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2023-07-20 13:38:18

Total Body Yoga - Beginners Full Body Yoga Workout

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Greetings Friends .

This is Cole Chance from Yoga TX .

Thank you all for joining me .

Um , let's go ahead and , uh , come on to your mat .

We're gonna do a kind of a total body .

Little Diddy here .

So we'll get everything kind of loosened up and get you on the rest of your day .

So , thanks for joining me and let's go ahead and get started here .

So let's come into a cross legged position if you want to set up on a pillow , if you have any knee problems that can really help or if you'd like if you're having any kind of hip issues or knee issues , you can kind of come to a , a big diamond shape as well .

So whatever feels good to you , we're just gonna start in a seated pose .

So go ahead and maybe lean , lean back a little bit .

We tend to come forward so much .

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So , go ahead and maybe move your whole spine back .

Let's roll our shoulder blades onto our back .

Sit up real nice and tall .

You can place your hands on your knees , you can place them down on your knees .

If you've been a little crazy in your head , thinking too much or working too much just in a position of grounding .

So just bring everything down , hands to the ground or hands towards the ground .

But on your knees and to kind of bring your energy down if maybe you're just starting your day or kind of a a lack of energy , go ahead and turn your palms up in a gesture of receiving .

So just this kind of intention of the hand movement really does a lot that really goes a long ways .

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So anyhow , find , find your posture here and really start to focus on your breath , really feel that expansion of your rib cage in 360 degrees .

So all the way around on your inhales and on the exhales , the deflation and the contraction towards your core .

I'm starting to feel the rhythm of your breath really think about it really helps us stay in the present moment .

You can't breathe in the past , you can't breathe in the future .

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So when you're focusing on your breath , you're actually in this moment right now , it's taken a couple of rounds , giving your full attention another big inhale .

Let out a sigh on your exhale in hell .

Go and open your eyes , lift your arms up , look up , stretch up and exhale , drop your right hand to your max and bring your left arm up and over .

So we'll kind of rainbow over , look up under your left hand .

So this can look many different ways on your bottom arm , you can walk your fingertips out , you can bring your elbow down , whatever that looks great .

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More street in her rise and we'll switch sides here .

So left hand goes to the floor and right arm up and over and look up underneath your arm .

You don't want to be coming forward .

You wanna leave your chest open and look underneath .

So you should be able to see the ceiling here and hell up .

Let's do that one more time .

So up and over .

No , up and up , bro .

God , let's take a quick final twist .

So let's take our right arm , right hand to our left knee .

Inhale , lift up and out and then exhale , twist with your head coming around last , you know , up and out .

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An ex hell twist slowly unwind and we'll take that on the other side .

So inhale up and out and exhale .

Twist head around .

Lust , unwind a little bit and hell up and out to exhale .

Twist good .

Go ahead and unwind .

I wouldn't pick your hips up and we'll come into tabletop .

It's all right .

So table top shoulders on your back .

So roll your shoulder blades away from your ears and together on your back , shoulders over your hands , hips over your knees , tops of your feet down on the ground .

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So let's inhale , pull your chest through , look up hips up , belly down , exhale , push your spine towards the sky your belly to your spine , tuck your tailbone , tuck your chin and how articulate through , go really slow .

So you can feel all of this movement .

I think this , these postures are sometimes overlooked and you just , you just go and you're not really getting the work .

So really go slow and feel and exaggerate .

This took me a while to realize how beneficial that these postures were because I used to just go through the motions but really go slow and be aware and I think you'll find the same back out .

Good .

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Go ahead and sit your hips back onto your heels .

Go ahead and come with your arm on today .

Angel here .

Sorry .

Hands to heart center , roll your shoulder blades back on your back and will inhale arms up in an exhale , come forward onto your mat .

So we're gonna go farther than just , um , where we would for tabletop .

So we're actually gonna stretch kind of out and we're gonna shift forward .

So my head to my knees is gonna be in a diagonal here .

My chest is gonna pull through .

I'm gonna keep my elbows in and my core engaged .

I'm gonna slowly come down to the ground on an inhale .

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I'm gonna lift my chest the top of my feet into the ground and lift my chest .

I don't want too much weight into my hands .

I want to , if I wanted to , to be able to wave my hands around , I really want to be strengthening the back here .

But anyway , we'll just come up into cobra , keep your shoulders away from your ears and then come down .

That will push ourselves up and back into child's purse .

Go ahead and lift up , place your hands next to your hips , roll your chest forward , then bring your neck back that's accessible to you .

And then we'll come back hands at heart center .

So we'll take this a couple times and we'll move a little bit faster , but it's , we're gonna move with our breath as well .

