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2023-07-20 13:29:51

Yoga For Beginners At Home 30 Day Challenge (15 min) Day 3

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Hi , it's Leslie .

We master .

Welcome to Day three and here we are , we're gonna start again on our backs .

So remember the breath gonna bring the hands on the ribs again today .

Ribs and belly , you can feel the breath inhale and expand those areas and actually you can feel it come all the way up into the chest on the inhale .

As you exhale , feel the breath empty all the way out , slightly pulling in the belly .

Keep that little constriction in the back of the throat for breathing and just a reminder , don't forget to subscribe today while you're here .

We would love for you to join our Fightmaster Yoga community .

We're gonna draw the right knee and again , extend the left leg out and circle the right ankle .

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So I like to warm up the ankles and the hamstrings circle in the other direction and then extend the right leg up , extend it out , straighten the leg as much as you can flex the ankle on the right foot .

Continuing that steady breath , allow the shoulder blades again to relax a little .

Make sure that you're not creating any tension .

We're going to hold the right chin and open the leg to the right side .

But instead of letting your left hip roll off the map , try and keep your left hip drawn grounded down .

So as the right leg goes to the right , the left left hip pops up , then don't go quite so far .

Look over the left shoulder unless it bothers the neck for eating .

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Here , it's a nice , gentle hip opening , then come back to center as you inhale and on the exhale will twist .

So take the right leg as far over toward the left side as you can comfortably .

It may or may not touch the floor .

Look over the right shoulder and gently try and turn the belly to face up toward the ceiling and then back , there's center on your in here .

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Now extend the right leg out , draw the left knee and circle the left ankle in one direction and reverse inhale , left leg up , reaching it up , keep the right leg extended , pull the toes back .

So the right leg is active , left legs as straight as it'll go , keeping a little bend in the knee as needed .

And as you continue , your hamstrings will stretch out more and more .

But if your leg is straight , pull up on the kneecap from the quadri sep the big muscle in the front of the leg because as you're stretching , it's important to also um engage the opposing muscle .

So if you're stretching the hamstring , you engage the quadri , then we'll draw the leg in , hold the shin with the left hand , take the left leg to the left , but keep the right hip pressing down .

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So if the right hip pops up off the floor , don't go quite so far to the left , go over the right shoulder .

Breathing here .

Again , the breath is so important so that we take time to focus on our breath .

It helps to relieve stress , just lengthening and focusing on the breath , which is why yoga is so wonderful for stress relief .

So we're starting off our classes a little bit shorter .

So come back to center and then we'll twist , take the knee to the left , look right .

So we start off with some shorter classes in this 30 days and eventually they'll start to lengthen .

Well , my hope is that by the time you finish these 30 days , if you want to keep practicing every day , you can practice our 90 day yoga fix .

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So , come back to center and flex the ankles lying on the back , natural curves of the spine .

Inhale , reach the arms up and over .

Keep the ribs and belly in .

Draw the hip points up toward the lower ribs , tailbone reaches toward the heels .

Exhale arms back down .

So remember only take the arms as high as you can without overarching the back , inhale arms reach without letting the ribs pop up , exhale arms down .

We're all of the rights and carefully come up press the left hand down , let your head come up last as you come to see it and then rolling forward to table , position your wrist under shoulders and knees and hips .

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Inhale , warming up the spine , bring the chest forward , lift your chin , lift your tailbone up , exhale around the back , chin toward the chest and he'll drop the belly , lift the tailbone .

Exhale , rounding , press away from the floor gently pull ribs and belly in in hell .

Praying in the chest through exhale and around in the back and then coming to neutral , extend the right leg , back toes , tucking under and then we're gonna lift that right leg .

Remember from the inner thigh , don't let your back arch like I'm showing , keep the ribs and belly pulling in outer right hip drops down .

Don't let it lift .

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Now this time it drop the belly down though and lift that left leg up .

Drop the outer left hip down .

Don't open the hip , drop it down , reach the right arm forward , stretch to the arm and the leg .

But keep re drawing in ribs and belly breathing here , it's a little trickier .

In fact , sometimes they call this one tricky cat and then back to table once again , right , like back lifted from the inner thigh , drop the outer hip , left arm reaches forward , left hip pins in towards center , pull the ofs and bellion strongly .

You might start feeling this if you're not already a lot of muscle in the back and belly needed .

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Set it down , left leg back and we lift the left leg up , drop the outer left hip down , reaching the right arm forward , pull the ribs and the belly in .

So our yoga practice makes us flexible and strong .

So we're gonna set all that down and come to child's post hips back toward the heels .

As much as they will reach the arms forward , spread out the fingers inhale , drop the belly lift the chin and tailbone up , exhale round in the back and then tuck your toes under downward facing dog , bending the knee .

So stretch back as far as you can and then knees back down .

Child's pose , spread the fingers nice and wide .

Keep the arms straight , inhale back up onto the hands , chest forward , drop the belly , little back bent and then start to round the back , tuck the toes under , lift off the knees , but keep them bent .

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Keep your hips way up into the air .

Now start to straighten the right leg , keep the left knee bent and switch just gonna bicycle your legs and then take the knees down again to rest in child's pose .

