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Hi , everyone .

My name is Arvin Olano and welcome to my youtube channel .

So nobody asked .

But in today's video , I am sharing 10 things that you should stop doing to your house .

And don't worry if you're already doing some of these mistakes , I'm going to be sharing my top tips and tricks on how you can fix them .

The first thing they should stop doing to your house is hanging mirrors that look like windows .

Ok .

Who are you trying to fool ?

You are not fooling anyone with that girl .

We know it's not a real window and I get it .

You might have a space or a room that doesn't have much light or windows .

I actually was searching on Instagram for inspiration for this video .

And when I'm telling you , I saw so many photos of fake windows girl .

No , no , no .

OK .

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Instead of hanging a fake window , go ahead and just get a beautifully crafted mirror .

This will not only open up the space and give you that effect that you're looking for of bringing in more light , it looks like there's a window there , but it's actually thoughtfully designed .

It doesn't look kitschy .

It doesn't look , you can't go wrong with a simple and elegant mirror .

You can even go for something that's round , something abstract in shape or a beautiful gilded style mirror .

I'll link some of my favorites down below that are super affordable .

I actually found them on Amazon recently .

The next thing that you should stop doing in your home is Matchy .

Matchy accent colors .

This is when you pick maybe like a red accent wall and then you have a red accent pillow with the exact same color and then you have like a chair next to it .

That's in the exact same color .

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No , OK .

Do not do this to your homes because there's just no transition color that's happening in between ladies .

I want you to think about when you're doing your eyeshadow .

Right .

Let's say you're gonna do like a purple smoky eye .

You're not just going to put a bright purple eye shadow on your lids and call it a day .

Ok ?

We don't do that .

You put a transition color in the middle , you put the darker color in the outer corner and then you put a highlight in your inner tear ducts , right ?

And you blend them all together .

You do little windshield wiper moment , right ?

Because you want those colors to blend seamlessly and you want it to have that smoky effect .

You want to think about the same concept for your home , especially if you're doing an accent color .

You want to blend your colors together .

Ok ?

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You don't want just a strong color on one side and the same matching color in the end , you want something in between to blend them together when you do something with color and you do it right .

It can look really good .

So don't think I'm like hating on color .

I think just most people get it wrong .

So the next thing that you should stop doing to your home is trying to make it look like your favorite show rooms .

Ok .

Just , just stop .

Let's just stop it right there .

A showroom is not a home .

Nobody lives like that .

If you're watching this video , you're probably like a regular person like me and you don't live in a showroom .

Showrooms are meant to give you inspiration and give you ideas .

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Do you really want to have your guests come to your home and say , wow , your house looks like a pottery barn or do you want your guests to come and say , wow , this is Arvin's home .

This is so beautiful .

You tell me , OK , and the easy way to fix this issue is to stop buying all the things that look like .

It's from a singular showroom mix and match your pieces .

There is an endless amount of possibility of getting inspiration , furniture pieces decor than just one showroom .

Life is more than just making your home look like a pottery barn .

The next thing that you should stop doing to your home is overloading that texture .

I'm speaking to design styles other than boho and eclectic .

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And if you have those styles , you can do whatever you want , you can have your textured rug , you can have your tapestries .

But if you're not any of those two styles , there is such a thing as too much texture .

Texture adds this like tactile element , right ?

When you see something that's textured , you want to like touch it .

But if you have like a shag rug and then a tassel pillow and then a tapestry pillow and then you have like a woven pom pom blanket , right ?

There's just a lot of texture happening and there's no balance .

It looks very heavy on the eye , but think about match something that has a smooth surface with something textured .

You don't want it to just be heavy all the way throughout because it just could look a little messy .

What do you want ?

What is it ?

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So the next thing that you should definitely stop doing to your home is painting those accent arches .

You know what I'm talking about ?

OK .

You might have seen it on tiktok , you might have seen it on Instagram and I get it if you're painting an arch over your headboard or your bedroom , right ?

Because you get that like effect of an arch headboard .

Those are OK , like I'm not mad at those , but I'm seeing them now everywhere they're in the dining room they're in the TV room literally where your TV is and it just , it just feels very disjointed and I , I see where you're trying to go with this accent wall .

You want to do a little color , you want to add maybe like an illusion of an architectural detail .

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But the issue that I'm having is now that it's becoming like super trendy , people are kind of going kind of bananas with this trend .

They're painting arches everywhere where it doesn't belong .

I've seen arches painted over like a door and it doesn't look good .

You guys , it just does , does not look good .

If you want to add an arched element to your room , do it with a mirror , do it with a furniture piece , maybe do it through accessories .

Don't just paint random arches into your homes , you guys , because sometimes it just doesn't make sense .