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So think about we're just gonna naturally take that rhythm that you already have in your yourself .

We're breathing all the time .

So we're just going to create a flow with that a movement with breath .

So let's go ahead and try that again .

So inhale , lift , exhale , bring your hips up , hands out and will shift forward into the diagonal .

Keeping your elbows in will exhale , come down to the ground .

Inhale , bring your chest up , shoulders away from your ears and an exhale drop and push back to child's post on an inhale .

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We'll move our hands and we'll come up from your chest forward , chin back and exhale hands to her center .

Beautiful and take that two more times in up will come forward and down and how left and exhale push back .

Child's pose in her left .

Lift all the way , pull your chest through head back , exhale hands to her center good .

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Are you feeling the flow over the lift , exhale full fall forward .

Now , chest up , you can come up a little bit higher if you'd like to , then L come down and push back a child's pose and help bring your chest up or your shoulders black back and you bring your chest through and then l he too beautiful , feels really good when you start to match that .

So let's go ahead and come forward again .

Took your toes .

It's like a moving meditation .

What I love about it .

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Go ahead and tuck your toes , plant your hands , spread your hands wide .

We're gonna push back into down dog here .

This will be our first down dog .

Let's go ahead and peddle your feet out here .

Take some time to start to open up your hamstrings , really push away with their hands , bend your knees really deep here .

So bring your chest all the way onto your knees , onto your thighs .

Push away a lot .

So we're gonna need a really big diagonal right here and then start to straighten your knees a little bit .

They don't have to go all the way straight and press your heels towards the floor .

They don't have to go to the floor .

But that way , that's the direction we're going .

So your hips are going up towards the sky , you're pushing away and you can peddle again here .

But that's a good way .

Just settle into your first down dog .

Let bring your chest there .

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Good .

So let's bring our right leg up .

We wanna keep our hips square here .

So we don't want to be this way , your leg won't go as high up , but we'll be square .

So towards the ground , shift forward and bring your knee to your chest .

See how I change my shoulders there .

I don't want to be quiet in a , I want to bring my shoulders onto my back .

Let's inhale .

Bring our knee back , our hole straighten our leg .

We shift forward and held back and come forward .

Now here , let's kick our leg out to the side .

So we're just gonna be here and we're gonna kick it out to the left side .

Now , keeping your leg right there .

Push back into down dog .

This might feel a little strange .

Actually , it might feel a little painful , but in a good way , good hurt .

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It's gonna get that it band right here so you can keep this in the event too straighten it .

If you can , let's just get into the IT band .

It's a really good stretch for that good .

Let's go ahead and shift back into plank .

Bring your knee back .

We'll take it back with us and go ahead and drop your leg .

Go , go and pedal out .

I'm gonna drop your knees and go back into child's post .

Give your shoulders a break .

Go ahead and drop your head , really feel your back body rise on your inhales .

It should becoming really expanding and you should feel deflate in your exhales .

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So again , inhale , back body rises , fold , let's shift back forward onto our palms and tuck your toes , we come back and we'll take this on the other side .

So left leg up , make sure not to open here .

We want to keep it straight .

So it won't come up very , won't come up too high and you can keep a bend in this knee as well in your standing knee .

Inhale and Excel , shift forward into plank and just bring your knee with you .

Here , we inhale back .

I'm building some strength here .

You get one more time .

Inhale XL me in and let's kick it out to the right side so you can leave your new bent , you can have it straight , but we're gonna push back .

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So it's gonna be downward dog with everything besides your crazy left leg .

Just push back and breathe into this hip .

This it band the juicy stretch and how we shift forward , take your knee back and come forward .

There you go .

One .

Let's go ahead and walk towards our hands here and just take a forward fold and have left and that so you can keep your knees bent one more time in a lift that are bold .

Let's go ahead and come down to the ground .

So be yours .

I'm just coming down , we'll straighten our legs out .

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So flex your feet , pull your toes back towards your face .

You can pull your sit bones out as well so that we kind of have a feeling of coming forward .

It'll help in how lift your spine , lift your arms , pull your belly in and begin to fold over .

You can have a bolster a blanket , a pillow , anything under your knees or you can just bend them .

Let's take this forward , fold wherever you go to , to wherever you go to today , let your head hang .

Don't hold your neck up .

We hold it up all day .

Let's just go ahead and let it hang .

Relax for now .

Give it a break .

Your inhale .

You can grow a little longer and exhale fold and they'll grow .

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And next I fold again , moving with that rhythm of your breath .

Go ahead and come up .

Let's take our right knee .

Our right .

Yeah .

