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2023-07-22 12:54:33

Decorate With Me 2023 _ Budget Friendly Decorating Ideas

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Hey , Sabra , if you guys are new here .

Hi and welcome today .

We're doing a decorate with me .

We're gonna be sprucing up a few areas of my home and this morning I was at my local grocery store and I picked up some fresh herbs for my kitchen countertops .

I love having these in my kitchen .

Not only is it fun to cook with , but it also puts off an amazing aroma .

So I picked up a rosemary and I also picked up a mint and I just put them in these two little clay pottery pots that I had on hand and we're gonna style these on my kitchen countertops in the back corner of my kitchen .

This corner tends to just collect clutter and I'm over it .

So I'm actually gonna clear it all out .

I'm gonna put away my serving boards and we're going to try something else .

I love these clear glass canisters .

I actually got these at home goods last year .

I've had them .

I absolutely love them .

You can find a different variety , all different styles , but these ones are for sure .

A total hit .

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I love little knobs on this one .

I had sugar in it for the longest time .

I just didn't really feel like I was using it as much as I would like .

So I'm actually going to just put the sugar away .

I rinsed out my clear glass container and I'm actually going to just dry it off and I'm going to fill it with some spaghetti noodles or fettuccini noodles .

And um , you can fit three boxes .

And what's nice about these containers ?

They are tall enough to fit the noodles , which was great .

If you don't have tall containers , you can also do macaroni noodles or whatever you actually use the most , which would be best for these containers .

But lately my kids have been loving pasta .

So noodles are going to go in the canister .

The other one , I love just having flour .

This one we actually make crepes a ton and I , I'm always using this flour canister to get our flour out of it .

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So with these three , we're going to put them onto my back countertops and I just feel like it's so convenient and easy and it's really pretty to display as well .

And so I love when something is functional , but it also is stylish at the same time .

Next , I'm adding a fresh piece of artwork .

This one is just from my shop .

This is one of my paintings that I did instead of just laying it flat against the back splash , I actually just ended up angling it and then I added my new cookbooks that I picked up from home goods .

Recently .

These books are so awesome .

This is my new pinch bowl that I grabbed from my vintage shop with me .

Video if you guys missed that .

But this one I have been loving .

So I ended up adding parsley salt and garlic right on the inside .

Those are the three most seasonings that we use .

The most obviously pepper as well for this corner .

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I cleared this corner out as well and I actually ended up just bringing back out my vintage bowls .

It's probably one of my favorites .

I just put all of our fruit in it and then I'm gonna just add our fresh herbs right along the side .

So it's a very colorful corner , but it's fresh and I love it and I just added this nice little jewelry bowl as well .

I put my other piece of artwork into my glass bookcase .

I love adding artwork around my home .

It's one of the things I enjoy most and I just think it freshens up any space and adds a nice fun personality .

So for my , I've had this white pottery Barn vase for the longest time and I actually just want to swap it out with this gray textured vase .

It almost looks like a concrete .

This is probably one of my favorite finds .

It's actually from home goods or I'm sorry , it's actually from Home Depot .

And , um , I will link it down below for you guys if you're interested .

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But I love how tall it is and I feel like with how light and bright my house is , it just , I just need some more color .

So I have these olive stems , which I got from Hobby Lobby and instead of cutting your stems , I actually like to keep them long .

And then depending on the vase , bend the stems now because this base is so large .

I actually ended up just grabbing my spaghetti boxes because I need something to kind of prop up my stems in this extremely large base .

So you can use other things .

Obviously , nobody's going to see it , but I just ended up using my spaghetti boxes and they worked out amazing .

Um So yeah , anyways , I ended up just like opening them and then stuffing the stems like right inside the spaghetti box .

So my little trick of the day , I guess , but I just stuffed these olive branches into my large vase .

I have about six stems and um the way I like to do it is I don't want them resting right on the top of the vase .

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I want them to kind of like be a little more like kind of sprouting out of the top .

So I just take my stems .

I kind of do three to start on the sides and then the other three I'll go in and kind of like bend them around .

You don't want it to like look stiff .

I hate when like faux look so stiff .

So I like to add some movement to them .

So I like to bend the stems some up , some down .

Um And yeah , you just kind of play around with it , but like this bottom one was like driving me nuts and I felt like it just needed a little more movement in it .

So just play around with it .

And obviously you do you and you do what's best and whatever you like .

But for me , I like just a little bit more movement with my faux olive stems .

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I ended up grabbing this beautiful fluted accent bowl from Target and I added it to my dining table and then I found these beautiful kind of like ball Garlin from home goods .

And I felt like , oh , these two are just such a great combo .

So I added these to my dining room table .

I recently purchased some new bedding from Target and I want to show you guys how that bedding combo looks together .

Now , my room is like not finished .

There's so many other things I need to do to it , but this is just the bedding .

So we put fresh sheets on last night .

So I'm kind of making the bed for the day , but this is the duvet cover from hearth and hand , this is their farmhouse style .

This duvet cover has just a very thin , thin minimal uh gray line on it and I , I didn't want it to look too farmhouse , but I actually really love the very minimal gray lines on it .

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And then I also have this top blanket or quilt from Casal and it's in the Sham Beri color or Shay Be color .

And so I really like this because the rug I have in my room , I feel like really pulls all of these colors in together .

And so this is how it looks up up close .

I really like it and I like the different textures of the bedding as well .

And then I also have this knitted blanket from Casal Lua .

So pretty much my whole bedding set is from Target and the prices were pretty decent and the quality is actually really good as well .

So I'm rather happy with this purchase .

So for my bed , I like to layer up a top quilt and a blanket .

Now , if you ask my husband , he probably absolutely hates it , but I love it .

So we make it work .

So I just like to fold back the top layer of the debate cover .

I like to make it nice and plush .

So that way our bed just looks like it has lots of layers to it .

And then this duvet cover actually comes with two king size shams .

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So I just added two king size pillows , but I will say one thing about this duvet cover is that it is quite thin .

So if your comforter inside is stained .

I would not recommend this duvet cover it will show through .

So just a side note that is something that I did notice .

The last item we added is this runner from Studio mcgee .

It's hands down perfect for our bathroom .

I love the color tones of it .

It also brings in those warm color tones from our bedroom .


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