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2023-07-20 12:56:33

How To Do The Reject (Hip Hop Dance Move) _ EASY Tutorial For Beginners

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Hey guys and welcome back to love the dance tutorial here and learn how to dance where you can find simple , easy and dance tutorials .

All right .

So today I'll do a basic hip hop dance move called the Reject .

And don't worry , I'll see all your dance requests and I will get to those .

But today I'll do a dance tutorial on how to do the reject .

Ok ?

So the reject is super easy if you just break it down , I mean , even for people that haven't danced before , so the reject can be done by beginners as well .

All right .

So let's jump right into it .

Uh So everyone can do jumps right like this on one leg super easy .

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Now , what I want you to practice is jumping to the front like this here on one leg .

So let's just do it on our left leg or right .

And you say jump to the front , just a small jump .

You don't have to jump all the way up here .

Just a small jump .

Now , notice that my leg , my right leg here is sit behind me .

Now let's try to do like that .

And then when I jump to the front on my left .

I go .

Whoa So we go from here to here here .

See super simple right now .

Let's try to do the jump again like that once again like that .

Now I want you to do this whoop at the same time as you doing the jump .

So oh , just to do a small one .

Ok .

78 jump , 78 jump , 78 jump .

Now , once you can do this , you can always exaggerate .

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But let's just try to keep it in your Yeah , so once you can do this , I want you to do when you're back .

Yeah , so my right is up here now , I wanna lean back on it , whoop and lift off my left .

So let's do that again .

Lean back now instead of just leaning back on it , I want to jump onto it .

Yeah .

So right now I'm on my left .

I want to jump to my right .

So I kicking my left up just like I did here who just jumping instead ?

78 jump again .

78 jump .

Ok .

So , hey , all right now let's try to combine it .

So we wanna say jump here to the front and then jump back .

I'm all right .

Add that again .

So from here to jump on my right .

Ok .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But six 78 , front and back , 5678 , front back , 678 back .

Ok .

So what you can do from back , you basically just repeat the move on the opposite side .

Yes .

So now right now on my right , what I wanna do is kick back my left and at the same time , I'm doing a small jump to the front on my right .

Whom ?

Let's do that again ?

5678 .

Boom .

Just the opposite .

5678 .

Who ?

Now again , I wanna jump back on my left .

Yeah .

And then can continue this boom .

Let's try that again .

So we start on our left .

You wanna say boom , boom .

All right .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

One last time starting like this on our left or right up to you jumping to the front 78 .

So back to back back .

Notice when I'm doing it slow , it helps if I lean back here when I kick and then I want to jump to the front , I'll lean a bit to the front .

Now at the back into the front , the back into the front .

But when you do it fast , you can just sit here in a minute right now as with all other dance move , basic dance move , you can always make it more advanced , put your own flavor into it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So you can do small or you can do it p or you can do backwards , you can do double , double or you can do like cross , cross , cross , cross , cross , double feet and so on .

All right guys .

That's it for this dance tutorial on how to do the region .

Basic dance hip hop move .

Remember , you can always go back and change your youtube speed setting if you think something went too fast or too slow .

So thank you guys so much for watching and until next time .


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