Bring your right knee up , but we'll take our left foot and bring it here .

So we'll be in a figure four , both arms up in half exhale .

Stay with this flex flex foot and we'll come forward to Johnny .

She and , and how left I fold ?

This is a really good stretch .

If you have some low back , some low back issues , some stress in your QL muscles .

I pulled my back not too long ago .

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And this is one posture that really , really helped , really got in there for me one more time and he'll lift and exhale release and walk your hands up .

Let's take our right hand to our left knee and our left hand back behind your hips , will inhale , grow and exhale .

Twist one more time in he an exhale twist .

Let's twist our torso around here and take your right hand and place it behind your hips .

We'll take our left hand up and we're gonna do a little pivot move here .

So we're gonna come put our weight in our right hand .

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We're gonna come up onto our knee .

It's a really good side body stretch .

So we'll do that again .

We'll be in the sphere of four .

So our weight is gonna go onto our knee , but mainly into your hand .

So hand behind your hips , this arm is gonna reach up and over .

So we're gonna inhale , kind of roll over to the right and come up .

This is a wonderful stretch .

This is one of my favorites .

You can add a little drama to it if you want to and start to stretch back , whoever feels good to you , we'll just swing her arm back around , stretch your feet out .

I'll do that on the other side .

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So pull your left leg in arms up and out and he fled and this can look , this will look a million different ways .

A lot of variations on the same thing here .

So wherever you are today and the more you , you really want to make sure that your torso , it wants to kind of come center .

You really want to make sure that it's , it's staying over your extended foot because that's where it's going to do a cross body stretch on your low back there .

That's really where that good stretch is coming in .

So you really want to make sure that you are over your front leg before you bend and that's where this lights up .

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So you have to be conscious of that because you'll want to come this way and then you won't get the same sensation , the same benefit .

So good to know more time .

Inhale and exhale .

Fold a little bit farther .

Go ahead and come up and take the left hand to your knee in hell rice .

Blink , cell twist now left , so twist , unwind , take our left hand behind our left hip .

Right hand will go up and over .

So we'll inhale , roll to our left hip and come up and over .

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Ok .

We can stay here another breath .

Let me go ahead and swing back around in both legs .

I'm gonna shake them out and let's go ahead and come onto our back .

So slowly roll down on your back here .

Let's pull our knees in with us .

What were your shoulder blades on your back ?

Here we go hips about or feet about hips , distance apart .

Let's take our left leg up and let's bend it .

So we'll figure four right here and you can grab behind your right thigh .

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You can grab in front of your right shin here , whichever feels more accessible to you today .

This is a reclined pigeon can always take this in .

Um Instead of pigeon , the seated pigeon , it's the same stretch .

If you , if you aren't able to get into that , if you have some knee problems , this might be a better option .

But today we'll take this , you can pull in here and breathe in to the sensation in your hips , hamstrings .

I go ahead and drop that foot .

Take your leg and go ahead and cross it all the way over .

So like you're sitting in a chair , we'll take our hips and shift a little bit over to the left .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That'll keep our spine straight as we drop our knees to the right .

Let your hands fall open .

You can t put them to the tat if you like and look over to the left .

This is a really good ringing , ringing up , bring your knees back up and it will unwind and we'll take our other leg up and over into figure four .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So again , here , raise your left leg up , grab either behind or in front and Paul in and don't forget to breathe or inhale , pulling a little bit farther , maybe take the deepest a scratch .

Here , I go ahead and drop and cross your leg all the way over .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Shift your hips over to the right palms up and drop your legs to the left and then we'll turn our head to the right and breathe even deeper here to breathe .

You wanna breathe extra deep in a twist .

Beautiful and come back to center .

Take both knees in and wrap your arms around and bring your chest up .

You can just bring everything into a tiny little ball big in hell .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm gonna release and come down , make yourself big on your mat and wiggle around and get yourself comfortable .

Can take your legs as wide as you like , maybe go a little bit wider than normal .

Even take up space .

Same with your arms , roll your shoulder blades onto your back as if your shoulder would be cradling your heart here .

Take a big inhale and then sigh it out .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You release everything and again , just like the beginning , come back and put your full attention on your breath , hone into that rhythm , that movement that your breath still makes , even though your body is still really no such thing as absolute stillness in your body .

Just focus on those small movements that life force within yourself .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And I'm gonna leave you all here .

Thank you all for practicing with me again , called Chance Yoga TX .

Stay here as long as you like and enjoy your and I'll see you all next time .

They all come forward , tune up , exhale , push back , bring your chin in should feel really flowy .

You wanna be matching your breath with the movement .

So it should kind of like you're riding a wave .


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