So we do downward facing dog a lot .

It is a great posture for lengthening the spine , taking away any compression in the vertebrae , they're gonna come back up , bring the chest forward , drop the belly , lift the tail bone and then tuck the tail tuck , the toes lift the knees downward facing dog straighten the legs any amount .

But remember if you're coming forward , then keep the knees bent , keep the hips high .

So you're stretching out the spine so we can press our spine when we're sitting , we're walking , standing , especially running .

So downward facing dog is almost like being in traction .

So we're going , it actually is like being in traction .

We're upside down .

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It's an inversion and we're allowing space between each vertebra to get longer , bigger space .

We're gonna walk the hands and feet toward each other .

So any way you can and bend the knees as needed , now , bring your hands to your hip bones with bent knees with a long spine , come all the way up .

So we're not going to round the back and keep the spine nice and long and we're gonna find to .

So this is our blueprint pose for all of our standing poses , feed her together or hips with a part , but make sure the outer edges of your feet are parallel and start to notice your feet and how they feel on the floor .

We want to press evenly .

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So you're going to rock a little back and forth , but press evenly through the base of the big toes , base of the little toes in or outer heels , pressure your thighs back , but then lengthen your tailbone down because we want to keep those natural curves pull in the belly , keep the ribs strong in lift the chest , shoulders up , back down and then just let everything soften , keeping the belly lifted , chin is parallel with the floor .

The legs are active .

So now each vertebra is stacked on top of the one below .

This is the safest position for your skeleton to be in to do inhale palms , face up , sweep the arms out around and up .

Now , just like when we're on the ground , we want over a the back , sometimes ribs out .

So instead pull the ribs in , keep lengthening the tailbone .

You might take your arms wider or more in front of you .

So they're not all the way up by the ears .

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Exhale , arms down , inhale again , sweep your arms out around and up as you reach up , make sure your shoulder blades draw down toward the waist .

A little , I'm gonna want the , the shoulders bunched up by the ears , exhale and arms back down and he'll sweep your arms out around and up and reach up tall , straight arms .

Don't let the ribs pop out .

They pull the ribs and reach the tee bone down , exhale , arms down , inhale , sweeping the arms up , elbows straight , exhale hinge from your hips .

So hips will go back as you start to come forward .

So forward , full , your hands may not touch the floor .

You can bend the knees as much as you need to and you might just have your arms hanging off the floors fine or hands on shins .

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So let's inhale fingertips to the floor or hands on shins or thighs to lengthen the spine .

This is called a , then exhale , fold forward any amount bending the knees as you need two hips above the heels .

If the legs are straight though , come halfway up again and now bend the knees and hands to the floor , we gonna come right back down to the knees and sit back onto the heels .

This is called visa .

If it hurts your knees , don't sit all the way back onto the heels , the knees are about as wide as the hips lift up your chest , lengthen your spine .

If this one hurts , sit in a different position .

Now take your right ear to your right shoulder , take your right hand on the head , not pulling up , but just resting it .

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There , extend the left arm out and flex the ankle will stretch out the neck a little breathe into the left side of the neck and then had to center exhale left ear toward left shoulder , left hand on the head , right arm out , flex the wrist , relax the shoulder blades keep lifting the chest , make sure the upper back isn't starting to round inhale back to center and now we'll come right onto our backs again to make your way down right ankle , just pass the left knee thread the needle .

Remember you can hold the shin or you can hold behind the thigh or you can always keep the left foot on the floor , check in with the breath and release the left ankle .

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Just pass the right knee , flex the ankle , hold the right leg to shin behind the thigh or keep the right foot on the floor breath nice long breaths and release .

I'm gonna take the soles of the feet together and let the knees drop apart .

If you have yoga blocks , you can put them on the outsides of your thighs or you can make fists with your hands and let your uh legs rest on your fists .

So this is called soup .

If it is not comfortable for you to be in this position , then either extend your legs straight out or you can bend the knees and put the feet onto the floor .

And now we will extend ourselves our legs out into Shana .

So remember tail's going length to the backs of the knees if you are comfortable .

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And so the feet together , knees apart , you can stay there for your today or there's always been the knees feet onto the floor .

But most importantly , let everything relax , quiet mind , a quiet body .

So we're going to start to reawaken the body our quote today , which I just said earlier .

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Yoga is not a religion .

It is a science , science of well being , science of youthfulness , science of integrating body , mind and soul by Amit ray , roll to your right side and slowly make your way up to seated , bring the hands together sit up nice and tall in a comfortable position and hands to the forehead .

Reminding us to have clear and loving thoughts .

Let's bring our hands to the heart center so we can be reminded to have clear and loving intentions and bring the hands to the mouth to remind us to have clear and loving communications , sending out positive energy to all beings everywhere must stay the light in me , recognizes and honors the light in you .

Please don't forget to subscribe , visit Fightmaster yoga dot com and join our mailing list .

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And we also have a donate button on our website plus a Amazon link on the front , a little banner .

So if you ever shop through Amazon , go through our banner that really helps us .

Thank you so much .

Bye bye .


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