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2023-07-22 13:15:12

CHRISTMAS DECORATE WITH ME 2021 _ Decor Ideas _ Living Room and Kitchen Christmas Decor _ Part 1 🎄

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Hi , friends .

Welcome back to my channel and if you are new , welcome .

My name is Lorena .

I'm really happy that you guys are here .

I'm so excited to decorate today .

It is my first Christmas decorate with me of the season .

Only part one .

So there's tons more Christmas videos and Christmas content coming your way .

So make sure that you are subscribed .

I hope that you get tons of ideas and inspiration and a lot of cozy Christmas vibes and enjoy .

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Today's video is cold fire , keeps us warm .

We can't spend underneath the lio .

So today I'm going to be decorating our main living space .

So our living room , dining table , the kitchen and our tree .

And I'm using mostly white and very neutral colors with some pops of red and here is our tree .

It's a 9 ft pre lit tree from Costco .

It looks very realistic .

I just love it so much , but we did , I have to move some furniture around to make it fit .

So where I have that lamp , I usually have a bar cart which I just put away for this season .

And then that side table is usually where the tree is , but I just moved it here next to that chair and that worked out perfectly and the spacing of everything looks really good still .

And I'm just going to start by adding some pillows to our couch .

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I did get some new pillow covers this year and I'm going to try to link as much as I can down below .

But if you want to know where everything is from , I did do a decor haul in my last video , so I'll link that as well .

But like I said , I got some pillow covers and then I already had these velvet pillows from years ago .

So just adding those and then I got these Christmas pillows from Target last year , so pretty neutral .

But I think it still looks really beautiful and cozy .

I've been happier than I true tomorrow and I'm just adding some garland to this lamp .

I usually do this every year , but I still love it .

I think it just adds that perfect festive touch .

But before I get any further , I wanted to tell you guys that today's video is a collaboration with my best friend here on youtube .

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Her name is Magda and she is just beautiful inside and out and her home is beautiful .

And today she's also sharing her Christmas decorate with me video so you can get tons more ideas .

I know that you guys will absolutely love her .

So make sure you go watch your video and subscribe to her channel and let her know that I sent you .

I will have her video and channel linked down below .

In the description box is with on the coffee table .

I'm keeping things fairly simple and just using this brass oval tray to anchor my pieces together .

So just putting this tree and then some coasters which are functional , but they also add height to this little cold tree and then this spell which these bells are so in this season and I just think they are so beautiful .

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It is crazy for my side table .

I'm starting with this wood piece as a base for this blacked greenery arrangement .

I got this years ago from Target , but I still love it .

And I actually did this little set up on my coffee table last year and I liked it so much .

So I thought I would recreate it here on my side table since I did something different on the coffee table .

And since this has some silver in it just to warm it up a little bit more .

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I'm adding some wood pieces , I think just adding those wood tones really makes things look cozier and then just these little Reindeers and at the bottom of the table again , starting with that wood piece .

And then I'm just using some glass faces that I've had for a while now and filling them with some ornaments .

And I think this is a very simple Christmas like arrangement .

To do and of course , just doing ornaments that are in your color scheme and just really simple and beautiful .

What it stay hopeful .

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This cake and then , and this faux fur throw I got from Target and I love it .

I think it's beautiful and looks really cozy .

I'm just keeping it here on this chair .

I haven't put it on my actual couch because I know my doggy batman will just take over and cuddle all up in it .

So once I'm cuddling with him , I'll probably use it .

But for now , it just looks really pretty here , just wiping down the table before I set out any decor .

And it actually took me two days to finish decorating all of downstairs .

And the next day you'll see that I finished the kitchen and the tree and I haven't even started upstairs , which I will doing this weekend and definitely filming .

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So make sure you look out for that video and I feel like Christmas decorating takes up the most time , but it's definitely my favorite season to decorate .

Let me know if you love it just as much as well be for .

So here on the dining table , I wanted to create some type of like Christmas bowl .

So I'm using just some greenery and berries and pine cones and bells .

These stems are from Target , from the heart and hand line and the stem was actually very long .

So I did have to cut them which I usually don't , I usually just bend them , but I had to do it for them to fit in this bowl .

The white , I was able to just fold the stem and then just hiding the batteries from the string lights and then just kind of wrapping them around .

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I wanted this to have a cascading look on one side and then filled with the pine cones and bells on the other side .

And I really loved how this turned out really easy to do .

You can even use ornaments if you don't have bells or even just keeping it really simple and just using some greenery and pine cones and that works perfectly as well .

Let's go outside .

Snow was falling just to add a little bit more visual interest .

I'm adding another wood piece and then a couple of trees .

I already had these from last year .

I did get that little bottle brush one this year .

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But I think together they just look so pretty perform and all the Christmas songs that we love , get all the Christmas songs that we love .

And then while we're gonna go inside and drink our chocolate bath and here on my hutch , I kept a lot of the same decor that I already had , but I'm just going to be adding a little bit of some red touches in here because I'll be adding a lot more red to the kitchen .

So I wanted to tie in a little bit of that into this space .

So I'm just adding these red ceramic plates and then I'm going to add some just little arrangements that I had from years ago that have some greenery and then off to the side , I'll add some red berries which you'll see in a bit , but just adding those little touches of red do so that I can be with .

No .

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And this was actually a candle , but now that it's done , it works perfectly as a little vase and then just adding some greenery and those red berries maybe kiss a bit and dream away .

I would go and drink our chocolate bag to spend this day with .

Let me give you a and I no just using the peppermint scent Mrs Meyer spray to clean the top of the hutch .

