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2023-07-22 12:52:22

6 Simple Decor Ideas that Make a Huge Impact in Your Home _ Julie Khuu

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Hello , everyone .

Welcome back to the channel .

I'm Julie .

And today you are joining me on a brand new episode .

We are talking about six simple decor ideas that make a huge impact in your home .

I became an interior designer because I was really obsessed with interiors .

What I love about interior design is how you can personalize your space to make it really look and feel like you .

There are certain key components in a home that really just wows the visitors and guests the minute they step in .

If you're looking for some decor ideas that you can implement easily into your home right now .

This video is for you .

Before we get started , I'd like to thank Wayfair for sponsoring this video .

You're probably familiar with Wayfair from their website where you can shop tons of home products that are perfect for your space , but you might not be familiar with their youtube channel .

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Wayfair has a new series on their channel called Interior Motives .

This series will feature our host Brent to draw upon her expertise and give hilarious roundups of must have Wayfair items by way of really irreverent categories we've got over the top themes , unexpected events , overly specific design styles and more .

It's what you get .

If the Onion Meets Buzzfeed meets Apartment therapy , but with actual Wayfair products , it's witty , it's hilarious and I really love that .

It doesn't take a cheer design too seriously and neither should you .

Interior motives isn't the only show on the Wayfair channel .

Wayfair is also launching other great content like the small stuff .

This series is hosted by youtube Dad laguardia Cross who takes on small household diy projects .

He'll take us along a step by step , walk through all the while giving life advice and imparting dad wisdom .

Even though this dad may not be a diy expert .

We're learning along with him and taking away bigger life lessons with each project .

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Tune into the small stuff on Wayfair youtube channel coming September 16th , go check out the full episode of Interior Motives on Wayfair youtube channel now and definitely subscribe to their channel .

So you stay up to date on all that great content .

I've included a link in the description box below .

Now , back to our episode , these are my top six simple home decor ideas that make a huge impact in your home tip .

One is to reflect more of what you want by hanging a large mirror .

I love walking into a space and seeing all that beautiful natural light reflected through mirrors , not only do mirrors , make your home look brighter , lighter and more sophisticated , but it also elevates it in a way where it starts by being super functional .

I've purchased my huge wall mirrors everywhere from Craigslist to flea markets , even luxury home decor stores online .

It really doesn't matter where you're shopping or what your budget is .

There's no reason for you not to have a huge hanging wall mirror in your home .

You can hang a wall mirror at your entry on the wall adjacent to the entry door .

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Remember that it's a huge function .

No , no to place your mirror directly facing the door or all that positive chi will bounce right back out wall mirrors .

Also look great in the dining room or the living room .

Remember that you want to reflect more of what you want .

That could be more lighting , more energy , a really beautiful view or any other functional location where you'll be able to quickly check yourself out before you leave the home .

If you don't have a budget for a really huge mirror .

Think about shopping secondhand .

I found my favorite oversized pieces from Craigslist from Facebook marketplace offer up and even ebay .

My next tip is to energize the home with indoor plants .

You'll know that I am a huge fan of the jungle .

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Look by all the indoor plants that I nurse in my , I have an entire plant corner in my lounge and my living room .

I love how fresh greenery brightens up every corner of the home and it makes the rooms just come alive .

If you don't have a green thumb , there's no harm in looking for full plants on the market .

You definitely want to stay away from cheap plasticky looking ones and invest in really high quality silk varieties if your home doesn't receive a whole lot of sunlight .

Definitely check out my video on my favorite , low maintenance , low light indoor plants .

I'm a sucker for a really huge indoor plant like a fiddly fig or an indoor olive tree to really ground the corner of your space .

But you definitely want to understand the lighting requirements and the maintenance tips for your particular plant .

So do your research and tune into the episode .

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My next simple home Decor tip is to draw the eyes up with wall sconces .

The first thing I notice when I walk into a home is how the lighting is layered .

Overhead lighting is functional and often needed for the general lighting of the space , but it's not very flattering since it casts unpleasant shadows from above .

