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2023-07-22 12:57:24

How To Paint Wood Paneling The RIGHT Way - Living Room Makeover

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So we are on our way over to my cousin's house to help her renovate her living room right now .

It has some older um stained paneling , which is actually really beautiful wood , but to help make it nice and modern , we're going to paint it a bright white .

Um It's going to be beautiful .

I think there's like wood beams , there's a fireplace like built in shelving .

It's a really cool old home .

Um So we are going to go head that way .

Now , painting over paneling is not the easiest thing to do .

So we're going to share some tips and tricks with you guys and show you how we go about doing it .

So this is the room , we're going to start taping everything off .

She wants to keep these beams natural , which I think will be beautiful .

Um I think we're also going to keep this natural , but we're going to sand it down and stain it so that it's a little bit different color .

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She doesn't really like that orange undertone , but we're going to start doing the oil based primer to cover up the stains on this wood .

Wood paneling is very difficult to paint because , um , it has something called tannins in it , which is just like , uh , the natural color that will bleed through any water based paint you put on .

So you first have to prime it with an oil based primer .

Uh , we are going to be using kills , which is a really intense nasty primer , but it will basically seal in all of that color so that it won't bleed through .

We'll show some pictures of what bleed through looks like .

But if you've ever tried to paint something and the paint just won't cover , that's probably because you have cannons leaking through .

So we're going to tape everything off first .

Anything we don't want to be painted , uh because this kills stuff once it goes on , it will not come off .

Hi , buddy .

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So it's the next day now and our oil based primer is completely dry .

Um It did a good job in covering up all those knots and some of those oil stains , those tannins that would have soaked through our paint .

That's again why we had to do that oil based primer just to cover up those .

Uh I have , I took some shots with my phone .

Some of the knots even have like a P dripping down from them .

Uh Because this is real pine paneling .

So if you don't cover those up , it comes it'll soak right through your paint .

So if you are painting anything that has a stain on it , make sure you are using oil based primer first because that may soak through your water based paint .

So now that we're done with our oil based primer , it is time to put our water based paint on today .

We are using Beyond paint , which is our favorite paint .

It is so durable .

It requires no sanding , no stripping .

It's like just really amazing stuff and it's low voc so the oil based smell is really bad .

This stuff is safe to use inside .

I'm still going to use a respirator because I'm using my sprayer .

But this paint is great because it's super durable .

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As Sarah said , we've painted a lot of furniture with it and you don't need to put a top coat or a sealer on it .

We're using it in this living room because this is their main living space .

They have Children and dogs and so this , this white paint is really going to get a lot of wear and tear on it .

So they'll be able to just wipe it clean .

It won't have to repaint all the time and to touch up paint because we use this to start .

We'll leave a link below , go be sure to check out Dion paint .

They have lots of amazing colors and it's just a really cool system to use .

So our next step is to cock up some of these holes in this living room .

There's just some nail holes and things like that .

We have to take care of .

And then before we get to spraying our bi beyond paint , we have to thin it down a little bit because this paint is so , so thick , which is part of its amazingness .

So I'm gonna start by pouring my paint into this bucket and then we're gonna be adding some water to thin it down so that it'll go through our sprayer .

That's really muddy consistency .

Wow .

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So we're gonna start by adding our one cup of water to our one gallon of paint and stir that up , just gonna slowly add it and stir just to thin it down a little .

So now , the consistency of this paint is a lot more like traditional paint .

So it'll go through our sprayer really well .

So we're going to mix all of our paint and water at once .

So it's the same consistency throughout .

It's important that each gallon of paint has one cup of water so that it is the same consistency so that it's the same thickness on the walls .

So I'm not a professional sprayer .

So I'm sure I'll get a lot of critiques .

But uh these tips are helpful for me and I think they may be for you too .

So how I spray um is I usually start at the bottom and hold your sprayer at a consistent distance from the paneling the whole time you're spraying .

So I usually stay between a foot and 18 inches away .

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You're going to go in rows up and down , going past , down onto the ground because we're gonna , we're gonna put new carpet in here anyways .

But you kind of just keep going up and down , back and forth and keep a continuous motion because if you stop and then start again , the paint is going to be thicker there and , uh , you might get some drips .

So , check it out that easy .

So I can put my respray on , but it puts a nice smooth coat on and you don't get any drips that way .

Uh , just to be safe though , there is going to go behind me and do some back rolling .

So for back rolling , it's super easy .

I'm just gonna go look for drips anywhere that Jamie has already painted and I'm going to go over with this dry roller .

There's not any paint on this and just help get out any excess dripping that might happen as it dries from places that there's a lot of paint .

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So it's been a couple of days since we did the final coat over at Sarah's cousin's house .

She just recently got new carpet installed .

So the room looks completely different .

We're excited to go check it out .

Yeah , we're going to go through some of her things and help her kind of stylize and design the room with what she already has .

I think a lot of people think that you need to go buy a new couch and go get all this new stuff for it to feel like a new home or a brand new product .

But really , we're just going to go through what she already has and make it beautiful , kind of design it in a different way than how she already has it .

So let's go check it out .

We're super happy with how it turned out .

It's amazing what paint will do .

Really ?

We didn't do a whole lot in here except for paint .

We all the decor in here was already hers .

We just kind of stylized it like it's crazy what paint can do if you guys see the before and after this , it's literally like just paint .

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We didn't rip out walls , we didn't add in the beams , but by painting it and keeping the beams their natural color , it really made them pop .

We also kept the mantle , it's natural color , um which ties in with the beams .

They're the same color now .

So , yeah , I really toned down that orange hue just by painting the rest of the walls light .

So totally .

And then the most important thing we did though was using that oil based primer to cover up the tannin so that it doesn't leak through .

So if you're going to be painting , you have , you cannot skip that step .

Even if you painted it 10 times with the latex paint , it would not cover .

So you have to use oil based primer to start and it really it cover , it did cover great .

So , yeah , and it's nice and cheerful in here .

It's beautiful .

It's bright white , it feels very fresh and new , but you still have that nice texture of the paneling , which I think is so pretty .

So it's beautiful just with paint , pretty easy project for a huge transformation .

Not to mention , they're going to have that extreme durability of beyond paint .

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So when their dogs and kids are playing in here , they'll just be able to wipe stuff down and wipe it clean .

So , totally .

So this is our last project before we move into our brand new house .

While it's not new , it's very old .

It needs a kind of work .

So we're about to kind of demo out our new house and start a bunch of projects there .

So this is our last project before we start all that .

So that's what's coming up on this channel is tons of brand new home projects in our new English style stately tutor .

Yes , and we're very excited .

So stay tuned guys .

We'll see you next time .

Bye bye .


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