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HOW TO DECORATE BOHO STYLE - 11 tips to get you started!

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Hey , today we're gonna look at 11 tips that will help you bring a bohemian vibe into your home .

So the first thing you can do to make your home boho is to add texture .

Boho homes are always full of texture .

But how do you actually add texture to your home ?

You always hear this add texture but like what does it mean ?

So the way I like to add texture into my home is by thinking about the things that I enjoy touching .

When I go shopping , things that you enjoy touching are probably gonna be things that bring texture into your room .

You can look at baskets , you can look at macro hangers , woven items , things that are made out of leather , stone , things that are textural blankets , throw pillows , chunky knits , anything that feels cozy is gonna be textural .

The next thing is low level seating .

Boho homes are all about relaxing , hanging out with your friends , you know , kicking back and having a good time .

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So low level seating is really gonna encourage that kind of behavior of relaxation .

So what you wanna do is look to adding floor pillows , Moroccan style poofs and Ottomans you could you know those beautiful leather ottomans that you see , often even layering cozy rugs to just kind of invite people to sit on the floor and stay a while , not only low level seating , but also lower coffee tables in the bedroom , maybe a lower bed , low level furniture .

The next tip is to not use a lot of heavy dark furniture , lighter woods are gonna be a much better backdrop for all the colors and patterns that you're incorporating into your room .

Dark furniture tends to be quite heavy , especially if you think of those dark IKEA pieces of furniture that often are seen around .

Um They , they might look great in a more modern setting , but in a boho setting , it's great to go for maybe lighter woods .

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You will wanna remember however , to have one smaller dark element in your room such as maybe like a side table that will help to anchor your room .

The next tip is to add plants into your room .

You definitely wanna have plants .

If you're going for a boho , look any boho room you see on Instagram or on the internet is gonna have plants .

I guarantee it .

Plants add this beautiful jungly vibe to any space and they brighten a room and they freshen it and they just also add to the overall decor .

So you wanna definitely try and incorporate plants whether they're potted or hanging .

Um , plants are just gonna add so much to your space .

I actually did another video about hanging plants if you wanna check that out .

The link is in the description below .

Another great thing about adding a lot of plants to your space is that you can add planters .

Planters are a great except to add a fun splash of color into your room to add texture into your room .

They're a great way to enhance your boho space .

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Some plants that are really popular in Boho settings are cacti monster .

Any tropical plants are really popular .

If you have the right kind of temperature in your home and the you live in the right kind of climate .

Definitely tropical plants are really .

The next tip is to use a variety of different light sources .

You don't wanna just stick to one overhead light if you can , you wanna try and mix in like a variety of different types of light sources .

So if you have an overhead light and it's like a boob light , you know those boob lights , if you can switch that out for like a a woven pendant or something like that , that would be a great start .

And then maybe floor lamps , table lamps , lanterns , candles , string lights , you name it just try and create clusters of illumination uh maybe in conversation areas so that you create this very laid back .

Boho Vibe tip number six is to use rugs .

If you want a Boho room , you gotta use rugs if you can especially vintage rugs .

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Moroccan rugs .

These are really , really gonna add to that global eclectic feel .

Layering rugs can also be more cost effective if you have a really big room and you can't buy a giant rug to fill it .

It can get pretty pricey .

You can layer smaller rugs to kind of cover more space .

Ideally , you spend less because the rugs are smaller .

Another way to cost effectively layer rugs is to use a jute rug as a base .

Jute rugs are quite affordable and then layer a Persian Arm Moroccan rug on top of that , that looks really great .

It adds that cozy feel and adds the boho vibes for sure .

Another tip is to use pa you can use patterns sparingly or you can use a ton of patterns .

It's totally up to you .

You want to try and coordinate colors somewhat .

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So if you're not sure where to start with picking your patterns , try and pick an overarching color palette , for example , gold and purple or you know , blue and green or any two colors or three colors that inspire you and then get patterns that derive from that palette .

You also wanna make sure if you're using a lot of patterns or even just one large bold pattern that your eye also has space to rest .

So for example , if you use like a beautiful colorful tapestry over your bed or over your sofa , that then you kind of pair it back with a neutral bedding or a neutral sofa because otherwise it's gonna become a visual overload and you don't necessarily want that .

You can go for that look if you want , but it's better if you can allow your eyes to rest in certain areas of the room .

So the next step is to add some kind of vintage element into your room .

If you're doing a boho living room , for example , you could try and look for a vintage chair .

Uh whether it be an arm chair or even just a wooden chair or a coffee table .

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Vintage items are really gonna add some character to your room because they're worn , they tell a story and that's really what Boho Decor is about .

It's trying to tell a story .

So the next tip is to add something painted in a bright color .

You don't have to , but it really helps add vibrancy and happiness to your space .

Boho isn't sterile .

Boho is fun .

Boho is light hearted .

So if you can add something like a painted door , a bright yellow door or you know , a turquoise chair or something , even like a modern piece of furniture that you paint a bright color , that's really gonna add a nice pop of interest to your room .

The next step isn't strictly Decor related , but it is important in the home and that's home fragrance , don't underestimate the importance of having a nice smelling home .

It really does wonders for the way you and others will feel when they're in your home unless you pick a fragrance that your guests hate .

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It's a really personal choice .

Um , so you can go from wax melts to scented candles to incense to just spraying perfume around the house .

It's great to have a home that smells nice .

You don't wanna be smelling your fried fish from last night .

You wanna smell something beautiful in your home that makes you feel relaxed and at ease .

So the last tip is to add things that you love to your home , try and surround yourself with things that spark joy .

As Mary Kondo would say you want to have things that make you happy .

This rule is true for any style you always want to be surrounded by things that you love .

Boho style takes time .

It's technically , it's a style that develops as you acquire items from your travels around the world and that's what makes it feel global and that's what makes it feel so diverse and interesting .

Um That's not always possible for us to travel the world and acquire items .

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The important thing is that when you're shopping , you are truly buying things that speak to you in some way , whether it's because of their texture or the way they look or the way they make you feel , you always want something that you feel you love otherwise , why is it in your space ?

Ok .

Well , thank you so much for watching .

Oh , hello .

Thank you so much for watching and I hope you found some useful tips today in this video and that you can maybe make yourself a boho home as well if you want to read this information .

Instead , I have an article on my website posh penny dot com and I'll leave a link for you in the description below so you can check that out if you want .

Thanks .

Bye .


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