If you want to get a bit fancier , you'll add chandeliers or pendant lights .

But then again , these are hung from the ceiling and still emits that downward light table lamps , floor lamps and reading lamps are great for specific tasks since all you need is a plug and you're set .

However , no lighting is more flattering than wall sconces since they are typically hung at eye level and bathes the room and your face in a lovely radiant glow .

You're probably thinking , I thought this list was simple and now I have to hardwire a light .

There is a really quick and easy fix around that .

All you have to do is find a wall sconce , whether or not it's hard wired or a plug in and simply attach that wall sconce to the wall .

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You'll mix the plug and use a remote battery operated light bulb .

Instead you simply screw it into your fixture and operate it with a remote control or an app .

Download it to your phone , show off your skills and display your personal photography .

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I'm a sucker for a really huge piece of statement artwork and even more impressed if you created it yourself , but it doesn't take a professional to snap a pic , blow it up and proudly hang it for everyone to see .

I love how guests walk into my home and they always notate the personal photography that's lining the walls .

Most of these images have been taken while I was on vacation .

I have so much landscape photography from Amsterdam to Japan .

I've even taken a picture of a pair of cocktails that I enjoyed with my husband while on vacation and we're celebrating our anniversary .

I proudly displayed this in my primary bedroom before we had kids .

And of course , now it's been replaced with pictures that I took of Kari .

I always enjoy admiring artwork or photography that my friends and family have taken .

Especially when it's lining their walls and becomes such a conversation piece .

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The next tip is to set the mood with some candle light when I'm hosting a dinner party or I have guests over .

The last thing that I always do is light up the candles .

It always feels so vivy and romantic and it gets that ambiance just right .

You can light up candles everywhere from the entrance to your dining table .

Even the bathroom becomes a perfect spot for a scented candle .

Just remember that if you're cooking a really large feast , you don't want scented candles on your dinner table so that they compete with the aroma of the meal candles are the least expensive way to make a really huge impression .

And my final tip is to let the light in with sheer curtains .

The next best thing to filter candlelight is an entire wall bathed in soft filtered sunlight .

I pretty much have sheer curtains installed in every single common area of my home .

You'll see it behind me in the lounge .

You often see it behind me in the living room of my youtube videos .

If you have sheer curtains in your home right now , you'll know exactly what I'm talking about .

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Sheer curtains flood your space with such an ethereal glow and gives off the most incredible light .

They are the simplest answer not to mention the most budget friendly solution to all your window treatment .

Woes , harsh sunlight blazing through your windows .

Use shears have an ugly view , use shears , nosy neighbors peeking in use shears , share curtains are not only my first line of defense to add privacy and block harmful U VA UVB rays .

But they are go to designer trick for elevating all project interiors .

Of course , you should always think about going one step further and layering the windows with additional panels for blackout color or pattern depending on your needs .

But sheer curtains are always my first step .

Remember to only source white or ivory shear panels to get this designer look just right colored shears often look inexpensive and not high end .

So steer away from colored shears whenever you can .

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That's it for today's video on home Decor items that would make a huge impact in your home .

The common theme here is to make a statement whether or not that's with lighting artwork , greenery or just your general awesomeness .

The idea is to personalize your space so that it feels like a general extension of you .

The more you can personalize your space and embed these ideas into your spirit , the more your home will rise up to greet you and inspire you daily and really isn't that the whole point of interior design to allow our spaces to work with us and not against us ?

What did you think of today's list ?

Which tip can you see yourself implementing in your home right now ?

Thank you to Wayfair for sponsoring this video .

If you like this type of content .

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Please give this video a thumbs up , comment below and let me know if you have any other home decor ideas that you can implement into your home right now that are simple , easy and effective , share this video with anyone you know who's looking for new interior ideas for their home and of course , subscribe to my channel if you haven't already click that little notification bell to be notified of new videos that we drop every Tuesday .

Thank you so much for watching .

I'll see you in the next one .


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