It doesn't look good .

Ok .

The next thing that you should stop doing to your home is over decorating your surfaces .

I get , you're trying to get like maybe a cozy vibe by having layers and textures .

I get that .

I love a good cozy moment .

But when you're decorating , you want to think about that visual breathing space .

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If there is decor and clutter in every square inch of your surfaces , it's just gonna look messy .

It's gonna look unintentional and an easy way to fix that is to follow the rule of threes .

This is a go to decorating tip any time I'm doing a vignette when you're pairing your objects together , pair them in groups of threes , think about three different height levels .

Ok .

Three different textures maybe .

Or you can even keep three similar looking items , but just make sure they're different heights .

That way your eyes are looking at something visually interesting .

And when you are looking at that surface space out your decor , you don't want everything to be smashed together because then it can look cluttered .

If there's at least some space in between your decor , you're creating this breathing room , you're creating this negative space for your eyes to be like , ok , I'm seeing some Decor .

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It's nice and then there's some Decor over there and trust me , it's going to instantly elevate your space .

It's not gonna look cluttered , it's gonna look designed , it's gonna look chic , it's gonna look expensive .

So stop putting Decor on surfaces that just don't need them .

Ok ?

Just stop it , just stop it .

The next thing that we all need to stop doing to our homes are themed rooms .

Ok ?

We don't need a beach house sign .

We don't need sea shells .

We don't need the farmers market sign when you're doing a themed room don't go overboard because it just , it doesn't take a genius to be like , ok , I'm in a coastal space or ok , I'm in like a farmhouse space .

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You don't need to overload on the accessories , but instead think about just a nod to coastal .

So maybe you're taking inspiration from the colors of the ocean , right ?

And maybe you have like a hint of a seashell or a vase that looks like a seashell .

Let's make it more modern , I think themed rooms are cool when done , right ?

And in moderation and the way to do that is to really just pair it back all the way .

The next thing that we need to stop doing to our home is buying fake scented products .

What I mean by that is like a candle that smells like apple pie .

Ok , let's stop going to a Yankee candle and buying those scents .

They smell cheap .

They don't smell real , they just like they're very artificial , right ?

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When you think about your home , you want it to smell elegant and sophisticated , luxurious think of scents like like eucalyptus , Ylang , Ylang rose , those really natural beautiful scents .

One of my favorite ways to send a home is a diffuser .

This one is by , it's one of my favorite things .

It's actually their new um cordless diffuser .

So I can literally like walk around my house and sent the entire home and look how strong this is .

Do you see all of that ?

Um I'll link this down below for you because it's one of my favorite new things .

I also have a code you can save 20% off and then my favorite essential oil is Santal .

It's a very luxurious like hotel like scent and I'll link it for you as well because it's , it's b now if you don't like diffusing , I have a candle favorite .

That's super affordable .

Also a santal scent .

It's like $20 on Amazon .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I got you queen .

I'll link it down below for you .

That way your homes can smell beautiful .

It feels sophisticated , like , like an adult lives here .

The next thing that we should definitely stop doing in our homes is overcrowding .

Our sofas .

I'm seeing this all over social media .

The sofa is beautiful but there are tons of square pillows and they're all the same size girl .

That is not how you layer your pillows , make sure that your pillows are kind of like facing a 45 degree angle .

You don't want it to be like this , right ?

Like what am I supposed to do with that ?

I'm it's gonna be so uncomfortable if I try to sit on it like that .

You want it to be at an angle like that .

That way your sofa doesn't feel crowded , it doesn't feel fussy .

Stop buying the same exact size pillows .

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I'm seeing it all over Instagram .

You guys , it's driving me nuts , it's driving me crazy .

So next time you're doing your pillow plan , make sure you work your way from the back to the front , the largest in the back , smallest in the front .

Ok .

It's like taking a nice little school picture .

The tallest people always go in the back and the shortest people like me go in the front where we can all look pretty .

So the last thing that you need to stop doing to your home is buying the wrong sized rug .

Rugs are crucial for any space .

It's probably the largest piece in your space other than your sofa .

So you want to make sure you get it right when a rug is too small , it just dwarfs your space .

It feels like your furniture is just kind of like floating on the floor .

Let's think about it this way , your rug is like a little resting point for your furniture .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

They all need to be on it .

When it comes to rugs .

You just want to make sure that you're measuring out your space , right ?

Get your painters tape and the bigger the better , right ?

Am I right ?

All right , everyone .

That was it for me today .

Thank you so much for watching .

I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did make sure you sound off in the comments down below and if you disagree with any of these things , let me know .

I love chatting with you in the comments .

Don't forget to hit that subscribe button before you go and I'll see you in my next video .

Bye everyone .


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