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2023-07-21 09:05:26

SUPER EASY Corner Decoration Ideas! Living Room Corner Makeover - Decorating with Plants

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Hey , what are you doing here ?

Hiding in the corner , I'm not hiding .

I'm just trying to figure out what to do with this corner space .

As you can see , I'm not using this corner for much other than to hide from my family when they want me to do some work .

Just kidding .

But corners can pose some difficult design questions when it comes to interiors .

Do we put furniture here ?

Do we just keep a plant ?

Do we treat it as some sort of storage corner ?

What can we do with corner spaces and in small apartments like this living room of our is just about 1 50 square feet .

So every bit space truly matters .

So this is a corner that I want to do something about .

I have my balcony window here , which means I get a lot of light and I don't want the space to go waste .

I don't want to use it to add in more furniture because it's going to make the room look even more boxed thin .

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I don't want to keep anything that blocks the light .

In fact , I would like to essentially utilize this corner in a way that it optimizes the light coming in .

It uses the light coming in .

I want the space to feel alive .

Like , like it's a focal point when people walk in , it's a con conversation starter .

It's also something that adds a lot of zen element to the living section .

So I'm very excited about what I can do with this space to optimize the space to the maximum .

After a lot of research , I decided on going with the indoor jungle concept , which is going to use the light very well , which I can build in a vertical fashion quite well and which is going to add a lot of color and texture to the space .

So to get started , I really wanted some plans like wines hanging , trailing down , but now I cannot put something up on the ceiling or on the walls .

I cannot use nails .

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So I've decided to go for these terrarium glass spheres and I've kept some air plants in them and I'm going to tie it up to the curtain hooks and have them come down on the space .

So I've used five of these really pretty glass globes to hold my air plants and I had a few more .

So I repurposed them with some simple fairy lights to create this really pretty lamp which we can enjoy at night .

So we've finished hanging these beautiful air plants now to get started on the floor space .

I have small furniture of wading heights to be able to keep my plants at wearing levels .

So let's get started with this .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I have now arraigned some furniture here at Wedding Heights and this is going to be the base for my plants .

Mhm .

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We got lucky to find this really cute small tabletop aquarium .

It has a tiny overhead lamp infiltration system which makes it very easy to maintain .

But what's perfect about it are these tiny moss covered mountains which seamlessly blends the design with the rest of the set up here , which is a lot of greenery .

Now to add the final finishing touches .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This unused corner of our living room has now got a Zen like makeover and I'm absolutely in love with it .

I was going for an indoor jungle theme and I think I've achieved it , but the icing on the cake is truly this little tabletop aquarium .

I can spend hours just looking at the fish swim around .

It's so relaxing and nice .

I hope you enjoyed this video .

If you did , don't forget to give us a thumbs up , subscribe and press the bell icon to stay notified about all our upcoming videos .

Thank you and have a great day .


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