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2023-07-20 13:41:23

A Tour of Martha's Holiday Decorated Living Room

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So after a busy afternoon of baking cookies , it's kind of relaxing to come and decorate the dining room .

The table is an old convent table that I found a main and this year the decorations are primarily for the grandchildren .

We're trying to make it kind of whimsical in here .

Thus all the little animals , the bears , the reindeer , uh the foxes , the moose , the polar bears and the little Christmas trees and silver ornaments .

It is whimsical and pretty and the Children can just walk around and look and touch and nothing's very breakable on the rest of the room .

We have a seating area here and there is a little children's tree right here .

That's very whimsical .

Also birds and ornaments and tinsel .

Now , the most beautiful thing this year I think are these trees .

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These are actual copies of old tinsel trees that I've collected probably from the 19 forties .

I still have the original trees , but this year I actually got two of our copies um which are sold at Home decorators , which is a catalog uh online store of the Home Depot and what a spectacular tree .

Everybody wants a silver tree .

But once it's decorated too .

It's so , so special .

When you get the tree , it comes in pieces and all the pieces fit together on the trunk of the tree .

But I think that people don't realize that you have to fluff every branch , these branches are stuck in and they look like bottle brushes .

You don't want to make the mistake of just leaving them like this because this part of the tree has already been fluffed .

Look how great it looks when it's fluffy as opposed to here where it's un fluffed .

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So you just take each piece like this up , down ouch .

And you see , that's the way you do it .

And look at these , these are tinsel trees and these are beautiful long glass ornaments that I've collected year after year and this tree , white doves , silver tinsel , I love tinsel and cotton underneath and look a little family of bears .

It is fun to decorate like this .

Have a very merry holiday season and uh I hope to see you again very , very soon .


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