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2023-07-22 12:52:53


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Hey , everyone .

Welcome back to my channel .

So I am really excited about today's video .

It's been a long time coming .

I wanted to do a little spring refresh .

So I'm gonna take you guys shopping and we're gonna do some decorating and I'm just really excited for this video .

It has been pouring rain in California .

So a little bit of sunshine and I totally felt like decorating .

So it's gonna be a fun video .

Make sure you stick around .

So I really try to utilize what I have in my home and shop my own home before going out and buying new stuff .

So I had this vase and I put these preserved florals .

These were from Hobby Lobby .

I just needed one more which was pretty inexpensive .

So I picked up one more just to give it a little bit more filler and fluff .

So I'm cutting these down to size , just measuring them about the size that I want them .

And then I'm going to fill them in this little vase that I diy .

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I can link that video here for you guys .

I love this kind of deep purple burgundy type color .

It is a little bit more fall , but I tend to like those types of colors .

So I'm just going to do what I love in my own home and I'm just going to give this a little fluff kind of resize some things , take some out , put some back in , you know , the drill .

So I don't know if you guys feel the shakiness of the economic times upon us .

I am trying so hard to save more money and budget when I can and that means being a little bit more picky with things that I don't need .

So instead of buying so many new pillows , I always like to use just the pillow covers .

I feel like they're less expensive instead of buying brand new pillows .

So I found this one on Amazon instead of buying them from TJ Maxx , this one did have an insert and it really is not that great , but the cover is really pretty .

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So eventually I can get an insert or just shove a bunch of other stuff that I have in there for now .

So I ended up only needing one of these pillows because I had one from a previous year .

I don't remember when or why I got it , but I had it in the closet .

So I felt like this was a little bit cheaper than buying all new spring pillows just by one .

So the other pillows that I have on the couch are pretty much staying , I think I've had those since maybe Christmas .

Um they are still at Target .

Um And one of those is from the little boule is from , I believe like TJ Maxx or something that I can link a similar one or even a better one that is on Amazon .

But I like the neutral look with the little pop of blue .

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Our couch has little tiny , little bits of like black in it .

So I always lean towards the cooler colors .

It's just what I do .

I don't know why , but this a little cream and cozy throw .

I'm just going to throw right over the back of the couch styled nice and pretty .

I like those little tassels on the end to me .

This adds coziness and texture and just another color to give your eyes something else to look at .

So , so you guys will not believe it .

My Tuesday morning , the only one I have around me is closing .

So they were having some sales , although this stuff does not look like it's on sale .

Um Some sales I went to check out what was there .

So definitely checked out the rugs .

They did have a la loi in the olive and charcoal .

I will link that I've used that before in my home and in other people's homes that I have worked on , it's such a good rug and they had it in the runner .

Although I already have it in my house , I could always use another one in my entry .

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But I ended pairing the two that is the olive and charcoal on the left and then on the right , it's some off brown .

I will try and find it and link it if I can .

But it had a lot of blue and purple and I thought what a beautiful pretty spring rug and it was way cheaper than the Lioi .

And I love the little kind of tassel like things on the end .

So guess which one I ended up getting ?

So this is the rug in my entryway and it fit like a glove .

It was perfect and I still have that black buffet .

My friend ended up changing her mind and let me keep it .

I loved it so much when I diy that little buffet .

Um So I ended up keeping it and I just love it here .

It adds a lot of contrast when we have so much white .

So I really love it altogether adding a little bit to my coffee table .

Um This basket is probably on clearance now from Target .

It is the studio Magee Rotan little tray .

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Those are some old marble links from a studio Magee line .

One of the new candles in the newer vessel that I will have very soon on the site and a few little quick changes can make such a difference in just rearranging things and giving it kind of that refreshed feeling I have yet to find a rug .

For this space .

I am very particular about this space , but I did add this little wooden stool to the side of our couch .

A few weeks ago , I did this little Diy and I love how it turned out .

It's still there and super cute .

So I'm going to layer these little book boxes .

They're like a little secret place to put your remotes .

And I love that layered look and this really pretty green kind of ties in with all the different colors going on for spring .

If you are anything like me , loving function and beauty together is one of my favorite things .

And these book boxes are a must .

They're on Amazon .

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So I will link them .

These are actually a fall floral that I used um last fall and I just love that really full look .

So I'm going to use the again , this is the Mica vase from anthropology .

This is the large size .

They also have them in the medium and small as well .

Such a great vase .

It's so beautiful and so versatile .

I did look for a few new Decor pieces while I was at TJ Maxx .

I really loved this a little , I don't know what you call them .

Um like crystal type thing .

It was a little dainty .

I loved the color leaning more towards color .

I loved it but it was just a little bit too small .

So I really loved these marble sphere type little Decor piece .

For a stack of books or the entry .

Um , I'm kind of wondering why I didn't get that for 6 99 .

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But I'm not , I , I don't know what I did get was the weird looking bowl .

You guys , I don't know why I got this .

You know why I got this because we are watching the last of us on Netflix and it reminded me of the Corps Fungus and I don't know why I really like that show .

So I bought this .

I don't know why .

Let me know if you are obsessed with that show too .

So I did find all of this wooden little stuff at Target .

I love these little trays .

It's actually in the bathroom section , but I still love the tray for nightstands entryway and this little trinket box I picked up is actually for a bathroom , but who cares ?

It looks so cute and I love that little leather pool .

So I put a candle right behind it .

That is also from and co I'm currently restocking and getting all of that ready to go .

So I will keep you guys updated on that .

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So I found these gorgeous planters at TJ Maxx .

There was two of them .

One was a really good large size and then there was a smaller 1 29 99 .

I think the other one was like 1999 .

So I have been looking for a planter for this space .

If you remember my huge planter got broken a huge thrift pot and this is my huge rifted pot in pieces .

So just an fy I our cat didn't get hurt .

He heard the commotion and ran over it .

So I am looking for something to fill that space .

Still .

I did end up finding a couple of things from Tuesday morning , the rug , the corp bowl and the butter dish , which I love this little butter dish .

I have one just like it that I found at the thrift store , but that one is a little off centered .

So this one's better .

And yeah , this is one of the new candles that is also going to be on Elm and co very soon .

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So keep an eye out for that .

So if you're looking to do a little spring refresh , I would suggest using what you have at home , rearranging some things , moving things from room to room always makes it feel new again and you can even find things like foliage outside branches and limbs .

Sometimes you also bring the allergies in with those that's happened to me before .

So choose carefully what you bring in .

But I always love shopping , my home and then Diy and then going out and buying new things as a last resort .

I will link as much as I can for you guys in the description .

If you were interested in anything , I am really excited to dive into some new videos , some new Diy projects some , some new projects that I have planned for around the house .

If we could keep the sunshine in California , we could get a lot more accomplished here .

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But in the meantime , I will try my best to film what we can here .

Thank you guys so much for watching and we will catch you next time .


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