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2023-07-27 17:44:56

Gymastics Yoga & Stretch _ Outdoor Yoga Moves for Beginners #yoga

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Hey , you guys , welcome or welcome back to my channel .

For those who are new to my channel .

My name is Lanita .

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If you find this was helpful after you get finished watching this .

So you guys , I am outside .

As you see , I decided to come outside and do some morning yoga with you guys chit chat a little bit and have a conversation because you guys know I don't normally do yoga at all outside .

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So this is somewhat like my morning routine , the nature , you hear it , it's so beautiful and I just wanted to do uh something totally different and do my stretches with you guys .

So I hope you guys are having a great weekend or a great day and sometimes coming outside to do exercises or any yoga or stretches .

It's kind of refreshing .

You hear the sounds , you feel the breeze on you and it just feels so relaxing .

So what I'm doing , you guys is just a basic stretch yoga moves .

Um Some of these moves you probably already seen them .

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But um this is just like my morning routine when I get up .

I do my stretches .

I may even come outside but I never did it with you guys and I'm still working on my splitt .

That's gonna , that's gonna take a while because my body's getting used to doing something totally different and it's like , no , you lie , bitch , you're trying to do a split .

So I'm just doing the basics that I normally do .

But this help .

I noticed a lot of you guys in the comments are saying that you just started doing your stretches and is working for you .

That's great .

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I'm glad this is working for you guys because it's definitely working for me doing this caused me to lose a lot of inches .

So this is just the basics that feels so good on my back .

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I'm getting a little better with this right here because at one point I couldn't do the frogs , but now it's really , really paying off the more you do consistently because it's about consistency and it will pay off .

I couldn't cut down at , at all y'all .

I might have milk residue around my lips .

I can actually go to hell , it hurts a little , but it actually works .

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And this had really strengthened my shoulders when I started doing this um this position because my shoulders are very , very weak and sometimes I can hold it for a couple of seconds and just come down and hold your stomach in and it feels so good out here .

Now .

What I'm gonna do is actually lay down .

Could I like this ?

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You guys see this ?

OK .

And come up like this , stretching my back .

He drove up a little bit .

There we go .

I feel so good on my back and while I'm down in this position , I can lay right here and stretch these legs right on out y'all .

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It feels so good out here when I say the breeze is just , oh , and I'm actually looking at the trees .

You hear that sound and can I actually take my leg that I have here to stretch it and come down your girl getting a little hot , but it's all worth it besides my feet while I'm down here .

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Have y'all tried any of these um stretch moves in them ?

So is it working for you guys ?

Because I tell you it is definitely working for me .

And if so how many do you guys do a day or throughout the week ?

Pretty much ?

Because the more you consistent , the more you see results if that makes sense .

Let's see if I can move it with my leg up like this .

Oh I think I'm still working on trying to put it behind my back , my leg behind my back .

Haven't mastered that yet , but I'm getting girl is loving it .

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So what I'm gonna do is probably do a live yoga routine with you guys .

Um Comment down below and let me know if you guys would like for me to do a live outside , not just a live in the house , but a live outside .

And let me know in the comments below if this work , this uh yoga stretches and workout is working out for you .

And yeah , that's it for me .

You guys , I appreciate .

Thank you so much .

Shout out to all my gold and platinum members and if you haven't become a member yet , go ahead and subscribe .

Come a youtube channel member , you guys and thumbs up this video and until I meet you guys in person , I will see you on the other side , you guys take care of .


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