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That way I can add an ornament Garlin , which I've had for a while now , but I still love it and I always add some twinkle lights to it and I think it looks so pretty and it just adds that perfect finishing touch to the hutch cause all I want is to spend this day with you .

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Me give you a and I added those two trees to the side .

I got them from Walmart .

They came in a pack of three and I think they're really pretty .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

They're just perfect to add in any little space around your home and moving on to the tree .

I didn't finish decorating it .

I actually decorated the kitchen first , but you'll see that I do finish at the end .

This is some of the ribbon that I used to decorate .

I've actually never decorated a tree with a ribbon before , but I really love how it turned out .

I just started from the top and just kind of looping it all the way down and I alternated between the gold and then the white ribbon and I think it turns out so beautiful .

So I did the ribbon first and then the ornaments on top .

But overall really , really pretty .

Yeah .

Hello again .

It's actually the next day and last night just started getting really late .

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I was very tired .

I just started feeling like I was running out of ideas .

So brand new day to day , I'm gonna finish decorating .

I'm gonna finish the kitchen and the tree .

So enjoy and let's get right to it .

And for the Mrs Meyers spray , I switched out the peppermint scent for this snow drop scent and it smells so good .

It's my favorite .

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So just wiping down the counters and island before I add any decor for my kitchen decor .

I'm using a bit more of those red touches like I said , and I'm going to do a little coffee slash hot cocoa station and that has a lot of red .

It's very festive and fun , but I still really love it and I do have a lot of pieces that I did use last year and just reusing them .

I'm starting in this little space again with that wood piece .

These wood pieces come in handy so much for Christmas Decor .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I got them from Amazon and I just use them a lot around my home and I also want to keep each space in the kitchen functional .

So in this little cookie jar , I'm putting all of my tea , which I drink tea often .

So it's perfect to store there .

And then adding some green velvet ribbon .

I love it .

I think anything velvet and green , that green color for Christmas just looks beautiful .

And I wanted to tie in a little bit more of the green because of the spoon rest , I'm going to put here has green .

So I think it goes perfectly together .

They , it's just gonna be , is supposed to be .

Mhm .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Oh , forget , isn't this ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

How is the , and again keeping things functional and then just adding those small touches to make it festive .

And then next to this area , I'm going to set up the little coffee hot cocoa station .

I usually have that on my bar cart , like I said in the beginning that I have it next to my couch .

But since we had to put that away to make room for the tree , I'm just going to set it all up right here and it still looks really pretty .

I actually love how it turned out in the mornings when I'm making my coffee .

It just makes me so happy .

It's super bright and cheerful and just perfect for Christmas is the baby .

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Hello everyone .

Welcome to Decor Art Channel .

We share latest home Decor ideas and interior design trends .

Subscribe to our channel and turn on notifications to get our new updates .

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You know , Christmas memory and this Christmas countdown sign I got from the Target dollar spot years ago , but I still really love it and moving on to the kitchen island , I'm gonna do another Christmas bowl .

Apparently I was very into the Christmas bowls this year .

But I'm just using this wooden bowl and then these little pine stems , it's actually from a very large stem from the heart and hand line at Target .

I'll link it below and then I just cut all of the little pine pieces and then just using some pine cones and then some red berries and more of those bells .

And I love how it turned out .

I wanted something that wasn't too tall just because there's already so much going on with the tree and just everything I wanted to keep the island pretty simple .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But I still think it looks really , really festive and really pretty well .

Um , like to Christmas side snows glistening .

It's just you .

Oh , all this Christmas with , it's such a charm .

Got you up in my arm .

There's nobody at the door .

You said .

I wish this will never be over , darling .

It's time for your present .

Come over here and just lighting a candle and I'm almost done with decorating the kitchen .

But I do need to add some little wreaths to the back of the bar stools .

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43.759 --> 370.38

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Caught in the debate can't decide which renovation route to take .

We tell you in this video , the pros and cons of both .

It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home .

Over the years , the layout structure and design of the kitchen has transformed dramatically as per the changing needs of home dwellers , shrinking sizes of homes and the dynamics associated with moving away from joint families to nuclear families from being an isolated space that existed purely for functional and utilitarian purposes .

The kitchen has now come to occupy the central place in the house .

While choosing the deal kitchen design .

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There is always a dilemma whether to go in for an open kitchen or a closed kitchen while open kitchens seamlessly integrate with the rest of the house .

It is a space that cannot afford to look messy , closed kitchens are perfect if you prefer privacy while cooking or are very busy to tidy up all the time .

Here is a detailed review of both types of kitchens .

Open kitchen , as the term suggests , an open kitchen is one that is sands , walls and barriers .

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This means it's a space visible to all the perfect platform to showcase your creativity and decor style prose and open kitchen is a great idea for homes that are small since it has no barriers or doors , it allows spaces to flow into each other , thereby making the home look more spacious than it is an open kitchen .

Also creates a sense of informality and a friendly ambience .

Here , you can bond with family while you complete your kitchen chores .

When you have guests around , it creates a wonderful vibe where you can interact with them while working in the kitchen .

Another advantage is of multiple cooks working in the same space in joint family homes and open spacious layout allows more members to work .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

At the same time .

An open kitchen also offers the opportunity to have an added island in the center .

Since there is no fourth wall , it doesn't disrupt the walking area con as if it's always visible , it needs to be tidy .

Also , if you indulge in elaborate cooking on a regular base , a lot of noise from the kitchen is sure to percolate into the house , whether from the dishwasher or mixer grinder .

Also , in such a scenario , the kitchen area tends to become very hot and this heat spreads to the rest of the connected spaces , open kitchen have limited cabinet storage because of the absence of additional walls , closed kitchens , closed kitchens are those that are more traditional and covered .

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