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2023-07-20 13:03:12

10-minute Beginner Friendly Yoga _ Plus Size

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Welcome to your 10 minute beginner yoga flow while you're gathering your props and your mat .

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now that you have your props turn on a playlist or your favorite audio book and let's flow .

I love to be seated on a roster .

I like my hips to be above my knees .

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It makes it a little bit easier to sit in this easy sat position .

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121.639 --> 204.009

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Divine right arm on your left side , inhale to exhale , release a little deeper into your twist .

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If it's comfortable coming back to center , inhaling and twisting to your opposite side , right arm behind you long like a second spine , left hand on your right side and how we were taller and that's how release a little deeper de twice if it's comfortable release back to thinner , we're gonna lose our bolster and I'll meet you in a tabletop position .

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Tabletop position .

Hand is directly under your shoulders , knees , directly under your hips .

Neutral is fine for a lot of us that you might be able to take your to bo down just to team to fit , inhale the belly .

Cos cos like push you run away from you around your back into cat food .

You ready have your towels , right ?

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Push out through your hands to your first stand out on your legs .

The attention and their cats .

We're here for just a couple more .

So what your food ?

So your hand , yes , which feels better for you up until they drop out .

We start our mountain coast really pressing down through all four corners of the heat .

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Big toes pressing into the map out was just move apart palms , facing the front of the energy , shape your fingertips standing straight up neutral spine .

Try not to produce any arching in the back from here .

I have been in the knees of the salute .

Now goes in the lower body , dropping the shoulders away from the ear .

You know that when we start our first close is down the mountain and we start with my left foot , your foot here here , more grounded just on your toes .

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Mountain pose , salute the bands and I'm gonna step slowly mindfully back into our high press lunch , breathing hair and your fingers , shoulders lost away through the ears .

You're gonna leave your own , your arms , open hair along your back foot towards your neck , into your or your two to making sure that your knee is externally rotated in line with your hip .

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Anyhow , here or slip our front palm exhale into our radio warrior pose , pulling lengthen in your ribs , engaging your quad , your back foot , pulling in like a suction cup , creating some better heat .

We're gonna take an inhale here .

Exhale and the cart your arms forward into a side ale pose .

Inhale , rotating your tors in the lab for full rotation and held straight in your front leg .

Is your right hand .

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Very comfortable reach for the sky gives up towards your hand for triangle pose , engaging in your legs , taking a bit of inhale and exhale .

Dropping out that from coming back to a four hole ridiculous loss for the four and we all code next breath upward .

Salute as the mountain can be here .

You can be here .

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You care slowly and my colleague coming back to our high price and pointing your back leg , a micro bend and lunging into your front leg .

Taking a big now exhale heart growing your arms coming into your 42 back like engage foot pulling in like a suction , half legs , turn rotated armstrong like whites or she beard .

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And you have a first war here going full expansion through the side body like the cart with your arms forward .

Five more or taking off here .

Thanks .

And how opening up the chest next brow sha readjust to triangle pose , shrunk your legs , pushing your big toes or your balance softies to the back .

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Help arm comes down , head comes down , set up trying to mean standing up , taking a big step back to a wide the light stand .

Be wild life or fault .

Yeah .

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Know razor .

Who hits this dishing apart in one helo toe out one more hell till out sit down .

Tell you his life if you need some assistance with balance , slide down the wall or you can take two blocks and pop them on your receipt .

This is a very nice trip opener .

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It's so good hands .

Come to the ground of blocks , twist back up to that way for tow , back up to that right way before I get my hands .

I come to the Neon Seed .

Thank you for practicing with me today .

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If you want a full length workout , you can do that up to six times on each side .

That would be a traditional 108 12 .

Hope you enjoyed this beginner friendly practice and then you'll come back and practice with me .

You'll love enlighten me .

Honest .

I love enlighten you and we bow .

No .


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