it between your inner thighs .

Give it a give it a gentle squeeze .

So when I say inner thighs spin back , that's what that means .

When you're holding the block , that's the action .

So tailbones gonna lengthen .

We don't want the buns to stick out .

We don't want a buns to come too far forward either .

So we want it right in the middle .

Think of the pelvis like a bowl .

It's not tilted forward or back and he'll sweep the arms up .

Remember arms can stay wide because we don't want the ribs to pop out .

Exhale and fold forward .

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Hinging from the hips , bend the knees as needed .

Hands don't have to touch the floor .

Inhale .

Halfway up , hands to chains are above the knees and exhale , fold forward again , inhale with a long spine .

Sweep the arms out around and up .

Looking up if that's OK with your neck .

Remember ribs and tail bone down , exhale hands to heart .

Let's put that block aside for now .

Turn to the long side of the mat and step the feet out wide .

Bring your arms out to a tee if you could grow really long fingers here , which would be weird .

I know you should be able to touch your ankles .

So that's about how long your legs should be .

Line up your front heel with your back , arch , inhale arms to a tee and exhale warrior too .

So we did this yesterday .

Vini to remember knee over ankle , drop the front hip down , lift the back , inner thigh , knees are pointed over the middle toes .

Breathing here , lift the chest , but draw the shoulder blades down .

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Now we're gonna straighten that leg .

We're not gonna do that one very much today .

Today , we're gonna add triangle post Trina so you can keep your legs as wide as they were or you can walk it in a little , shift your hips back from the hip creases , you're going to just shift it back .

Now , lean , excuse me , lean your torso over the leg .

So shift the hips back , lean the torso over the leg .

Try and keep the top RPS roll , rolling open toward the ceiling , reach the right arm out and then drop it down wherever it might just come on the top of the leg , it might be the shin , it might be the floor .

If you have a block , you might use a block and then extend the left arm up , reach the crown of the head forward .

If it's OK with your neck , look up at the left hand , your front leg is straight but makes you're not locking out the knee .

So press into the base of the big toe of your right foot .

Now look down to the floor , little bend in the knee , come on up on your inhale .

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And once again , arms to a t this time shift the hips back , lean , lean , lean over the front thigh .

As much as you can take your time .

Lean as far forward as you can then take your right hand , wherever it reaches to , it doesn't have to be far .

But what we really would like imagine you got , you have a wall behind you .

The front hip is touching the wall and the upper back would also be touching the wall .

So your torso is above the thigh .

Bottom ribs spin forward , top , rip , spin back and pull up on the kneecap from the quadri sep in both legs , look down and how to come up feet to parallel their side .

Left leg turns all the way out from the hip .

Back toes in slightly line up heel to arch , make sure you're still lined up there and then we'll take Warrior two to begin .

So as you bend that knee , be sure the knee is over the ankle and in line with the middle toes , drop the front hip down with the back in her thigh .

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Arms or shoulder height , gaze is over the front fingertips .

Remember gaze helps us with our concentration and then straight in the leg setting up for triangle , you can keep your legs that wide or if it feels unstable , walk it in a little closer to arch , still take your hands to your hip creases .

He'll shift your hips back and lean the torso over the leg and then come up and inhale .

Exhale , shift the hips back and lean the torso forward .

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You try to roll that top shoulder back , inhale and come up and then exhale , shift the hips back , lean forward , lean over that leg and then reach the left arm out and then just drop it down wherever it reaches to stretch up through the right arm , shoulders are in line with each other .

Keep pressing weight into the base of the big toe of your left foot that will help keep the calf pressing toward the shin and the front hip moving under .

You keep the belly lifted lengthening from the sternum , the chest all the way to the navel and then come on up on your inhale and one more time shift the hips back , start to lean over that front leg .

Lean , lean , lean as far as you can when you can't possibly lean more , then take the left hand down wherever it reaches .

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It doesn't matter how far reach up through the right arm , left bottom ribs come forward , top ribs , right ribs , spin back , collarbones are widening .

Keep the belly pulling in .

You're gonna lengthen the torso .

Remember , torso is right over the thighs .

If you had a wall behind you , you could gently lean against , we'll look down , bend the knee and he'll come up feet to parallel step or hop your feet together and then turn back to the front of the mat .

Back to , to then inhale , reach up as you exhale will fold forward .

Hinging from the hips .

Come as far forward as you can inhale halfway up , fingertips on the floor or shins or legs .

Exhale , step all the way back into down dock arms , our shoulders , distance , feed our hips with and then we'll come on to the knees .

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I'm gonna set the hips down and lie down , hug your knees into your chest .

Remember this one's keep the right knee hugging and extend the left leg out and then take your right knee to the left side for a twist .

Look over the right shoulder and that left leg or sorry , that right leg might just come a little bit to the left and then back to center , cut the left knee and extend the right leg out and twist to the other side , looking over the right shoulder and then back to center .

Draw the knees in , gonna reach the tail bone toward the floor to lengthen out your spine here .

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And then we'll make our way into knees can always be bent .

Remember , relax , relax , relax , let everything go , release any breathing .

Just natural breath .

Be back in a moment .

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Our quotes today as you're resting a little bit more about yoga .

This is from another classic yoga text called the yoga is Evenness of Mind .

Yoga is skill in action , stretch yourself out through the arms and the legs and then roll to your right side , pausing a moment and then press yourself up carefully to seated , any seated position , bring the hands together and hands to our forehead .

To remind us to have clear and loving thoughts , hands to hearts .

Again , reminding us to have clear and loving intentions , hands to the mouth , to remind us to have clear and loving communications .

Send out this wonderful energy to all beings everywhere .

No , must stay .

Thank you .

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Thank you for joining us today and don't forget to subscribe , push the like button , leave us a comment , share this with your friends .

Please visit fightmaster yoga dot com .

You can join our mailing list and I will see you tomorrow .

Bye .


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